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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Mavs Game 2

Some good stuff today.  It cracks me up how they will criticize OKC fans for complaining about the calls and then proceed to complain about the calls themselves.   And then after saying how they were in the penalty for almost an entire quarter,  they say the refs gave OKC the game.  And they complain about a missed call on a smack to Dirk's face.  But then they totally ignore the missed call when Dirk clocked Russ in the face with his elbow.  And once again, they have the personal attacks on OKC fans which are so bad.  And I love how they turn on Dirk and call him soft at the end after saying he was such a beast the rest of the game.  Enjoy!!!! 

Man, I was totally devastated and was ready to throw our chances at winning this series away. But damn am I out for blood tonight.

I want nothing but headshots for the Zombie Sonics tonight.

We definitely need the combination of our three centers to outplay Perkins for gods sake. They were non-existent.

Thunder gonna get their asses whooped tonight

The refs are getting the final phone calls from Stern

Crowd seems louder than usual

They got the memo about the blue shirts evidently..

Its really bad when Perkins and ibaka score like this

Okay.. Kendrick Perkins is annoying me

Is it just me... Or do these OKC fans loudly bitch about EVERY foul? Even obvious ones…

Could we please stop that annoying f*** named Kendrick Perkins?

I hate Perkins, always have.

Perkins is a dirty @**hole. He threw a punch at Dirk, he should be ejected!

Ibaka is a f***ing clown too, I thought African players are not like thugs.

Kobe to the line. Wait that's James Harden. Gets same respect from refs thou.

I don't wish injury on anyone. But Metta should've elbowed Harden harder..

i find this OKC crowed fn annoying.

OKC is just way too active for us to handle

Already talking your smack westbrook..

I talked to Westbrook at Potbelly on McKinney He is just as big of a prick as he seems on TV

That blocked shot KD did on Kidd the last game messed up with Kidd's head

I hate these fans. HATE.

The element Perkins brought to OKC is assholery

Perkins learned from the master, KG Nobody believes that tough guy schtick, you big moron.

Eject that asshole Perkins!!!

Perkins is such a b*tch. He should be thrown out for that BS he just pulled.

Just bullshit man. They gonna let an absolute nobody hack on a finals mvp?

I'd hardly call Perkins a nobody. He's a old school center.

Perkins is that guy who acts like he is going to fight and then doesn't do shit. Backing away as he ran his mouth. DIRK WOULD PUNK YOU!

Let's be honest though. Dirk would get his shit rocked. But I'm glad he didn't back down and was aggressive.

You seen Perk throw a punch? I'm telling you he's that guy we all know that tried to act hard and then when someone punches him in the mouth he isn't hard at all.

Ibaka has the type of smug face you wanna just punch

I'm sure SOMEONE has found the irony in okc fans chanting referees suck, yes?

Our crowd needs to show up like this when we get home 1 - 1

Nah, we're not trashy enough to chant 'Durant, you suck.'

This chicklahoma crowd is nauseating

I think we need Delonte to enforce some shiznit.. Hopefully he pokes Perkins brain.

Those ****ing inbreds chanting "Dirk you suck!" Apparently they all forgot about last year.

And about their non-existent history

That's just one of the reasons I loathe that team. They stole history.

In the offseason OKC needs to offer their fans classes in when, where and whether to cheer.

They are annoyingly loud

For some reason, Durant never really scares me much I know he shoots 50%, but it seems like he never does that much against us

Except when he's hitting game winners...

I want Cardinal in to go after Durant Kill the head and the body will die.

These OKC inbreds are cheering like they just won the Title!

I hate the Thunder because they are beating us and because of Westbrook

If it ends up being spurs/thunder, who would you rather win?

Building can collapse Everyone wins

How you dare ask for fair officiating Do you not know who we’re playing?

Of course the Mavs would make Fisher look young again

Keep attacking fish!! The one person who could make kidd look speedy

Can Westbrook get a tech for that taunt??

He should, that little prick

Could somebody please box out Collison once tonight?

Collison grabbed Dirk coming off the screen LOL. Done with this officiating for real.

What kind of shit is this...old ass Derek Fisher and Perkins are tearing us a new one. Smh

Harden is too good. We can't stop him.

He would be our 2nd best palyer. Not even close....

He's OKC's 2nd best player, but nobody wants to say it.

Everybody sucks except Dirk...just great.

We look really old so far tonight...

I can't believe some of you actually thought we were winning this series.

This team has no identity. Jet, Kidd, Marion, Dirk and a bunch of zombies.

Damn, I hate D.Fisher. He made so many 3s vs the mavs.

I hate that we let Westbrook shoot that midrange jumper any time he wants.

Westbrook is so athletic, which makes it easier for him to pull up a mid-range jumper. All we can hope is him missing it.

Stupid ass Westbrook flopping all over the place

OKC attacks the basket and gets the calls. We need to do the same. Period.

Tough to continue attacking the basket when you do it a few times and can't buy a call.

Whoever said Marion would keep shooting 3's after he made a few in game 1 was right. Low IQ.

It's kinda humorous to hear MVP chants for a guy who hasn't even been the best player on the court. Too bad his supporting cast has been so much better.

But but Durant has a scoring championship. That's better than a finals MVP he?

Ibaka with 4 fouls is huge. Time to live at the line

Harden always gets the foul, it´s ridiculous!

Carter and terry should never play this game again...

Didn't you say this game was over a couple pages ago?

Panic in ChoKC Commence choking now

Damn Perkins is swishing those FTs

I hate how it can come so easy for Durant sometimes..

Not to bitch and moan, But I hate the claims that okc has great fans and blah blah blah. The fans have onlyknown success. Wait until the one or two down years or disappointments and see what happens

There won't be that many as long as they have Durant on the team

We absolutely have to take advantage of them being in deep foul trouble

I find world peace's elbow on harden less deplorable these days.

That's not a charge but the one on Cook from Dirk was? Ok. Guess I can't complain to much. We've been I the bonus for damn near the whole period.

News flash: we suck with Dirk out of the game, and we suck with Kidd out of the game, and when they're both out of the game, we're worse than a college team.

Haywood comes back in and Perk gets 2 offensive rebounds. Sit that piece of shit Tarheel down!

Was Perkins the actress in Precious?

Someone needs to get Harden a toothbrush for Christmas!

Harden just hit Carter in the back. Did he not learn when he got in Metta's way? Dude is a punk

Durant gets so many calls

How does Marion get whistled for that one? Durant threw himself into him.

Thunder get free throws every single possession.

A bad call that went our way? I'll take it

Refs once again up to the usual NBA standard. Pathetic.

Friggin Westbrook can't miss a jumper against us. I give up.

Somebody elbow Fisher

Why does the carcass known as Fisher have big games against the Mavs?

Whos gaurding westbrook?

Same guy that guarded Fischer, apparently...

Derek Fisher is such a scum bag. Can't stand him. He doesn't give 2 shits about the players. Has been coat tailing off of other great players for years.

Metta should have really hit harden a bit harder

Durant is such a sweet person. So classy and nice and incapable of doing anything wrong Except for, you know, that time when he gave the Sonics the finger.

I feel as though the basket in which the Thunder score is greased So that whenever they score the ball slips out of the Mavs’ players hands. By the time the Thunder get the ball back its wore off.

Guaranteed Brooks bitches about the officiating tonight. He has a scrunchy Danny Ainge face.
Brooks looks like a whiner.

Westcrook is such a piece of crap :(

Okc fans upset they're getting fouls called on them for once

Finally we're getting Thunder-like calls

If we get Heat-like calls we'll win the series

Oklahoma City sure looks like a happening place #sarcasm

That arena is right on the edge of ghettosville

So it's Russell Westbrook’s neighborhood then?

It probably is ...As in here’s probably a lot of incest happening there

They stole our team colors!

They steal everything Screw the Zombie Sonics

Man, if we have someone like Harden, we would kill them easily...

So the fans pay the ticket prices and we watch the games on TV so that the refs can make names for themselves. Good grief this has been ridiculous.

Okc would blow us out If they gave Durant’s shots to Westbrook

Great Durant just turned in to D Wade and is just getting FT’s

he's the new star didn't ya hear? Best power forward in the league.

That stupid background music by OKC is damn annoying

Why should that be any different than anything else about the Okies.

Too bad Westbrook didn't lose a couple of teeth there but not embedded in Dirk's elbow.

Dirks keep missing these key 3s in the fourth

Durant shooting like shit and we cannot steal one Doesn’t look good.

Durant won't shoot 15-44 combined in two games again in this series He’s gonna get going and we’ll be in deep shit.

I've long said that OKC is one of the dirtiest teams in the NBA but they're Stern's darlings and they get away with it.

I dislike OKC more than the Suns at this point. This team belongs in Seattle anyway.

Between idiot Carlisle ans dirk being soft in the clutch two games in a row, we deserve to be swept

Hope Dirk throws a fire extinguisher at Terry

I hate jet but don't blame him for missing the late shots tonight, soft ass dirk didn't want to take them and the ones he took he bricked too

OKC is young but not inexperienced...that is the problem for us. Last year they were inexperienced.

I have one question, if its an OKC vs Miami final..what the **** are the refs gonna do?

Btw **** Fisher. The dude hates Texas. First his famous clutch against the Spurs, second he didn't wanna play in Houston, and 3rd and most important he's a cold blooded Mav killer.

Yuck... Better team won again.

OKC got lucky in both games, especially considering the refs gifted them game 2. They miss the extremely obvious smack to Dirk in the face(right in front of an official).

Officials in Oklahoma City gifted them that game.

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