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Friday, April 5, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Spurs 4/4

I honestly was thinking while watching the game that there's no way they can complain about the officiating in this one.  The refs pretty much let them play both ways and the Spurs shot 4 more free throws than the Thunder and only 30 free throws were shot total. And KD took FOUR free throws but yet he goes to the line every time someone breathes on him.    But reading through the boards you would have thought that the Thunder took 50 free throws to 10 for the Spurs.  Most of these guys are completely delusiounal.  They started complaining about the officials before the game started and never stopped.   I'll never understand wishing injury on someone.  That's pretty warped, as is any mention of McVeigh.   Loved how they all went ballistic over Fisher though.  A few of my favorites are in bold.  I always enjoy seeing which ones you like best. 

Tony must dominate Fisher. (No, seriously this time.)

The only thing Fisher really brings to the table is “veteran leadership”, which I think is Mayan for “terrible defense and missing 21 shots in a row.”

“I better not send durant 3000 times to the FT line” said no referee EVER

So, which number will be greater: A) The number of absurd, ill-advised, frustrating, nobody-should-make-more-than-one-of-these -in-a-lifetime heel-on-the-three-point-line fadaways made by Westbrook, or B) the number of “fouls” drawn by Durant?

This is a big one here:

Bigger than Asian Carp.

At least that Asian Carp wont go to the FT line 5900 times

Few things in the NBA are better than a Thunderefs loss.... Make it happen, Spurs....

Going to my first game in OKC tonight, any other Spurs fans been there? Wear your Spurs gear? Curious how the treatment is, will be with wife.

If you want to fit in, you should pretend that your wife is your sister while being publicly affectionate with her, tbh.. Also, don't bad mouth the officials, OKC fans treat them like they are part of the roster, and rightfully so..

There's plenty of reasons to hate the Thunderefs: their unlikeable bitch players (Durant, Westbrick, Ibaka, Perkins, Fisher), their free throw dependency to win games, their toothless, bandwagon, meth-addicted fanbase....

Too many white people for my taste. It's like playing Wheres's Waldo trying to find a black or Hispanic person in the crowb tbh..

I expect Parker to slaughter chuckbrook.

So excited for this game. Also feeling like tonight will bring a strong dose of anger induced by the refs calling everything for Durant.

I see what u did TNT. Keep us from seeing those questionaable calls early…

I probably missed out on 59 KD freethrows

Weak shit already by the refs

Why does Ibaka love to hit 3s against us and no one else? I don’t get it.

I hate that Ibaka has a corner three shot now

Go to hell chewbaka

Lol seriously ibaka is such a faggot lol he always makes the most bullshit shots against us

Collision fouled Duncan about 4 times before that call.

For every random injury to other teams' big stars, I get more pissed that the Thunder and Heat are so effing lucky.

Westbrick hero ballin' it up

Pump fake against Chimpbaka all day

Damn westbrick is eating Tony

Keep chuckin westbrick

Westbrook going on Hero Mode = good for us

Not when hes making the “hero” shots

Oh great Now fisher is making 3s

Burn in hell Fisher!!! BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!

I really hate Derek Fisher, the basketball player.

Someone sweep fishers leg!

The laws of logic do not apply when it comes to the RANDOM PLAYER OF THEGAME AWARD In this case Fisher

When did our bench start sucking? I don’t remember them being this bad.

I need to get drunk… or kill Fisher, I don’t know

I so hate fisher. Hate.

Damn it! C’mon Spurs! Why was Fisher open again?

So to get back in this game we have to stop  durant  fisher ….. 

I say let fish shoot all night. The guy sucks. If we are going to lose, let his decrepit corpse beat us.

I don’t like that game plan

You prefer the game plan where Durant, Westbrook and Martin take the shots?

I think it’ll help us more if Westbrook gets upset and goes hero mode.

2 fouls each on Collison and Perkins! Yeah!

And Scott Brooks kiklled the momentum by calling a timeout. Ugh!

Now if we can only stop……..fisher…….. Seriously I cant believe I'm saying that

Derek Fisher being a factor in an NBA game is a sign of the apocalypse.

Timmy was pushed a little there. He doesn't get the Durant treatment

Whoop There It Is? Seriously OKC? That song was barely cool 20+ years ago.

Seriously, fish thinking he can carry this team with his shooting is the best thing that could have happened. I hope he jacks up 7 more 3s.

I forgot westbrick also gets Kevin durant calls

On the other end, the Spurs can only buy a foul when the Thunder puts someone in a bear hug.

Spurs best player so far: Westbrook

isn’t he always?

Such a ball hog with a lack of court vision lmao! Reminds me of myself lol…

Against us, I like how he always play like he needs to prove he’s a better than Durant. Lol.

Why is it that Fischer only plays well against us?

And the Thunder don't even have a bench

Fisher, Abaka, K-Martin all spurs killer. Havent include the All team killer in Durant...

Am I the only one that wants to murder Derek Fisher with my bare hands?

I think you should murder NDC .. Hes the one that left him wide open twice in a row.

Don't tell me who I want to murder, you're not my mom!!

Time to start guarding DFish

Pop is showing signs of being as washed up as manu by giving explicit instructions to leave Fisher open

STFU Durant you whiny little bitch!

OKC isnt THIS good come on now...

Pop needs to go Mike Rice on these bench players and Parker.

Thunder rarely allowed their opponent to rally back

2nd seed aint so bad...at least we have no chance of getting embarrassed by the Lakers

Someone needs to throw a ball a Parkers head and tell him to do something other than be terrified of the paint.

Fisher open again ahahahhahahaahahhahaahahahahahaa

If you can't stay in front of Fisher then you don't belong to this team tbh.

Fisher turns into Jordan when he sees a Spurs jersey.

This Durant fellow's pretty good. Future Superstar, Imo.

Granted we've been playing like shit, the Thunder are unreal right now. Not sure anyone can beat them when they're making shots at will.

Westbrook loves having the ball with a low shot clock. It means he can shoot without criticism

We shouldn't have to need a defensive specialist on Derek f***ing Fisher

Those bums will score as long as they keep getting left wide open. I needa wrap my lips around a few booze

Derek "I only play for the team I want to" Fisher is killling us tonight tbh.

We're all thankful that Westbrook's back he?

Spurs' hopes this game lie on Westbrook becoming WestChuck per par.

The refs are screwing us again

Tim gets hacked, OKC layup. Seems legit

Thunder choking on their ill gotten lead

Never doubt the Stern mandate, the Spurs get no calls the Thunder gets all of them

Duncan has been fouled many times shooting down low, yet to be called refs saving them for Durant and Westbrook.

Thanks, WestChuck.. Keep at it.

If the Thunders just got the ball to KD every time up they'd be unbeatable

Spurs clearly the better team. If the officiating calls were even and they hadn't hit fluky shots they'd be down 20.

Get Baynes in there! I’d like to see him push Ibaka around a few times and make him cry.

We should have signed Fisher when he was available

Signed his death certificate you mean?

You could just said “signed his retirement papers”, if you were not such a mean and vindicative person

If we had signed Fisher we could have kept him in bay on the bench

Spurs give teams confidence against them, it's pathetic

If Thabo gets a single open 3, that player guarding him should be fined 10K. It's every bit as bad as letting Dwight dunk instead of hacking him.

Westbrook. Talks so much shit like he's won something in his career...

Really wish someone would crowd him and put a foot under his jumpshot

Damn we suck.

F***ing chimpbrick with his fluky ass bullshit monkey ball

De Colo has no chance against Westbrook, tbh.. It's obvious that Westbrook sees a soft White boy and is looking to attack even more aggressively than usual

It's not even fair. The Spurs work so hard to get a bucket and OKC just comes down and gets the whistle...BS

It seems to me the Thunders game plan for defense is just swat the hell out of the other team and the refs will never call it.

Lol the Thunder, they run off in shock every time a foul is called on them

And of course the refs give it back to the Thinder on a TERRIBLE call where Westbrook pushe off

We are missing Stephen Jackson’s hard fouls. Someone needs to sit Westbrook on his ass. Make him EARN those FTs

Why not a foul?

Uh, we’re the Spurs, they’re the Thunder… any questions?


It’s amazing how much the Spurs get screwed by the refs

Key stat Thunder 11 blocks. You don’t get that many without fouling tbh

Tiago had a good game against OKC last time. I think, Brooks made it a point to stop him tonight. He is a good coach.

Refs allow OKC to foul as much as they want until they play the heat then they don’t know what to do.

Seriously, what do you have to do if you’re a thunder to get a foul called on you?

It involves weapons and Stern looking the other way.

You have to be the Heat

Damn it! I hate Fisher!

Damn it TP, in case you haven’t noticed, Fisher is still dominating you!

Fisher scored in the paint. IM pretty sure David Robinson let out the first expletive of his life.

Thuderefs man

10+ free throws coming up for durant

Wow the Thunder fans actually cheered to watch Fisher play basketball - saddest thing I've seen!

OKC decided to not move the ball at all the last few minutes. If we rely on Westbrook to be really stupi, we should win this.

11 "blocks" by the Thunder. How many of those were actually just fouls? Seems like at least 5. Maybe 6.

Really, why does Splitter always suck against OKC

Where can the Spurs go to recruit a couple referees? The Thunder and Heat scout the best referees in the game.

If the Thunder pull this off everybody will be applauding how they got physical with the Spurs, conveniently ignoring that this means constant fouling… I don’t understand how the Thunder players can feel good about wining by cheating

How dare Decolo play in the same court as Westbrook? Of course he is getting called for a foul

Westbrook’s best offensive move, dribble as fast as you can towards the hoop, shoot FTs

Ref help has arrived to ensure all is right in the NBA…according to Stern

We can expect a whistle every time down court. Game too close for the refs

Charity stripe. I know why they call it that.

Can't win...no matter what you do....play offs all over again......spurs had a chance but refs up to there old tricks...game over...atleast get close.....that's about it.....refs are killing us

If Durant was so "dominant," then he would nut up and not defer to his buddy Westbrook at crucial times...

Id love to stab Fisher in the gut tbh. Not kill him, just make him bleed a lot.

Seriously, why is it so hard to guard a 45 yr old midget?

Can't somebody in SA get their cousin to take a crow bar to Fisher's knee or something

Maybe Westbrook comes in and shoots OKC out of it.

West brick is back we have a chance

Hahaha fisher I wish u were really hurt

Durant is clutch, that’s was proven many times

Except against Miami

It helps that every defender is deathly afraid of even breath near him.

You could injure that twig

When a guy as tall as KD shoots a 3, there is not much you can legally do

I really do feel this is the blueprint to defeat SA – mug em for the whole game

Only the Thunder and the Heat can do this. Otherwise, the refs will call fouls

Durant feels really strange attacking the rim and not shooting FTS afterwards

I might cheer in the Lakers in the first round vs OKC

How the F*** is that a foul? Westbrick is the defintion of monkey balling, he literally threw himself at 3 guys and gets a call

Ugly ninja turtle just running into people

Seriously, how the F*** can you run someone over and the call is on them? What bullshit. Westbrook is out of control 90% of the time...

And here come the refs stern steps in again


Refsbrook tbh. What was the foul call?

Of course.. Here come all the whistles.

Ah the refs bail outs are coming, playing 5 on 8 aint easy

Here come the thunderefs

Whatever.. So the refs had to carry okc. Whats new?

Hard to beat a f***ing team that's talented enough on their own but then you give them every f***ing call. GG Refs...

You can't even breathe within 2 feet of westbrook without a whistle, and Ibaka just took out Duncan's legs and no foul call. Bullshit.

Refs screwing Spurs, then Spurs leave Durant open and make it worse for themselves

Refs will win this game for the Thunder. It was on the script from the start.

OKC has like 10 FTs all game. Yall sound like little bitches tbh. Parker shit the bed and magically developed the flu after playing like shit. That's who your anger should be directed at.

I hate everything about okc.

Refs refs refs refs

Love how they just throw up random shit and look at the refs

Durant trying to flop his way to a W....

Refs killing us

Refs once again.....decided the game....

Lol the NBA forum will be full of laker trolls saying the spurs are tanking to avoid them

After that blow out Lakers win over DALLAS W/ KOBE (23pt 11rbds 11 assts) I AM OKAY to see an OKC vs LAL match up in the first rnd.

Refs weren't AS bad in the 4th as I thought. Though westbrook's 4 straight free throws with about 5 minutes left were both very questionable

I hope Indiana destroys them! F***ing hate OKC! I hate them as much as the Miami, Fakers, and Dallas!

It will be interesting to see if Poop sheds his cloak of rumination and goes for it, or, steps out the side door in fear as he's been doing for over 5 fuckin' years. I hope they pull a "McVeigh" on ya & blow your ass up.

Refs refs and more refs

Refs had nothing to do with it. Not having Tony and Manu to control things in crunch time had EVERYTHING to do with it.

Really! What game were you watching! I didn't say nothing about the refs throughout the game, but the 4th quarter said it all! You could barely blow on Westbrick and he was at the line!

I just don’t understand how the Thunder can feel good about wins when you need an assist from the refs

Some bad calls, but let’s not blame this one on the refs. They won.

So just how long should we watch games and see the refs clearly favoring one team over another and not blame the refs???

Did they really need to call that foul

Seriously. Scoring title at stake, I guess.

And the game ends with Danny getting hacked with no call. So appropriate.

The Thunder definitely cannot feel good about this “win”

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