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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Pacers 4/5

Pacers fans aren't such a bad bunch.  No wishing for players to die or get hurt.  It's a breath of fresh air after the Spurs fans.  And there were some complaints about the refs,  but since it was Joey Crawford,  I can understand that,  but they didn't blame the loss on the refs like most fans do.  My favorites are in bold, what are yours?

There's thunder fans going to games now?

That shot by Durant is scary. Unguardable.

Were not gonna win with Ibaka Nowitzki out there. Come on Westbrook... Counting on you to chuck this one away.

I completely forgot Kevin Martin had a game in the first half last time.

Wonder if they plan on keeping him

They have his repacement in Jeremy Lamb alrady.

Never liked OKC's fake throwbacks very much

Wish they hadn’t resigned Ibaka.

Westbrook is bad matchup for us- he is way too athletic and tall for any of our PGs.

I didn't know that Ibaka can shoot it like this?!

Guys, Ibaka hitting jumpers is not a surprise anymore. That's his go-to scoring option this season. He is even slowly adding a 3 pt shot.

Hasheem Thabeet tied for highest drafted player on the Thunder

Thabeet looks like a homeless person

WestBrook is destroying George Hill, we need to put O.J. On him

We don’t have anybody that’s going to shut down Russell Westbrook

I'm a Nick Collison fan he’s a perfect backup 4 and took like next to no money to stay in OKC

Is Maynor hurt or is Jackson just better?

Maynor’s in Portland. But Jackson is better.

Kinda sucks that OKC’s got such a dirtbag owner or they’d be pretty easy to root for. Well the owner and Derek Fisher.

Derek Fisher is unlikable.

Joey Crawford is a disease.

This is why the Thunder are so good. They get the most calls of anyone.

OKC has the stars so they get the calls.

Fisher getting STAR treatment from the refs!

Thabeet is an awful basketball player. Wouldn't even be heard of if he was 3 inches smaller.

Did Westbrook make that foul just so he could whine to the refs? I’m glad he got T’d, that’s ridiculous

Westbrook is a headcase.

Westbrook is a $100 talent with a ten cent brain.

Durant doesn't even have to be touched and it will be a foul.

How much $$$ does Joey Crawford have on this game?

We all know Joe Crawford hates the Spurs I’m kind of worried he’s going to screw the Pacers over so Oklahoma can pass San Antonio in the standings… Not that he needs more reason to make crap calls

Thabeet Looks like he got shot in the head with a Roman candle.

Tyler has blood all over his jersey from Collison

Thanks Joey Crawford for giving OKC the lead

Sure would be nice if Durant couldn't come back for the rest of the game with all the breaks new York is getting sure would be nice for us to catch a break don't want him to be injured but something mild he couldn't shake for just the 2ND half would be beneficial

I have never seen the Pacers get dominated on the glass like this, at least recently.

Can't remember the last time that Indiana have given up this many offensive rebounds.

Durant is so good One of my favorite players.

OKC’s ability to pick up non-fouls is pretty incredible.

The refs giving the thunders every little bitch call

I do like the "He's a flopper" chants

I’ve said it before; as a huge Reggie Miller fan, I feel like a sellout complaining about flopping. I took glee from it for a decade.

Oh man, Durant down

That sucks. If we’re gonna win, I want them at full strength. No excuses.

Hope he's ok Great player, have nothing against him when he isn’t going against the Pacers. And I want the Pacers to win this game without any excuses.

doesn’t look like anything serious, just rolled an ankle or something

Umm... I think his chicken legs just broke for a moment.

A lot of questionable calls against us

People're calling Ibaka a DPOY candidate? Whoever says that never take their opinion seriously again. he’s good at getting some weakside blocks. Other than that he’s nothing special.

Think the Pacers would be interested in trading Granger for MWP?

I’d never watch another Pacers game

I almost flagged this as inappropriate.

Westbrook has definitely made his presence known but, like someone said earlier...he has 12 pts on 13 shot attempts

Thunder are a better team than the Pacers, but we can still win this if we lock in!

Durant’s little shoulder shimmy on his FTs is funny

Durant’s shot’s just so soft man, can bounce around all night and you know it’ll fall

Let’s try to out shoot the Thunder, that’ll work out.

Westbrook has a face you just wanna punch.

When Russell goes into chuck-it mode OKC struggles.

At this point, we're going to hope that the Thunder is going to get tired due to their game with the Spurs . We should be able to beat them into submission

Their two best players are 24. They won't get tired.

Ironically, OKC looks like the rested and fresh team.

Not coming back 14 against the Thunder unless Westbrook starts balling hogging and bricking. We're like a poor man's version of the Thunder.

Seriously, Durant doesn't even need to have any other offensive move. He just shoots over everyone

Is this a finals preview?

Hope not

OKC has players that can create their own offense when needed. The Pacers don't.

That Durant guy, someone may want to guard him.

There is no good strategy that involves leaving Durant open.

You know it's bad when the Thunder empty their bench with over two minutes left. SEVEN god dang points in this quarter!! The Thunder aren't even a good defensive team!

Who is this bad defensive team. The Thunder are 2nd in the NBA in defensive FG% percentage

When was the last time we were outrebounded by almost 20? The Oklahoma players really swept the boards.

In all fairness...we’re seeing a team in OKC that has a gear the Pacers don’t yet possess.

Thabeet just tried to fist bump Joey Crawford

Thank god the Thunders play out West We won’t see them again this season unless we make the finals

The Thunder came in tonight and simply outplayed us everywhere.

Very disappointing, not that we lost to the Thunder anywhere, but rather that that it was utter domination in every aspect of the game.

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