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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Heat 4/4

I've never seen a fan base that turns on their own players as quick as the Heat fans do.   They hate everyone on the team and then all is forgiven if the player hit a big shot it's all forgiven and they forget how they trashed the same player just a few lines before.  The Heat fans have to be the worst in the league with Lakers fans a close second.  Glad they admitted that Bill Kennedy gave them some favorable calls.   Not as much fun as when we win,  but hope you enjoy them anyway.  .

LeBron is going to knock Durant's a** out of the MVP race after this one is over.

I hope Wade is out so Lebron can drop 50, and get the MVP

I'm sure these guys want to redeem themselves after the embarrassment in OKC,especially since they're at home where they actually try.

Let's not suck.

I don't care for a win, I want a fight!!!!!!! I hate Kevin Durant thinking hes hard and Kendrick Perkins fat face!!! I really hate those guys! I want a rivalry!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME BLOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Bosh is so useless. So stupid.

They're letting a ton go. Ibaka's block on Wade he was in Wade's lap bodying him.

I HATE COLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cole is such a scrub. On the other hand, Durant's not playing any games.

So Bosh misses a J, then gets beaten back down the court by old ass Nazr Mohammed?

Bulls*** call. You can't touch Durant I guess.

Stupid flop from Durant.

Bill Kennedy is reffing tonight so we have no excuses.

This game is over Wade falls for a pumpfake on a jumpshooter Bosh is done Team is done Exposed

I hate this stupid team

Mario is the worst post passer of all time

Holy crap, they are fouling us after every shot is released. This is ridiculous.

I knew Cole would get blocked by Ibaka. He's like fish meat for Ibaka.

Norris, you won't dunk on IBLOCKA, you never will, quit trying it How about using a pumpfake u moron

OKC getting away with **** murder on these blocked shots.

Everyone on this team sucks except wade and bron

Would someone foul Durant hard please? Knock him on his ass and see if his skinny ass comes in the paint so often!

Bosh, what a piece of ****.

Bosh is pathetic.

James is our only good player anymore

This team is so pathetic

Oh ok so Wade wants to suck now? Ok.

KD's jumpshot form is so smooth

Not gonna lie... He has a great touch... I expect everything he shoots to go in...

Perkins is a **** punk. Always. Why cant we get someone to clobber him back?

This team won't do anything to Porkins because we're soft and weak.

Get westbrook out of the game

The Thunder have resorted to thuggery

F SPO! Send a big man to take Durant out!!!!

Honestly, Westbrook needs to get laid out when he goes up for a layup.

I hope somebody clobbers an OKC player. Sick of these dudes and their dirty play.

Put in Pittman, let him take hard fouls on Durant and Westbrook. Apparently tackling someone is only a flagrant 1 in this game, so he can tackle each once!

LEbron is such a chump.

I really don't like OKC, they act all tough. Reminds me that Miami needs to get some nastiness to them..

It's kind of funny how they were always pictured as the nice, humble group of kids who just want to have fun and play basketball. Success sure as hell has shown their true colors.

They were humble until Porkins arrived


Are they chanting "Russell sucks"? If so, I agree.

How does Westbrook not get called for over the back?

They have absolutely no fear of going inside. Can't say I'm surprised. How much effort does it take to simply plant someone on their ass with a hard, yet legal foul.

I don't even care if it's legal at this point. I want Westbrook and Durant on their ass.

Wow KD He is easily the toughest cover for lbj in the nba

FISCHER is covering BOSH. That's how much Bosh is sucking right now.

I'm so sick of Battier jacking up 3's Stop chucking idiot!!!

This team is so **** pathetic right now

Does Harden get any calls that go against him?

Bosh is ridiculously SOFT like Stay Puft Marshmallow Man SOFT.

Thank god Battier hit that 3! That's huge!!!

The offense is pathetic tho, just jumpshot after jumpshot. I don't even remember the last time we shot so many 3s.

Battier with two huge threes but his defensive rotations are so stupid. He always goes away to cover the perimeter guy on these pick and rolls when he should go down and cover Collison.

Wade is going to make me vomit


Ibaka just hacks people and gets called for nothing.


Thankfully this game wasn't in OKC, otherwise Durant would be on the line.

KD is not clutch!

Kennedy is our best ref ever.

Well I must say this was our best game in awhile


ChuckBrook?? I've always preferred Westbrick.

When KG retires, Perk will be my most hated player in the league.

After those cheap shots on Wade, Perkins can suck it.

The amount of beard between Lebron, Harden & Turiaf combined is insane though

Bosh is reaching Antoine status. Maybe worse, all things considered.


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