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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Rockets Game 2 4/24

Rockets fans are getting a bit testy.  There's a whole lot of whining about the refs for a team that took one more free throw then the Thunder in the game.  And Harden shot more free throws than KD and Russ combined.   But yet,  the Thunder got all the calls.  I have to admit that Perk got away with a good one with that hold on Parsons to open Thabo.  But the ref didn't see it because all he saw was Perk's back and then Parsons go flying.   You would think that Russ is horrible if you read all these posts about Bad Westbrook.  It's a wonder that the Thunder win any games with him at the PG.....oh yeah, the refs. :) Some of my favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

If we can steal one game I consider this postseason a success. Lets get one.

For such a small market city like OKC they have a crazy electric fanbase.

I hate how loud and how much energy their crowd gives. You can tell they really feed off that. Wish we had that kinda crowd

The refs are going to be manipulating the charge/block call and 3 seconds and palming and anything else to ignite a blowout win for them.

This series is like Little Red Riding Hood except the wolf eats the girl.

We win the next 4 games

Kevin Durant is tired of beind second. We're done guys.

As long as Lebron is in the league he will always be second.

I hate Russel Westbrook. That is all.

I hate him because he is a beast on pure athleticism. He never comes of as a player that is smart with the ball. Thank God we have Harden not Westbrook.

Harden cannot guard Ibaka or Durant. He can barely cover Thabo.

Beverly gonna shut down westbrook?

No one can shut down Westbrook but Westbrook

The way to shut down Westbrook is to let him shoot the ball, encourage it in fact. He’ll take himself out of the game.

2 fouls on westbrook

Westbrook flopping

Hell Yeah! I want bad WB to emerge.

Doesn't matter who's on KD. We can't stop his transition.

Westbrick being on the bench is a bad thing in a way, we need his selfish play to keep the ball away from Durant.

Hopefully Westbrick will get back in the game and shut down Durant.

Durant's gonna be the second best player in this series. Our boy Harden is #1

Even if we play well durants gonna go for 50 and lead thunder to victory

If we are giving up Mid range shots to Ibaka then fine....let OKC enjoy that for a while.

How must OKC fans feel about westbrook? They are trailing, as soon as westbrook goes out, durant takes over the game and they get the lead

Give Durant everything, keep the rest of his team out of it.

We want Jackson to shoot. If we get beat by Jackson so be it.

Martin is a weak *** flopper and he's the reason the Thunder aren't winning anything this year.


OKC Floppers

Is there a bigger piece of **** than Derek Fisher?

That was clearly an offensive foul on Westbroook. Refs keeping OKC in it.

You know the league WLL NOT give westbrook his 3rd foul in the 2nd quarter..

Martin always chokes in big games

Parsons offense a plus, but it's came at the expense of not being able to contain Durant

No one can contain Durant. Just sayin’.

Doesn't matter who guards WB. He's unstoppable in transition!

Oh shit I don’t want Westbrick hurt, that would be HUGE for Durant.

Can we put Bev on Durant too? So he can go for his knee like an offensive lineman on a linebacker ?

We like pissed off WB. It becomes a one-man game for him. But I hate to see players hurt.

I hope Westbrook is fine

Do you think Beverly would win a fight against Westbrook? Beverly is tough, but Westbrook looks like he's crazy.

I'm starting to feel the same hate for OKC as I do for the Jazz and Mavs especially when we played them in the playoffs and it starts with Westbrick

Hope westbrook goes into stupid mode after that cheap shot

Yeah we need him in the game and bricking.

The 'and bricking' part is the tough thing. Good Westbrook is a monster. Bad Westbrook is a liability. But I’d rather have no Westbrook than take my chances with whether he’ll be good or bad.

Westbrook is straight up out of control going to the hoop and the refs are bailing him out. So fricken annoying

One team tries to draw fouls, the other is gifted fouls.

Westbrook going up against 5 rockets and we're still have no answer.

Damn I wish Westbrook wasn't such a whiny little bitch. He’d be way more fun to watch

The thunder seem to forget that they have this guy called Kevin durant

Every time Westbrick goes out Durant takes over. We have to find a way to keep him in the game or Durant will kill us.

Durant is a special, special player. If he played defense better, he would be a 6'9 version of Michael Jordan

Kenny Smith is right, it happens like 90% of the time and Westbrook is just being a emo ***** as usual. I agree with chuck, Westbrook should have punched Beverly. Please WB punch Beverly and get suspended and thrown out the game.

Refs took bevs out the game...sigh

These refs wont call anything for us.

So OKC gets to foul in the paint but we don't?

Wow! The NBA is really a bull**** league. Harden gets hammered every time he drives and no foul is called. Westbrook and Durant get calls at will. Just wow! **** this.

Keep taking those 3s westbrook. We'll leave you open all day

They are really not calling anything on KD

The refs are coming to the rescue!!!!

So pathetic. Cause OKC really needs help against a foul-troubled/short-handed Rockets team.

Westbrook is one of my least favorite players. He’s an egotistical, whiny, little shit. Every shot is deserving of 10 minutes of chest bumping and preening. Hate him.

Parsons Was Erased By a Great Screen.......

Perkins looked like a fullback with the lead block on that screen

At least I don't live in Oklahoma. I hate the Thunder. So much.

Harden got fouled. There would definitely have been a whistle if that was westbrook

I can't stop laughing at Westbrook getting all excited because of Ref helps.

The Thunder are jack shit without the refs.

Going to get embarrassed by the heat when the refs switch sides

Difference in the game Harden hammered on one end. No call. Durant comes down and gets hit, whistles all over the place.

Except Durant is not even getting hit.

Enough about Westbrook's knee. He is fine. Except for how much of an asshole he is, but there’s no cure for that.

Thank god collison is in cause I was beginning to wonder if there was anything Perkins or ibaka could do that would be called a foul

I consider Collison to be one a good Thunder. Attitude wise. KD too.

KD is on the line these days. He’s still a nice guy, but he’s entitled about fouls like no other. Hence why when defense gets physical (finals time) he folds.

Fortunately westbrook doesn't understand two for ones

Or who Kevin Durant is.

I see K-mart still plays for the rockets

The bogus call differential has zoomed toward infinity in the last few minutes.

Harden just isnt clutch.

Westbrook just owned Harden mentally.

Martin, king of the 4th... Who knew.

I'm not watchin this **** maybe mcfail will shoot himself so we can get a new coach

My two hatest players and people in the world are Westbrook and Derek Fisher!! I hope the Heat crush the Thunder in the Finals!!!

Well.. Looks like Kevin martin aint that much of a scrub he

Harden 7-21 6 turnovers. Westbrook esque numbers smh.

Did brooks just call bev "that little guy?"

He's as much of an asshat as his team.

there's literally constant sound effects from the PA during every second of the game.

OKC's fans are overrated. They play "Whoomp there it is" unironically. PS: There are no black people there except for the ones on the court and it scares me.

Kevin Martin is just as good as Harden

Westbrook is terrible. OKC traded the wrong player

Durant could murder someone on the court and eat their corpse, and I think it would get called on us.

I would never wish ill on anyone, but if Westbrook slipped on a puddle and hurt himself.

Sefolosha go back to Switzerland you neutral bastard.

we need to use our cap room to buy a couple of refs next season

Lol Westbrick is chucking away OKC's lead

Westbrook ball hogging causing Durant to not get shots throwing the Thunder in limbo!

So, what exactly are the Thunder not allowed to do? It kind of seems like everything is in play for them. What’s the point of having rules?

They're not allowed to lose

Chandler was tripped again by Perkins.. **** this guy! We are getting jobbed! All this work for nothing.

Perkin is now most hated player by Houston fans if we lose

Oh look, Thunders won by 3pts from that dirty Perkins play

I hate Perkins. **** him for that hold on Parsons.

I have to admit, OKC is clutch. These guys rise to the occasion and make shots when it counts. Same can't be said for us...

After this game, I wish the Clippers throw them out of the playoff.

Ibaka is a baller, we need a guy like that. Doesn't demand the ball but can score off of broken plays. He's a hell of a player.

Perkins holding Parson's hand while Lin was out was definitely a momentum changer.

I hope Oklahoma gets nuked by North Korea. Don't even care. We lost by 3. Hmm. What happened that helped the Thunder get 3. Oh right, one of the most egregiously illegal plays I’ve ever seen. You know what, F*** it, I’ve already said a lot of classless things tonight. I hope Perkins falls down a flight of stairs and has to retire. Don’t even care. Westbrook should be fired out of the world’s largest t-shirt cannon directly into the air. Where he falls, not my problem. The refs should be walked into quicksand that is filled with **** eating sharks

Why the hell would Anyone waste a nuke on Oklahoma? Seriously it could be an improvement.

Perkins you bastard

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