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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - Mavs 4/28

 I never realized that Mavs fans were this bad.  They had some very nasty (and untrue) things to say about Thunder fans.  I really didn't think they had grounds for all their whining about the calls.  They ended up with more free throws than the Thunder had.  I thought the refs let them play, letting stuff go on both sides.  On one hand Mavs fans say Thunder fans are stupid for complaining about calls and then run on for a page or two complaining about the calls themselves.  Some good comments today... Enjoy! 

Mavs in 6. When has a team with a gunner PG with terrible shot selection ever consistently done well in the playoffs?

Westbrook is good for at least one Mavs win by himself..

We'll crush the Thunder

OKC is seriously favored by 8? Is that a Joke ? I was thinking 4-5 ... Mavs got this if they keep it close heading down the stretch

They cant hang with the Thunder.. THis isnt the same team.

This crowd is going to be wild

Westbrook is my least favorite player in the NBA he is a punk

After watching The Heat game, are y'all also scared the refs will try to F*** us over?

They always try, soooooo.... Nothing new under the sun!
And so began What would ever after be known as, the Delonte West flu game.

I hope Delonte vomits on Westbrook.

I hate how the announcers just unquestionably say OKC is THE best atmosphere in the NBA like its an undisputed fact,

I love that crowd.

Sweet, they handed out the Mavs blue t-shirts to the OKC crowd again.

So much for containing Westbrook

Are the Refs serious? Dirk is getting hammered

Wood getting calls but not Dirk, prob BC they know he can’t make FT’s. Is that freakin Joey Crawford I am seeing, b/c that would explain a lot

Cuban's gonna be so fined

Harden gives me the creeps can’t help it

I expect Durant and Westbrook to get thoes superstar calls in this series but if Ibaka and Harden are getting them too then Mavs don't have a chance at all to beat the Thunder.

OKC's a good team. Their time will come. Right after Dirk retires.

I correctly called all 15 rounds of the playoffs last year (and 11 of them in the exact number of games). I gotta go with my instinct here: OKC in 5.

OKC complains every call

What is happening, so many calls in mavs favour

All would be perfect if they would start calling fouls every time dirk gets mugged. But I'll take this.

OKC bitching cause they don't get every call.

The Thunder did not have a FT attempt in the 1st quarter. You KNOW that's gonna balance out in the 4th. Worries me.

Harden gets more calls then Dirk

I can't stand Harden. Every time he drives he feigns contact to draw the foul. It pisses me off so much.

I hate this league. Only Lebron, Kobe and Durant get that call. Complete bull ****.

We just need to put some OKC butts on the floor. Come on Mavs. Knock em down.

Okc only has 4 free throws.

Joey Crawford is awful official I want him dead

How does Joey Crawford keep getting our games in the PO's? Its obvious the dude is bias.

Harden flopped on that shot trying get a 4pp he is so obvious.

Please some one take a hit out of Crawford

I like the mood Russell Westbrook is in Hope he keeps shooting jumpers

Okc crowd is wearing our team's color

I'm not going to lie, I thought it was in Dallas for a good 3-5 minutes.

Nice try Collison you’re no match for our illustrious German

I actually am really scared of that matchup.. Collison makes it tough for Dirk

I'm glad to see the OKC arena is filled with people wearing Maverick blue.

Could have put Mavs shirts on their seats and the dumb hicks would probably be just as happy and wear them anyway.  

Blazers fans are smarter than Thunder fans

Every team's fans are smarter than Thunder fans

Unless you're a Lakers fan

It really bothers me that Durant and Harden are on OKC I like them, but they are our rivals..

I really don’t like him, Harden that is Plays like Ginobili, looks like a hobo Nobody likes neither of those things.

Make that idiot harden earn the points.

Ok I'm getting tired of seing ibaka block people

The Thunder Do NOT play with others.

I love how every time Westbrook passes He seems completely dejected.

And every time he shoots Durant does the same

Durants the only guy on the thunder I really like now that I think about it

You shouldn't He turned his back on Seattle. I’ll always think he shoulda demanded a trade as soon as the team moved to Choklahoma.

I hate how everyone thinks Durant is oh so classy and nice and perfect. He’s not. Being the future of that franchise he had the power to stand strong and prevent that atrocity. He didn’t.

I really doubt Durant would have been the determining factor to keep them in Seattle... Bennett was dead-set on moving the team to Oklahoma City.

My only real question is.... Who are all these people in Oklahoma anyways?

I bet the Thunder bought every Oklahoman a new pair of Levi’s and provided the t-shirts to put butts in the seats.

Oklahoma's not a place for pro sports

So instead of being up a minimum of 6 at the half, the refs make a piss poor call that leads to OKC points and we are only up 3. Gotta love the NBA and their great refs...

Dirk needs to face the facts. If he wants to get foul calls in this league, he needs to fall down and act like his neck is broken whenever someone touches him

According to espn, Thor is the new mascot of OKC

Thor is the god of thunder.... Fair enough

Damn OKC bout to become Flop City, Durant flopped so hard he missed the shot.

Ibaka is going to average 7 blocks a game against us with as much freedom as he is given by the refs.

Durant durant ..doodle jump is way better than watching you play

Damn hate seeing us get outworked by Collison

Great fans in Oklahoma City? If they’re so great, how come there are no other major league sports teams in Oklahoma

Scott Brooks most over rated coach in The NBA

Does anybody else find this Thunder team incredibly annoying, they just piss me off with the way they celebrate everything. It really takes away from the game, but maybe I am a basketball purist!

I actually like them When we’re not playing them.

I like them a lot more Than most teams. At least it’s highly entertaining, and they got some amazing individual talent….Westbrook putting on an all-around show, for example

Its really Westbrook mostly The look away and fist pump after the Durant dunk was too much. You are down to the #7 seed dip shit!

Uhhhhh Jason Terry flies like a plane.

If they didn’t have Westbrook I’d really like them.

They are NBA darlings, and you know the NBA needs to hype up its cash cows Sadly that means Durant gets the whistle like he’s the anorexic lovechild of Kobe and LeBron.

Haha!! And their redheaded step child, Blake Griffin.

What a bunch of whiny posers this crowd is, these are legit fouls people

Westbrook is too good...he knows we can't stop him so he's playing with confidence. Look at him, he just looks faster, stronger on the court than anyone else.

I am so sick of Ibaka. We're making him look like Tim Duncan.

Being guarded by nick collison must be annoying

I don't like James Harden You should elbow him in the back of the neck. Oh wait.

Thunder fans sure are stupid They think every ball that goes out of bounds is theirs

ChoKC's players whining about calls Oh the irony.

Their fans are starting to get on my nerves, are you really booing that call?

Fans should be thanking the refs for the calls they're getting

If not for the ref this would have been a rout

God I hate those pig calls the OKC fans do. Maybe it's indicative of their character.

PLEASE put Cardinal in to give Harden the World Peace treatment..

THey're difinately feeling the pressure. Mavs sending a message with this win.

We're going to have to beat the refs and the thunder again I guess.

Starting to see why Metta clocked harden.

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Yeah baby 1-0!

Way too soon for that kinda stuff. Way too soon. 3:43 too soon.

Harden looks so disgusting, I want to take industrial-powered clippers to his face

Dirk has been pathetic . Just pathetic.

It's not all Dirk's fault. Perkins is on him and he can barely breathe. F*** Perkins

Look at how easy OKC can get to the basket...we just have zero chance at defending these guys

Why is Haywood not protecting the rim and rebounding?

He was not int he game

Defend for 9 seconds and we got this!! Just 9 seconds! We got this!!!

Up 1, 9 secs. Let's play our best defense ever!

Durant is so damn lucky

Absolute crap. Lucky bounce. Biased officials.

Lucky-ass bounce for Durant... No other way to describe it.

Game ball goes to Joey Crawford Stop killing basketball and go die, you bald F***.

That Crawford call at the end of the half was the game
Actually OKC played kinda poor all night, main pieces underachieved, and they still beat us.

I love how OKC fans are so excited....can't wait for the upset.

This was a BRUTAL loss

I'll see you guys Monday when the Mavs will school the NotSonics.

This series might go to 6, but tonight was the Mavs chance to impose their will and they let it slip. Game 2 the Thunder are going to play confident and loose and it might be ugly.

They took our best shot, and they beat us anyway.

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