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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Kings

 You have to feel bad for the Kings fans.  They got a bomb dropped on them by their owners and then another one by their team.  I can imagine   I can see where a blow out loss would be secondary on their minds to the possibility of losing their team.  Lots of anger toward the Maloofs.  And like the other teams in the lottery,  they are happy with losses that bring them closer to the top pick.  I kind of got depressed reading through their comments but on the other hand, Perk had a double double. Cool

This will not end well. OKC will remember losing to the Kings on national television and they haven't been great lately. Plus they still fight San Antonio for the top seed. If there's one game they have to get up for, it's this one. A 20+ point drubbing should be in order.

Is this game being broadcast in HD on dish? I can only find it in standard def.

Maloofs too cheap for HD. Plan to downgrade to black and white next year.

Blowout. Kings win.

Win as in win-win? Or win as in we'll lose but it's a W for operation tank?

I find it ironic that we are playing the last team that relocated on this day

I can’t even get interested in the game, even if they weren’t getting blown out. All I can think of is how much I detest the Magoofs and how bad they’re f***ing Sacramento.

Watch the games from home Support the team, boycott the maloofs until they are gone!

That's a bullshit call on Reke. How can he play better clean D than that?

Makes me sick to watch these zebras call our game when theyre blatantly in okc's favor. Were getting beaten around and the we barely touch them and its a foul??? Nothings changed since 02

I like that the OKC fans stand until the first basket is made.

Ibaka making a fool out of Cuz

I did not know Westbrook could jump on IT's back and not get called for the foul

Westbrook's athleticism still amazes me

Durant is abusing Donte

Well to be fair, not many guys can stop Durant

Might wanna put up a hand when that Durant guy shoots.. I heard he's pretty good..

I cant even pretend to want to watch this tonight

I WANT to watch it But i’m being maloofed

Lol I'm so numb for this game right now. I never really felt anything like it. The Kings could lose by 50 and I honestly wouldn’t be mad

There's the Fisher we know and loathe

We're out of the playoff race and no new arena deal These last 2 weeks are going to suck

Sacramento Kings 53rd tank division

Wait Honeycutt and Outlaw in the game? We are tanking aren’t we?

It's still humorous that the Magoofs think they have a quality product on the floor Stupid Maloofing Magoofs

That was a seriously sick move by Durant. Damn, that guy's good

In other tank related news :
New Jersey beat Philly
And Toronto beat Boston

Yup the tank is strong with this group brother, seems like it's just us and the Cavs for that 4th spot now.

Only lost that quarter by 4 points. That's practically winning.

Holy Maloof! Kings are getting made fun of by the Thunder right now

In all the hubub I forgot we had a game tonight Apparently so did the Kings.

Going to the store for a bottle of rum for the second half. Anybody need anything?

I wouldn't be surprised if DMC tears his ACL the way this day is going.

The block on cuz plus the ball thrown at JTs face accurately describes this nba season for the kings

Wow. OKc dancers all had the exact same spray on tan color

Its that Oklahoma city sunshine

Be awesome of the next home game the players refused to play as a show of support. Just stand there for 48 minutes

Westbrook getting the CP3 treatment

Kings fan logic: Only down 19, not too bad, This guy is doing ok and that guy is showing promise.

They just look like a team that is playing for nothing. And the OKC are playing for the 1-seed. Maloof’s losing tradition lives on.

Kevin Durant and Westbrook are boss Can we sign them FOREVER?!

Maybe enough time left for OKC to get up 40

This is an appropriate game given the events of the day.

I was hoping given todays events, Smart would attempt to manage a good game and try to win. But nope, no respect for the fans. Just intentionally try to gift a game to OKC after what happened earlier. F this. Not even trying to compete.

Hopefully the Maloof's plane gets caught in a tornado on the way back to Vegas

Clay Bennett taking out his rage at the Maloofs by having his team murder their team.

Or Prokhorov and his KGB buds get a hold of them

Lol, Thunder Scrubs showing us how its done.

Our coach is an idiot, let's team up and play in New Orleans or something. Heard they got some new owners. Ours' suck.

I think Keith Smart has a Napoleon complex or something, and is projecting it onto the team. Guard the league's leading scorer with a guy who gives up 5 inches to him?

Now now, Kevin Durant is good but not THAT good. He's only the league's SECOND leading scorer. So you see, putting Tyreke on him really isn't that bad of an idea after all!

The KIngs lost tonight. The preceding comment will serve as the game recap, as this game merits no more effort in recap than we saw in the actual game,


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