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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Bucks 4/17

Well, it's on to the playoffs and watching the Rocket's boards.  Lakers' meltdowns are so much more fun, though.  I was very surprised that there weren't many Bucks' fans posting in spite of the fact that they are in the playoffs.  And, the ones there were mostly hating on their own team.  Very strange.  My favorites are in bold, what are yours? 

Durant fails to get scoring title and is scared to play the Bucks.

Can't remember a Bucks game I was more apathetic about. At least in awful non playoff years we can see some young guys. But we traded those guys away. All we have is Henson.

Honestly I still don't think Brooks is much more than an average coach, I mean maybe he gets the Bucks roster to 40 wins?

Perhaps a victory tonight Will propel the Bucks to an unexpected triumph in the series vs. The Heat. And maybe BJ is worth a max contract. And Santa Claus does exist. Etc etc etc

Anybody know if Lamb has done anything in OKC? Always thought he’d be an all right player in the league, but of course he’s in a very rough spot behind Westbrook

He's scored around 50 points this year So that’s a no

Tebeat sure sucks

I hate Jennings.

Jones / Jackson / Lamb - lots of thunder young talent

Well a Jennings rolled ankle is the last thing the Bucks need in a meaningless game.

Hes hurt!!! Is it bad to be happy about that??

No. I cheered. I wish him the best... Just not playing for us.

Perry Jones looks like the best guy on the floor right now

Can't help but be jealous of OKC's situation every time we play them. Just glad it's only 2 times a year.

U mean because their third team is better than our first team?

I would love to have Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb

Monta has only played 11 minutes are we resting him for the playoffs?

They are resting Monta since he was at the hotel bar past midnight

Announcers making fun of how deep dunleavy and Jennings shooting from, Arkansas border was mentioned

Jeremy Lamb has looked pretty bad for much of this game. Henson on the other hand is looking like very good.

Wasn't able to catch this one but it appears we managed to sneak past Perry Jones, Jeremy Lamb, Reggie Jackson, Ronnie Brewer, Daniel Orton, DeAndre Liggins and Hasheem Thabeet? Yay?

Great, now all the dumb bucks fans will see the box score and be like "we just beat OKC". "Sure we can beat MIA"

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