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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Pacers 4/6

 Most threads start out boastful and all puffed up and then when they get beat turn on their own team.  This one is the opposite.  They start out expecting a loss and end up all puffed up and boastful.  I was hoping so much that the Thunder would get the win but they just couldn't get stops at the end.  Now more than ever I want the Celtics to beat these guys. I hope you enjoy today's comments in spite of the loss.

This is a defensive nightmare. We should put PG on westbrook, and collison on sefolosha. Otherwise, westbrook would destroy us.

I had no idea the Thunder were the only team in the NBA worse at passing than us. I guess it kind of makes sense though

Sefolosha is out there so they have a defensive player who won't take shots away from Westbrook and Durant.

The Thunder scare me. Westbrook has simply owned us and Kevin Durant is just something else.

**** you Thunder, you're just God's farts

I said this in another thread but I believe someone's going to get tossed in this one.

Hopefully it will be Scott brooks

Squash the Durantula.....ouch a little Gregg Williams of me.

Take down the ZombieSonics!

James Harden and Eric Maynor were at Kilroy's last night, low key sitting in the back.

You should have bought them alcohol. Ever seen Celtic Pride?

Hoping for minimum Thunder bandwagon fans tonight.

I’m not expecting a win, don’t think we are at their level yet. I’d love to see a competitive game with a chance to win a the end. Need one out of the two this weekend, be great to get it tonight!

I'd rather beat Boston if I can only have one of two

Hibbs cannot be stopped By any mortal

Which is why the officials are ordered to whistle him for fouls, to even the playing field.

Can we attack Fisher every possession?

Man Ibaka is a beast

Didn't realize we had so many native oklahomers living in indy. Ha. Looks like a lot of OKC ppl in the building.

I'm here at a restaurant in downtown OKC (wifi!) and have my Hibbert jersey on, the stares are hilarious

Wait, when did Fisher sign with the Zombie Sonics?

If Fisher gets to the line, Area 55 needs to chant AARP

Durant sucks

Jeez, these Thunder fans are cursing at the officiating, big time

Good job getting the foul on Nazi. Honestly, I don't even know why Nazr is still in the league lol

I know it's just one game and not the most realistic thing, but how fun would a Pacers-Thunder Finals be?

Refs calling everything now... Well everything against Indy that is...

I hope Westbrook goes into full diva mode tonight. Keep chucking bad shots Russ.

Good defense keeping the Pacers in this one Haven’t seen a defensive effort like this in a long time.

Got lucky they swallowed the whistle on that last Westbrook drive at the end of the half though, that was a foul on Roy.

Getting Ibaka in foul trouble is IMMENSELY important for our own post game.

Ibaka is all about the weak side. He's actually a pretty bad straight up post defender.

Pacers can't be content.... A lot of game left. OKC is a dangerous team.

Usually, I'd be discouraged about FSN IN showing OKC footage at halftime. But, when it is an interview with James Harden's Beard I won't complain

Yeah. Got to respect the beard.

I love Diva Westbrook!!

This is the best ive seen the pacers play in a long, long time

I think we're one of the few teams that can matchup with the Thunder and their length.

When Westbrook isn't hitting, he's a major detriment.

Am I the only one that wants to give Westbrook a hug? He got blocked on and beaten down to the pine. Poor guy.

Thunder helping us out 10-16 from FT

Show of hands, who here thinks "I PITY the FOOL!!!" every time they see James Harden?

Harden is not a superstar. Stop giving them those calls.

Since harden will be the 6th man of the year, he's now untouchable..

Thank you, Derek Fisher, for being so old and slow.

Hibby fell on a little kid. Luckily hes ok.

That was dirty by KP

Durant made sure the kid was ok, Durant is a good dude, just another example of that.

Seems like a good dude, indeed.

How is Durant at the line? I didn’t know falling down backwards and throwing the ball at the scoreboard was cause for a FTs.

Dunno, BC he's Durant? Any flings toward the basket count as an attempt

Damn DUrant's a player

Helps to be able to get away with traveling calls too

I'm happy that Westbrook went 6-21 tonight Thanks a bunch.

Kd is a beast. We held the rest. Harden and his BS travels Got him 4-6 slug points.

Great win. I'm glad there are only 48 minutes in NBA games.

Wow what a game! The BLFH was rocking, I can't believe how many Thunder fans were there though. KD got the loudest welcome I've heard this year during intros.

LOL, this Thunder fan who was leaving said to me as he walked out "Let me know when y'all win a playoff series"

should have said "you haven't won a championship so why r u talking"

OKC is really a good team. Durant is amazingly unstoppable. He can never get too much touches.

Now don't get me wrong, I am thrilled about the Pacers winning. But I just have to say how much I love Kevin Durant. That dude, oh man he is so damn good. He is really fun to watch. 44 points on 24 shots is insane.

Celtics tomorrow. Let's get it, guys!

Don't feel good about the Celts Rondo playing lights out

You still feel iffy? You know who's even hotter than the Celtics? The Pacers We just beat the best team in the west

Gotta give props to the Thunder, especially KD for coming back so fierce and making this really exciting. You're welcome, Hicks.

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