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Monday, April 29, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Lakers Sweep Edition 4/28

Lakers fans are quite funny.  Even when they are doing well, they trash their own players when they miss a few shots in a row or have a slump.   They are going into complete meltdown now.   I don't blame Howard for getting tossed so he wouldn't have to hang around to listen to the boos.   The worst part for Lakers fans is knowing that their GM mortgaged their future to bring in Howard and Nash this season.   As a Celtics fan from way back in the day I know that feeling well.    It doesn't stop me from enjoying their misery, however.  Some of my favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard, if there is some pride in your hearts, win this game for us.

I wish we could avoid being swept on our home floor, but I don't see that happening.

Celtics showed heart in front of their fans. Hope we do the same

End this already SA, give us a chance to see dantoni fired this offseason.

D'antoni isnt going anywhere lakers are screw for the next couple of years

If we win the championship this season or make the Finals, then I don't see MDA going anywhere next season. But I hope we can achieve both. Win the chip this season and fire MDA in the offseason. I'd like the Lakers to get some new faces too. That would be great.

Dude are you drunk or high or something?

Enough with this "against all odds" bull ****. Just forfeit this game so that Dwight doesn't end up tearing his Achilles too.

Don't let them win in this building, we've own them in the playoffs in Staples in the past. Just gotta find some heart.

I'd rather lose and be a Laker fan than win and be a Spurm fan. Can't wait to see those A-holes get torched by the Nuggets or Warriors.

No point of winning tonight's game if only to lose in the next. Don't tell me anything can happen if the lakers win tonight. The Lakers are not going to win 4 straight over the spurs...

Dwight always spins baseline and then doesn't know what to do. Idiot has had so many turnovers like that

The D12 foul collection starts

Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol suck at the game of basketball

Leonard fouled Dwight on his running hook. Should have been an and 1

Usually with D12 those are and 0

Does anyone have the feeling when you hear the whistle that it's always on us ?

Look that's a technical but guess what refs you cause that by not officiating Dwight fairly.

Just bench Pau. Whatever he scores is negated by what he gives up

Glad this is the last Lakers game we have to suffer through this season.

Lol @ gasol boos

Tony parker the human mattress

I hope both Gasol and Howard find coaches that know how to use 7-footers in the post...because MDA has no clue. We are just mailing this game in from a coaching perspective.

D12 best defensive center. Cant even contain old ass ginobli.

Laker fans @stadium have been given white towels today. When the lead becomes 20 in 3rd qtr .. They can use them

This is hard to watch man. Kobe honestly was the team, I know Nash and Blake are out but even with those two we were getting blown out

A good coach would call a timeout now Unfortunately, we don't have that

Whose idiot idea was the white towels..its basically waving the white flag, or maybe that was the idea

Dwight is stupid. Bynum 2.0.

Who the hell has their kid in a LeBron James Cleveland jersey? Dumbass.

I can't believe old man Manu just dunked on our entire team. Still in shock.

If only Kobe didn't get hurt. We'd have had a very decent shot at making the finals with Westbrook's injury.

Lakers are trying to get more turnovers than points


Heyyyyy D'Antoni actually calls a timeout Guess he has a pulse after all

He has, it's just like a lizards pulse.... Slow and cold blooded

DAntoni's last game - thank god

Blow this team up, and for heavens sake fire MDA. I don't care if we rebuild, lets just not rebuild under MDA.

lol it makes me laugh that the Spurs are still playing their starters. They know we have no chance. They just wanna embarrass us for all the years we literally SHAT on them

Spurs are classless (bleep)

Mamba would rip the Spurs to shred if he was playing

This series proves how useless Dwight is. He's seriously only worth about 5 million a year

Let's roll out 4 Laker girls without any clothes on and one player. The Spurs will stop playing and we'll make a historic comeback!

Hm. Dwight is laughing and joking around during layup drills. He is a regular laugh riot.

Howard is basically a more buffed out Kwame Brown on offense.

When it rains it pours..Dwight wanted out from the start of this game..just forfeit already there is no point to this

Well done Dwight! What a leader!

I don't even know how to properly assess this when your team is out there with basically the worst starting backcourt in playoff history. I just wish we were going down with more fight. Dwight...pretty chump to leave your teammates to suffer the rest of this humiliation by themselves.

Was Dwight yelling at Mitch?????

What did Dwight say? Dude is going out Bynum style...looks like Dwightmare 2.0 is about to begin fellas....


Anyone else think Dwight got ejected on purpose?

How could the refs call that T? Where is your integrity?? Thanks for ruining any chance this game could be good.

it's time to just say it DH is dumber then dogdoo

What a crap season. These idiots on the court don't give a (bleep) either because at the end of the day they all have tons of money and a nice long summer vacation to look forward to.

In Kobe We trust..the ONLY player out there showing any heart..he wants to play so badly we all know he would give anything to play

Dwight Howard can go his (bleep) himself. I don't want him on this team, he's deserve to be a Laker. Have fan in Houston you (bleep) loser.

I feel like the violonists on the Titanic.

So Duncan can slap his hands on the ref and yell from the top of his lungs but Dwight can't do anything?

Refs have too much power over a game. To eject a player for literally nothing. Ridiculous second technical call

Barkley is about to be wrong again. WE AINT LOSING BY 30! 

Keep it under 20. Please Lakers. Lose by less than 20 and I'm happy.

The ONLY thing that's making me a little happy is that I know the spurs ain't winning [expletive] still this year lol

Westbrook's in a hospital bed, they have a chance to reach the finals at least.

Pau won this years survivor. Last laker starter standing.

Crowd with the standing O for Pau. Nice.

I would've booed his (bleep). But hey I'm white trash.

Last of Pau hopefully

He was man enough not to bail out with two cheap techs. Wonder if Dwight's even still in the building.

Where is the fire D'Antoni chants. I hate him so much

Dam, all the front row seats are empty.

Bandwagon celebrities lol

Hopefully Shamtoni gets run out of town....

Getting swept is kinda easy!!!

#DwightHowardIsMoreUselessThan ....... W.tf This is trending right now on twitter.

LMAO "#DwightHowardIsMoreUselessThan Manti teo's girlfriend" I'm sorry, but that there is just funny (and no I didn't write it).

Watching the Warriors vs Nuggets. The stands are a sea of yellow. I've never seen that at a Laker contest. Has it ever happened?

Our  fans are not the spirited college type like Warriors and OKC. Too busy looking good or on cell phones. The yellow shirts would just clash with their fashion.

Posted Image
Thank God that crap of a season is finally over.

Offseason will be long I mean very very long

That's a good thing. I need these next 6 months for my mental health to recover from probably the worst Laker season I've ever witnessed. The losing, the pretty much non-existent chemistry, the injuries, etc. Etc. Etc.

This is painful. [expletive]!! I don't even know what to say.

It wasn't LA's year.

Haha, now that's an understatement

Hes not coming dude, I don't see it He has an easy weak conference to dominate, why would he leave that? The heat will easily get home court throughout the playoffs = easy rings

Here is only one player I hate, in the sense that I never have a moment of pleasure watching him do something well, not even a moment of admiration, and that is Lebron.

If DH goes, I really hope we tank next year for one of either Parker, Wiggins, or Randle.

Lakers" and "tank" should never be in the same sentence. Ever.

Just realized lakers have 5 total playoff wins in 3 years, smh

With Kobe.. We would have SWEPT the spurs.

Next Season:

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