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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Kings 4/20

Good game.  There weren't a lot of Kings fans commenting on the various boards  and a couple boards have just stopped doing game threads.  Many of the comments still were centered around the Maloofs and the arena debacle.   But there were still some good comments. There's the ubiquitous Russ hate.  Lots of  Serge and Harden love though.  Enjoy today's Comments! 

Tonight is Fan Appreciation Night and, according to the latest reports, there are only around 200 seats left unsold. Thus, we have the makings of another ARCO THUNDER lalapalooza

On the plus side Reke won't be on Durant. Unfortunately, Outlaw will be.

I can see.. DMC possibly picking up his final T tonight. Or maybe he’ll wait for the final game against OKC or LAL next week.

Sometimes like this when I see so many Thunder fans in the stands I wonder where all the Kings fans are.  I hate bandwagon fans.

i don't care if we win or lose these final games with or without him. I just want DMC to finish what he started and get that final T.

Outlaw has the same body build as Durant so why can't he shoot as well?

It should will be nice the day the Kings get the Kevin Durant type player cheat code....

You'll get the oden code and you'll like it!

Don't need the Oden code, we already have the Pervis code

Yes, make Westbrook try to play superman, he turns it over

There needs to be a minute limit on the 6th man of the year award.... James Harden is averaging almost 32 minutes a game…

Hardin is going to inspire a whole new fashion with his look Goat Punk… that beard and Mohawk is so WTF?

Kings like it when Iblaka is out

James Harden is a beast... Just say'n!

If I was cuz I would punch the s*** out of westbrook

Cuz can't finish tonight.

Ibaka is in his head.

What a garbage superstar call for Durant.

I hate Westbrook.  I wish someone would punch him in his smug little face.  

Pouting frustrated Cousins is starting to bug me. I brought my girlfriend to the Blazer's game, her first game of the year, and we had good seats, after a timeout when a kings player was fouled Cousins turns to the crowd behind the bench and screams F***! She asks me if he is always like this and I had a hard time defending him.

Happens at every NBA game. Ever sat courtside when KG is playing?

Personally I don't blame Cuz. They call a touch foul on Durant at one end and then don't call a thing when Cuz gets hammered. Its easy for us to sit at home and say it shouldn't bother him, its quite another to be him, getting banged around, and not getting calls. Just about every player in the NBA has one player they just hate to face. Needless to say, Ibaka is Cuz's guy. He'd probably trade half the team to get Ibaka on his team so he wouldn't have to play against him.

Surprised Cuz didn't get called for a foul He usually does after getting hit in the face

Only when he bleeds on the ref

The refs are tanking us

Outlaw can't hit anything tonight

Care to share the night he could hit anything?

Cant wait to see what worthless retred we sign this offseason

Look for us to trade Thornton for Hedo so we can move down 3 spots in the draft.

We have good players. Too bad not good enough to overcome a bad team

Smart must really like this draft. Not just Davis. He must have a couple of other guys in mind as well. He definitely didn't want to win this game.

We may never win another game again.

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