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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Mavs Game 4 5/5

Mavs fans are such whiners.  They complain so much about the refs and blame their losses on the officiating.  That got old by the 4th game.   I really hate fans who wish injury or death on other players.  That is really so classless.  Congrats to the Thunder on the sweep.  Now they get a nice rest while waiting for the Lakers and Nuggets to beat up on each other. And great job by the Thunder fans at the game.   Enjoy today's comments! They're so much fun when we win!!

I'm glad Denver won last night, because I don't want the Lakers to be too well rested when the Mavs face them in the second round.

Rick Carlisle puts in novel strategy for Game 4. He has hired a hypnotist to convince the Mavs they are playing against a team of Lamar Odoms. Suddenly, the Mavs players become aggressive, shoot lights out, and rebound at an elite level. Mavs win easily.

Most of us here realize this team has no chances and that okc are legit contenders. Anyway this team is going out. Sooner the better. GIves Cuban more time to mule over the roster.

Make harden westbrook and durant 34 35 and 36 years of age and lets see how they would do against our fossils..our fossils would kick their ass!

Lol, that would be the worst looking series ever. Washed up chuckers going hard. And yet, VC would still suck the most--just didn't age well nor adapt his game.

Wetbrook would surely be the worst.Also as harden wouldn't be able to go to the line ..that would be 75% of his scoring gone.

That Marion putback shoulda counted after seeing Perkins' putback in game 3

Oh right only OKC can offensively interfere

The refs have been against us the whole series.  If the calls were even we would be up 3-0

And now you're fine Haywood? Jesus get down the court. Runs right to bench and sits down, don't play that pussy anymore.

Haywood: "MY EYELASH!!"

To be fair, that was a dirty play by Perkins. But yeah, kind of wish he would just try to play through it.

What the hell is with all the cheers for Thunder baskets?

Westbrook falling down again and getting the call. Surprise surprise

Lookie there, another call goes towards the thunder

Did Fisher find some cheat codes? All of a sudden he cant miss anything

Wow. One of the dirtiest teams in the NBA.

They are not a dirty team, just a media darling. Any team would embrace the love the media gives them…

They're dirty and they're NBA darlings as well as media darlings.

Perk is a dirty thug..

I want to see Haywood just punch Perkins in the face after this game.

Durant is too good...

Dallas is old and slow

Westcrook is lower than slime

Also a total prick

He's also egotistical, cocky, somewhat narcissistic, loud mouthed, hot headed, and prickish.

Seems like a lot of OKC fans in the house

OKC is one annoying team.. So are their fans.. Lol

Zombie Sonics :(

Problem is OKC is now ridiculously confident. How do you take that away from them?

I remember when we had them down 3 - 1 They were still so damn cocky.

Perk out for the rest of the game...that's what he gets for being a cheap bitch.

Maybe our centers will finally be able to get it going...

Dirk must be breathing a big sigh of relief now that his worst nightmare is gone

Someone needs to put harden on his ass. I'm sick of watching him have his way. And refs are just never going to respect dirk.

What scares the hell out of me. The whole Thunder core are all 22 years old. Unbelievable.

Gotta assume they can't keep both Ibaka and Harden after the big deals to Westbrook and Durant. I'd guess Harden is out since he has All-Star play in him, near max potential and should be starting.

Carter can't buy a call, imagine him on the Thunder, he would live at the line like they do.

So much for harden getting the supposed "concussion". Metta shouldve hit him harder.

Damn! That beard...

We don't deserve to lose to this team of thugs and floppers

OKC.. The Ugly City

Where in hell did all these thunder fans come from.  They're almost louder than our fans.  

If Harden shaves his beard will he become a worse basketball player?

And the theme of refs screwing Mavs continues

Why is there so many OKC fans there? The place erupts whenever they make a shot…..its sickening.

The way the reffing has been going, OKC fans are used to getting every call.

Scott Foster loves OKC.

I hate how OKC is a team full of likable players with really annoying players. I really like Ibaka, Durant, and Collison, but add in Fisher, Westbrook, and Perkins..

Durant reminds me of Dirk in the way he carries himself off the court. I mean, I can do without the glasses and backpack and all that, but they are both well-grounded and just want to play the game.

Not really the idiot is all over TV Frigging doodle jump guy

I like Harden too inspite of his beard.

I hate Harden Reminds me of Rip Hamilton and Manu Flopobili… and I hate these guys a lot

$tern is desirous to have the Thunder win...

There are way too many cheers for the Thunder

Our superstar shoots airballs Theirs hit everything. That’s the difference.

We look horrible Part of me just wants to get swept so we can stop tarnishing our legacy

Mohammed is costing the Thunder this game. Probably the best thing to happen this game is Perkins going down.

Well what do you know, Westbrook falls on the ground and gets the call yet again

Dirk in 2011 (aka god) mode Hopefully Perkins is out for a week or so

Someone drop harden one good time

Can they just tech the **** out of Ibaka?

Id love that.. Damn.. Id hope he does something and gets banned for 2-3 games.....

James harden is deceivingly quick.

I became a huge metta fan after his elbow on harden...I always thought he was quite comedic..shame he didn't finish the job..hope he elbows the other side of his beard if they play again.

Why can't they punch Durant in the throat and kill him Call it incidental contact afterwards, get a 7 game suspension at most. We can live with Cardinal suspended 7 games.

Scott Brooks started off as a pretty over rated coach, but is proving he is a really good one now.

Haha.. Take that westprick!

OKC gets all the calls

Harden will beat any of our guys one-on-one from the top of the key. At some point, you gotta try some different stuff on him.

Put Harden on his ass!

We make Fisher look young again

They have too many options Its not fair :(

Letting old ass Fisher get to the hole like that is inexcusable

How many OKC fans are in that arena? Jeez!!

I know They sometimes are even louder than the Mavs fans

Ian called for the elbow, dang it

Dirty flop That’s how they roll

Harden should have been dead with that World Peace elbow.

Clearly the Thunder are just better, but there's really no reason for the Mavs to not win this game.

We are the definition of chockers this season. Very sad indeed.

Has Harden outscored Dallas in the 4th?

Well, I am good and royally pisst, but any team that can't put a stop to James Harden's layup drill doesn't deserve to win.

Losing in the AAC = fail.

We were playing in Dallas??? Could've sworn I heard the crowd roar whenever OKC dunked the ball...

That's called Dallas fans selling their tickets and OKC fans buying them.

Fisher being a difference maker really is a an insult to injury

Oh look someone on the floor and its harden, shocker

The mavs team is soft. If harden's driving in the first half, I'd get one of our scrubs to do a flagrant on him

If we cant get buckets and they are without Perkins and ibaka then it really is time to pack it in for the season.

This year’s champ is gonna have an asterix. With the lockout and the shortened season and injuries. This is not a REAL season.

OKC is better than the Mavs. Have to admit that.

Not by much

Get rid of all these washed-up players They got absolutely nothing left in the tank. So much they have proven all season.

Probably for the best Otherwise Cuban would add yet another season with all these has-beens

Are mavs really that old? I thought...

Celtics old

where's Pierce's wheelchair?

Somebody find wherever Perkins, Westbrook, and Fisher are and punch them.

Oklahoma city sure is going to get bitch slapped by somebody.

I hope the Thunder don’t win this year as champions. I really do. Most cocky players I’ve seen.

Hope the Thunder don't win it all this year. It will make me feel so much better.

Hopefully we have some good news on here soon. Like the Thunder being beat. (Yes, I'm bitter)

Lakers or even Denver would kick their a**es!   They think they so big and bad.  They'll get swept and then they won't be so cocky.

We just couldn't play against the Thunder and the refs.  $tern didn't want us to win so we had no chance right from the beginning.

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