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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comments from the other side - BONUS Heat Edition 4/28

I posted the comments from Knicks fans earlier and here are the comments from the Heat fans.  Big progression from the "Let's not suck" to the boastful fans at the end.   I find it absolutely amazing that they criticize Knicks fans for wishing injury on Wade and LeJerk,  but if you go back through the CFTOS for Celtics/Heat games this season,  you will find multiple comments wishing injury and even death on Celtics players.  They also trashed every one of their own players and now they are all the best ever. At least they can admit the refs gave them a LOT of favorable calls.  Enjoy.....

Let's not suck.

Heat should be fine. The first quarter may be a bit sluggish, but the Heat will be well rested. I'm sure it will be the best LeBron has felt in a long time. Wade should be fine other than the dislocated finger. Bosh better have his wimpy hamstring healed up

Crowd won't be a factor with this team. The toughest crowd we could have ever faced was the Celtics' crowd and they were mocking Bosh the entire way over a quote he said about how intimidating it is, pretty sure Lebron nor Wade was fazed by it.

Please don't be the team that loses to a team that hasn't won a playoff game in over 4,000 days

Just heard Bosh on the Jax show talking about starting at the 5, he's not thrilled.

Bosh you gotta do it bruh. KG at his old age is doing it now and it revitalized him and made the C's better. It made them better because they have one of their best, reliable guys playing at the position they are most weak at.

Bosh needs to man up seriously. You're our tallest guy for **** sake, hell you're taller than Dwight, you should be the Center.

What's this dude complaining about?smh he's the highest paid player on the damn team and the reason we don't have a legit center. He better man up and abuse Tyson this series because he's the X factor whether he likes it or not!


As Heat fans, we should show our support by shaving our hairlines to match Lebron's.

We'll send them all packing soon enough, Woodson is going to be looking for a new job and Amare will be gone. You're welcome New York.

Gonna be hilarious when the Knicks realize they got owned by a team with Eddy Curry on it

I feel bad for these knick fans when they walk away in disappointment, they seem to think they can win against us

Amare calls talent level between Heat-Knicks even: "Absolutely. We have 3 players that can match their skill as well." Their players are as delusional as their fans.

Lebron showing Melo how to shoot.

Good job refs

Miller and Battier are awful

At least we're drawing a lot of fouls...

Hmm Rose injured, that might be a bad one...

In all seriousness, Bulls probably have a better chance now.

Wait what? I turned that game off thinking the BUlls would just rest their players now because it's obvious they won, but Thibs kept Rose in the game? WOw

That's how you get Coach of the Year.

These refs are garbage, god**** let em builod some intensity

Bull**** double tech. Of course from Malloy

Double technicals for a little jawing? It's the ****ing playoffs. Pathetic.

All Knick starter have at least 2 fouls.

Amare in foul trouble already.

So much for "they can turn it on in the playoffs". We're playing like hot garbage so far.

Chandler did to Lebron, what Lebron did to John Lucus! Those blind pics are a doozy, lol

The NBA playoffs: Where football happens.

I'm surprised Mike Miller didn't shatter

No Heat game is complete without a trademark Chalmers bonehead play.

Looks like Novak gonna be bailing Knicks out throughout the series with his 3 point chucking.

Wondering what kind of post consumer toilet paper the Heat offensive scheme is written on

Getting more calls this game than we have all season.

Why is Bosh acting like he's scared of the rim?

Mike miller is the worst shooter on the planet

Watching Miller brick shots makes me wanna massacre a daycare center.

If this is the Battier that's going to show up for the rest of the playoffs, he's forgiven for the regular season.

Don't go to the Knicks board. Sure they're mad as hell complaining about calls

Jr smith is on our side

Sorry ass call on the Battier attempted steal. Kinda eased up by the Bron flop just now.

LeBron flopping. Haters are gonna love that!

LeBron almost never flopping in the regular season definitely will help him get calls when he flops in the playoffs.


Lmaooooooooooooooo I'm in tears I love lebron

Dude that's a moving screen, Tyson the king of moving screens

Chandler with the vicious flagrant. Get him out of here!

God I hate this. All people are going to talk about is the refs now.

Be honest, the headsnap on lebron was redic lmao Hahahah and look how his arms come up LOL

Lebron making us look bad

More please.. Just to piss off JVG They need to kick him out of broadcasts if he doesn’t at least maintain some sense of impartiality.. Seriously.


LMAO that lebron 3 in anthonys face was coooooold blooded

Lebron is a bad man.

LBJ for 3 Not fair

The rest of the East.... Just shuddered

Does this mean the Pre All-Star break Heat are back for the playoffs? Or are the Knicks just a really terrible team?

Yeah we're getting some calls

The Chandler foul on LBJ was legit.... I don't get what JVG was complaining about. If LeBron wasn't so strong, that's like a strained neck or something.

We've gotten some favorable calls, but we didn't need them.

This is why I wanted the knicks By the way, does Spo get any credit for this?

No. The refs do.

Spoelstra better take Wade out during this timeout because I'm afraid New York will resort with thugerish tactics and hurt him in retaliation.

Yawn. Can someone escort this Knicks trash out of the Triple A? Thanks. They're not worthy.


Rose out for season. I wanted to beat em at full strength.

It's still only one game, let's not worry about the Bulls, let's focus on winning on Monday.

I read Knicks fans hoping LeBron and Wade blow out their knees. No wonder they haven't won a playoff game in what... 4k days...

So disgusting! And they wonder why they are the most hated fanbase in the NBA.

I'm insulted that people are blaming the refs.

Not a fan of either team..I just like to see competitive basketball. But any Heat fan that can say that the game was not controlled by the ref's today are out of their minds. I just want to see good basketball and that was not a good basketball game

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