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Monday, June 18, 2012

Comments from the other side - FINALS Game3 6/18

 Once again, Miami fans, like the animals they are, attack their own as soon as they struggle.  I absolutely can't believe how they go from wanting Wade to be PG forever to not wanting him on the team any more.  I mean, Wade is the face of this franchise and they simply turn on him.  They turn on every player on the team when they make a few mistakes.   They talk better about the Thunder players than they do their own.   I really, really don't like bandwagon fans. Sorry, but you don't call your own players garbage and idiots when they have an off game. There's a few ref complaints here and there, but not as many as usual because the calls pretty much were going their way.  But of course,  they are used to getting all the calls so when any calls don't go their way they complain.  Like I said before, these fans don't deserve a team and they definitely don't deserve a championship.

Time to put them away from start to finish.

Winning 3 in a row will be hard, but I don't want this team to go back to OKC.

I'm terrified of what RW will do tonight The narrative is perfectly set up for him to shut everyone up and deliver an amazing performance Especially if bad wade shows up

Let's give the Thunder a good, old-fashioned Miami welcome and eat their motherf***ing faces tomorrow.

KD's jumper has been wet for game 1 and 2 so I can see kd goin thru a shooting slump tmrw.

I wouldn't bet on it honestly.... KD is an archer with the ball.

I really have no clue why they're all bashing Westbrook. He had an average game, not more, not less. I really start to dislike Magic.

Please keep shooting Russell! --Heat Nation

Joey Crawford is going to ruin this game seriously have no idea why David stern still employs this man with the NBA's integrity issues as it relates to their public perception He has to kno where the bodies are buried

Joey Crawford...wow. I can't believe Stern is already going to Joey Crawford. Joey Crawford is there to put the Heat down 2-1 so the Heat can "overcome adversity" and push the series to 6, and hopefully for Stern 7.

Saying Westbrook is the worst pg in finals history is clearly hyperbole, but the guy is a terrible PG. All the reasons people have been getting on him is exactly what I have been saying about him for the past 3 years. He is not a pg and does not know how to work within the the structure of the team. Almost every shot he takes is a bad shot you just let it go if it goes in. He plays the game completely out of control and bails out the opposing teams defense all game long. He is also mentally inept and has about as short a fuse as anyone in the league.

Scott Brooks is making Spoelstra look like a genius by not making adjustments and starting Harden to have a quicker start.

Spo has warned everyone about the how media is conflicting with WestBrook that it can give a postive motivation. Glad he had enlighthen them.

I think the biggest threat for OKC is the rivalry between Westbrick and KD. I am sure if they start losing during this series, the tension will increase specially because Westbrick got the most critics

Actually looks like fans showed up in time for a game. Very nice

Why am I seeing Thunder fans in the building?

This. It's not even like they are a big market or anything. Plus, they pretty much gained relavency at the same time the Big 3 came together. Idk how they have fans IN MIAMI either.

Should pass out bath salts at the door as the fans enter

Okc has a few big runs in them, so keep this defense up and bait westbrook into taking long shots.

Perk getting 4 points pisses me off lol

Choklahoma City Thunder

Wade is a surgeon right now with his passing.

Wade needs to be the PG FOREVER

Wade looking very good tonight. Great ball movement. Love Wade handling the point.

Am not amused by the Thunder contingent in the crowd.

Nice. Keep them racking up those fouls.

I f***ing hate Mike Miller

Some of these calls man. I feel like we're still playing in OKC.

I know we get superstar calls too, but harden gets every call his way. It's unbelievable

I am glad we are allowed to rough OKC up a bit. *** these front running, yet extremely talented, kids. Get in their head.

Chalmers is trash. Can't defend, can't hit shots. GTFO.

LeBron is getting hacked

I hate Fisher.

This is some BS reffing. Everything is being called on Miami and James is getting hacked but nothing.


Our role players are crap. Everything has been the big 3

Durant is just nasty!

F*** Kevin Durant

Harden isnt giving OKC much so far, but Perkins 8pts hurts! When Perkins, Ibaka, Collison and Fisher score that makes the Thunder hard to beat!

LeBron cannot buy a call. WTF

Was that a Euro step by James I just saw?

Westbrook having one of those games where his chucking his going in.

We need to put a stop to Westbrook.

Mario and our PG's have played like garbage defensively and offensively I would take Fisher over them right now

Of course that Westbrook 3 went in... Of course

Westbrook is unstoppable holy f*** thanks a lot u haters got him mad

Westbrook is there scariest player not Durrant. When he gets going were screwed

Are you guys serious? Westbrook is streaky, Durant is consistent so give me the guy who can go colder than refrigerated beer over the guy who will rip your heart out.

I hate to agree with Skip Bayless but he's right when Westbrook is shooting more than Durant then the Thunder are most likely going to lose unless another guy steps up on their team.

Except OKC is 25-5 when Russ shoots more than KD

Durrant is a killer shooter but Westbrook is a team killer, sometimes he kills his own team but he can also destroy the opposing team single handed.

ATTACK Ibaka. Get him in foul trouble and sit his wild, shot-blocking butt on the bench.

What is this, the Masters? Our crowd is an embarrassment.

They deserve to win, we really suck.

Rw scares me more than kd.

Yeah, Wade gets fouled. #4 on KD BS call, though, definitely a BS foul.

MArio you are horrible

Mario you freaking idiot GO TO ALASKA B****

F*** off Chalmers. Sign Nash or Miller this summer. This bum can't play. What an idiot!

This team is fulled with idiots

This is disgusting. Deserve to lose.

Refs taking over

This team is a damn joke

OKC's best players on the bench and they increased the lead. They are simply more resilient than we are. 3rd straight game of getting destroyed in the 2nd half.

This one isn't over but it could be if these morons on our team continue to play like this.

Durant and Westbrook are hot and they are getting rest but the 4th OKC DOES NOT MESS AROUND.

This OKC team you have to flat out leave it all on the court to beat em\

Why the **** is it always wade and lebron shooting the jumpers **** give the ****ing ball to Rio battier or bosh u ****ing idiots

Chalmers is so trash

They're lethal in the 4th when they're at home. Quit worrying we can still do this.****

I guess you haven't watched Thunder games. They are lethal in the 4th on the home and on the road, they don't care.

These free throws are insanely lucky and couldn't have come at a better time.

MAN WTF? Cut the lead down to 3 and letting this bearded bastard get freebies

We suck.

It takes KD sitting on the bench in foul trouble for this team to comeback. UGH!

Lebron stop being a ****ing *****

Refs taking over

This is an absolute joke. Refs killed all the momentum with that terrible **** call on Hardens flop.

I'm getting kind of annoyed by Harden's flopping. I'd consider sending in Pittman to World Peace him if this s*** continues.


Someone flatten Harden.

This team is stupid.

There is just nothing about Janes Harden or his game that I can respect.

Wade just lost this game ..I don't want him on my team again.

**** you, Dwyane Wade, you piece of ****ing ****

I don't want wade on this team.........!!!!

Wade is a freaking BUM

Damit wade ur garbage

Wtf is Wade doing. Stop trying to draw the foul, you look like a fish out of water.


Wade not able to score on Fisher, my **** god.

Every other possession is a turnover for the Heat What a bunch of idiots

Dwade redeems himself

Still hate Wade!

HUGE CALL!! My life flashed before my eyes before Joey made that call

You know we're gonna hear about that foul? Anyway KD with 5 fouls

OKC and HEAT switched FT ability...they freaking suck from the FT line.

Harden is throwing the game away for OKC

Bosh yes sir flop like a baby dino

Is it just me or is perk getting more respect from the refs than wade?

Wade has money on the thunder I hate this team


Why the f*** is Wade handling the ball. He should never touch the ball again!!!

So sick of wade man

Do not let Wade bring the ball up the court.

Lebron make this thank you for making 1 free throw you big idiot 6 8' 260 can't make free throws

We got lucky with the Westbrook miss.

Westbrook gave the Heat this game... Thanks Westbrook.

Okc too young, they aren't ready for this yet. Maybe next year.

How the hell did we win?

i told you Westbrook trying to be a hero is what the HEAT want. I've seen the strory before and that is how you beat the Thunder, make Westbrook take the shot and not Durant.

Let's win the championship here in Miami. That would be so sweet

But let's not be overconfident PLEASE. Series is still up for grabs by anyone, don't count OKC out. Last year we’re up 2-1 and everyone knows what happened then, and okc is still a good road team.

Missing FT's in a finals is a sign of what? CHOKING. That is EXACTLY what the Thunder are doing.

Westbrook is the most important player on the Thunder Durant is not, Durant is pretty much nonexistent as a force. He pretty much isn't even dominant even though he drops 30 with 50 percent and all that. He's pretty much not even there most games in the late mins of a game, it's all Westbrook.

The Thunder doesn't scare me at all, too busy jumpshooting and they have freaking Westbrook...he plays bad or isn't dropping 30 plus shooting 45 plus and passing the ball to Durant...Thunder's L And James Harden isn't that good...please

We would get eaten alive against a smarter, more stacked team. Good thing OKC eliminated the Spurs lol.

SO GLAD OKC GOT RID OF THE SPURS. WE ARE JUST TAKEN OVER and dominating them and their inexperience we probably would have got washed by the Spurs

Golden boy Durant is never responsible for fouls apparently.

Awww, he's such a nice boy. Why would he want to foul anyone?"


Spo playing defense. Glad there was at least one defender there. Spo might as well had just blocked the shot himself.


Realtalk...how is that not a tech? He jumps right in front of Crawford.

Oh god, if Spo got a tech called on him on that three, I doubt he'd make it home.

This team can get away with bonehead plays because the Thunder definitely aren't a vet team, it is helping us.

Man anyone see Ron Artest trolling Harden bigtime on twitter, lol. " No brain all beard...."

Nothing that an elbow to the head can hurt

When Durant isn't hitting shots, or scoring, he turns into Casper the ghost.

Looks like the people who hate Miami(Every non heat fan) is blaming the Thunder loss on Joey Crawford.

That's not news....everybody hates the heat..... When the heat lose media talk about OKC and when the heat wins the media still talk about okc only

Game 4 will be a good game to watch. Who wants it more. Do Heat want to stomp on the Thunder's confidence, or will OKC have the mental toughness to get back? Keep in mind the Thunder this year has come back even from a 0-2 deficit and won 4 in a row.

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