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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 2 5/29

I have to say one thing, the Thunder have a lot of heart and just don't quit. I love that about them. I still think they can win this series. As this series goes on, I'm disliking the Spurs fans more and more. I can't wait to post the comments from these fans who feel so entitled when they lose game 3.  And how about Perk last night?  Great game for him.  Loved seeing little Perk on TNT after the show too.  He's dressing like a mini Russell and playing like a mini Perk.  :)

Let the bloodbath continue.

Lets get 20 straight wins and a commanding lead over OKC ... 2-0 will mean even more pressure a jump shooting team like them can't afford ...

Personally I wouldn't be upset if the Spurs snapped their winning streak in Game 5 against the Heat.

here's to this series making Harden shave off that beard.

The Heat-Celtics series will wrap up WAY before the Spurs-Thunder. So this time, the tables will be turned, and we will have a quick turnaround, with Miami waiting

Reminder: Last year in the WCF, the Thunder lost on the road in Game 1 but bounced back with a Game 2 victory over the fluke eventual champion Mavericks. They're going to be ready and the Spurs have to play like they realize Game 1 could have gone either way early in the fourth. Don't never give these Thunder no hope.

Anyone else like the fact that we don't do blackouts/whiteouts every playoff game? Looks like we've been here before.

It's like we are the godfathers and we ain't no noobs. But blackout seems cool Imo

Look for a big game for Duncan if they play Ibaka instead of Perkins in small-ball. Tim will post Ibaka and take him into the torture chamber.

Developed a strong dislike for OKC this year, and just don't want to see such a young team win.

OKC has ugly warm ups!

Wait until you see their regular shirts and glasses!

Damn, Westbrook looks totally uninterested in the team huddle.

Duncan looks old out there.

Kendrick looking to a higher power for tonight’s win.

Like he’s gonna club the cameraman with his Jesus stick.

Wow. He really has never enjoyed anything

Perkins= complete malcontent.

Please don’t remember the Alamo right now. We lost that one.

Perkins has never fouled in his entire career according to him.

Some folks say that about Timmeh too.

That’s because Timmy has never committed a foul in his life.

Durant is pushing off Leonard on almost every possession and no offense fouls being called

Westbrook has twice pushed TP with the offhand

Scott Brooks in time-out “Umm guys, can I get some nasty? C’mon”

Go home now OKC!!!

Refs are swallowing whistles tonight.

I’m scared. This feels like the exact opposite of Sunday- we seem to be dominating but the score doesn’t show it at all.

Nice start for Fisher. A miss and then he fouls.

I don’t like this Harden character. Something about his face.

His beard looks like it has a lot of dark secrets…

And according to Steve Kerr, birds. Birds live in it.

Harden just seems to drive and throw himself forward hoping for contact. A lot less refined than I thought he played.

The difference in the level of competition is palpable. If it had been anybody else, we'd up up 20 by now with the way we're playing.

We set lots of moving screens. Then again, every team does now.

Harden and those f***ing picks F*** you Osama. Die in hell.

Scotty brooks is our friend lol... Leaving westbrook out 5+ minutes

James needs to come play for us. Pop would never have to tell a guy named Harden to play nasty.

I really hate Derek fisher

I abhor Derek fisher

Mohammed is fat

Until Harden gets a bald spot and a title he’s no Manu

Take your holsters and go away westbrook.

F*** you, Westbrook and your smug ass looks.

Westbrook desperate to prove something in this series. I feel bad for him though

Durant is more untouchable than Kobe.

OKC getting…every…single…call

HAHA! Even Steve Kerr is disappointed with RW’s decision making.

Just goes to show, when greats like Tim filter out of the league, people like Ibaka and Bynum get treated as if they belong to that group.

Spurs should be up by 25.

They would be if it was the Lakers who came out of that second round.

Parker probably getting in westbrook's head

OKC your panties are showing.

Seriously, Tony may have done series-lasting, if not career-lasting damage to westbrooks ego

Tiese teams are a perfect mismatch of styles: Spurs play movement, passing and precision, Thunder give it to guys who go ISO. Which would you rather watch?

Does Russell Westbrook not get that Kevin Durant is the best player on the team and therefore should get more shots than him? Sometimes the best defense against Durant is to let Westbrook go one-on-five.

What if OKC won the homecourt advantage? Would we still be up 1-0 in this series?

Going with no. It would’ve made the difference Sunday.

We’d be up if we played the games on a deserted island with monkeys for refs and birds on commentary

So you’re saying we’d do well playing in New Jersey with Joey Crawford’s crew reffing?

Tony Parker is better than Russell Westbrook. Been saying it all year. Westbrook can put up big numbers in the regular season and vs teams with bad PG defense, but not only can't score against us but can't stop TP either. He isn't even slowing him down. The only reason TP was 6/15 last game is because he got no calls.

Brooks is owned. Hack a Splitter

Thunder coach losing it calling for hack a Splitter then whining and getting a tech.

You know, hacking Splitter doesn't work if you give up a technical foul FT too.

Yeah foul Perkins weak behind out of the game I am all for it, just wish it was Serge

Can someone just kill Reggie Miller, tbh?

This is taking it farther than how Pop does it. How about just getting some actual stops, Thunder?

Brooks' best coaching of the series so far is copying Pop.

Hack-a-BS is working. We're out of rhythm now. I hate this rule, it needs to be changed. It's a blight on the game, no matter who uses it. Should not be legal.

Westbrick is such poison, somewhere out there Skip Bayless is smiling

I suggested a Westbrook for Rondo trade earlier this year when Celts were shopping Rondo. Imagine how dangerous OKC would be with Rondo! Glad it didn't happen.

Dammit, ANOTHER terrible call. Harden did NOT get fouled AND traveled. Refs in full Stern-assist mode right now.

The refs have completely taken over the game. This is so pathetic.

Man, brooks looking really smart now

Refs trying to not let this BECOME a blowout. Apparently Harden is allowed to tackle, push, and take extra steps. He's gotten away with SO MUCH this game.

This game is now prime for OKC to steal

Hack-A-Splitter worked. Ugh.

Refs are paid to make games close. Who wants to see blowouts, seriously

Dang. How are the Thunder still in this?

They don’t give up and they can score in bunches. You have to respect that.

Refs are working really hard to keep the Thunder in the game…

Or prevent them from getting blown out. Gotta please the gamblers.

Crap – why did everyone have to tell Brooks to play Ibaka more?

Oh wow the Thunder fouled. Really? Are you sure ref?

I’m not betting against something residing in Harden’s beard. Just saying.

We’re really lucky right now the Thunder keep screwing up

Wow Leonard hacked Durant and he got away with it.

The refs are trying TOO HARD keeping the Thunder in this game. Damn.

Wow what BS the refs getting the thunder back in the game.

Note to Spurs: DO NOT put OKC in penalty. Best FT shooting team in NBA!

These fts are out of hand. Imagine what it will be like in OKC.

Stern ordered an OKC win. Refs are handing it over.

I still say at some pt in the next 4 years, a ref scandal will break that will completely destroy Stern’s legacy. On that day, I will pour myself a glass of wine and smile

I don’t even wanna think about how bad the refs are gonna be in OKC

Harden may have won sixth man of the year, but those refs are making a good case for themselves.

These are NOT BS calls This is the spurs not responding to a run

Thunder really playing great defense right now

Time for hack a Ibaka or hack a Perkins Imo

The spurs have to attack and they will get the calls too.

Hack-a-Splitter completely destroyed our rhythm, it was Pop-level coaching. And then for Spurs to commit 4 quick fouls in 4th was just downright stupid. You CANNOT put these guys at the line, best FT shooters in NBA.

Stupid ibaka gets more goaltendings...

Spurs getting all kinds of help now from the refs living at the freebie line.

Parker >>>>> Westbrick

Definitely.. He even has a much much better fashion sense

The refs may love blowing that whistle, but that Harden guy is for real. Let’s see who the Thunders choose this off-season, ibaka or harden.

HARDEN...they will pick Harden. Every move they’ve made has been smart. They won’t start to be stupid at this point. But still not as smart as San Antonio. Pretty well run organization though.

It’ll be Harden if a choice must be made. Ibaka doesn’t make $ for the franchise like Harden’s beard.

Harden is legit. He will want to start somewhere and not be Jamal Crawford 2.0

This series is driving me to drink even more.

Pakre just taking frog faced westbrook to school.

The only reason OKC is in this game, is not because of their offense, or their guys figuring out the Spurs defense. It’s because they have shot 12 of 14 on free throws this quarter and we weren’t scoring.

The refs sure are playing well for them.

Thank you refs! You finally see that Harden does foul and not just get fouled

Hah. You deserve that Harden. For playing against us and trying to win.

Hopefully Westbrick keeps shooting, he's our MVP

Can the NBA make James Harden look illegal? I mean ... Look at that face.

I'd love to see Harden foul out.

Ginobili flails and gets the call!

Manu out Harden-ing Harden!

Actually glad Spurs sort of tested by the Thunder.

I hate Derek Fisher. So much.

Fisher eat shit and die already

Just die OKC

They don’t go away do they

Why didn’t they foul?

Splitter wasn’t in the game?

The Thunder are a very good team.

Yeah, Tony Brothers is a heck of a player for them

If OKC can't beat us with 10mins in the penalty and ticky-tack reffing, I'm pretty confident we'll take the series. That being said, wouldn't be surprised if they win game 3. Game 4 is the one we'll try and win.

Kiss ur mamma durant

Feel bad for KD, the rest of that team can eat a brick of shit

Man, this thunder team on the fastbreak Theyre tough

They don't even break. They just turn around at the half court and dunk it.

OKC is good. Really good. But Spurs are better.

Brooks is getting out coached by about 500%.

You've seen what the Thunder have to do to win a quarter by 7. The Thunder might get a win in OKC, but they won't get two. And I wouldn't be surprised to see another sweep. The Thunder are a very good team. This is a great Spurs team.

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