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Friday, April 13, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - BONUS Heat Edition 4/12

The Heat fans are a really strange bunch. They go from being boastful to being depressed to boastful to depressed. Kind of like their team. They love LeBron one second and hate him the next. They love Wade one second and hate him the next. The call for Spo to put a player in and then when he makes a mistake or misses a shot they call for his head. I think it's hilarious how the Celtics have gotten into their heads. Enjoy this bonus edition of Comments from Depressed Heat fans :)

Don't even care anymore. it's championship or bust now, because god know's the regular season was full of BS and underachieving.

With the way we have been playing I honestly don't expect a win from them tonight. With or without Rose playing.

This is a must win tonight I can’t talks another loss to the stupid Bulls

DRose playing

Good, want to beat them when they are at their best

I heard the end of a promo on WGCI, it was something about Lebron and Wade hosting a party tonight

No way they are partying after that lose to the Celtics and before playing the Bulls at Chicago..I cant believe that...just...no way.

Wade doesn't drink so if anyone is going to have a hangover it will be Lebron

I wouldn't be shocked if Wade and LeBron go partying the night before, they have done that crap before

.. Can't wait for the playoffs.

Where we get swept! Just kidding Sort of..

I say we win by double digits. **** the bulls.

What exactly have we done this season to prove we're the best team in the Eastern Conference? Hell you could make an argument that even Boston is better at the moment.

UD starting at PF and Bosh starting at center. Our genius coach is experimenting NOW??????? Oh well, it worked for Boston when they moved Kg to center. Might give us a boost.

Uh.... I hate to tell you but Bosh is no Kevin Garnett. Like putting the stay puff marshmallow man in the middle.

Great start! These guys want to win tonight.

WTF are the bulls allowed to foul on everything?

Lol keep booin LeBron..it will just make him play that much better

Finally Starters back in..and they go back to shooting ariballs

Guess the offense hasnt improved. We still suck.

Fortunately, we are playing the bulls tonight If it were post-ASG Celtics again we’d be down by 20 now =D

Watson is so much better than Rose

To think, we coulda signed korver for a third of what we paid overrated ass miller..good job riley...the guy brought us the big 3, but our bench is the worst in the nba...

All right, so we're back to playing like sh*t.

We deserve to lose when we let Boozer do this to us.

So Boozer is tonight's Kevin Garnett. Every mid-rage shot falling for him

12-0 run by our best lineup, must have brought back bad memories for bulls fans lol

If it comes down to the end , we should come up with a win because the Bulls offense is horrid

I'm disappointed in BOTH teams at the moment... Playoffs are still a ways off, but I seriously don’t want to root for rondo and the Celtics, representing the EC

WOW. Back away from the ledge Rondo is getting under your skin.

Not saying that he is not good, but he is sneaky and I don’t like KG either

Hey, let's hope rondo and the old men don't have anymore upside left =)

GO GO INJURED RUSTY ROSE! WASTE MORE POSSESSIONS ! let’s hope TEEB-A-DEUX doesn’t put Lucas in the game

The Bulls are a strange team. I'm so much more scared of their bench than their starters. Every single one of Asik/Gibson/Korver/Brewer/Watson always kill us and it legitimately feels like the team gets better offensively and defensively when the backups are in.

The crowd is getting nervous. Heat are starting to run.

Keep shooting jumpers Rose. Thanks

Wasn't Rip brought in too take some of the scoring load of off Rose? He has 2pts in 16min of play! Dude is pulling a Bosh!

Wade and LeBron carrying this pathetic team once again...

Thos is why I have confidence in this team come ayoff time. All these Chicago fans think they will beat the Heat in the playoffs are delusion

10 point lead down to 2. Heat bench just sucks. Poor James Jones battier taking his minutes and doing nothing.

Lmao rose is on the bench and Chicago goes on a run..of course...asik is killing us with all the hustle and energy crap...

Those offensive foul calls against Mario are complete crap. The Bulls are acting and getting calls for it. Ridiculousness.

Get Rio out of the game! What an idiot!

Chalmers and Miller have been absolutely worthless.

MM get off my team

I think Korver is what Mike Miller was supposed to be

I'm sorry to say this but I seriously hope Miller gets injured.

Batter and miller together arent the player that freakin Kyle korver is...its very sad really...

Bosh brought his game tonight!

I predict Wade makes the winning shot tonight

Why James why Dwade called for the ball on the post and he didn’t give it to him

Wade coming on late Wade is taking this like the finals

LBJ for 333333333333333333333333333333

Thank God for lebron

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeclutch Jameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees




Lebron is a clown

I hate Chris Bosh

Everyone on this team outside of LeBron and Wade can screw themselves.

Wade is going to hit a game winning three at the buzzer and then stand on the announcer's table and shout, 'this is my city!'

49 sec away from a win. Just need 1 more stop and 1 more Defensive rebound!

Let's get this done! Time to show we are ready for the Playoffs. Time to come up big in the big moments.

OT, s***, I'm think I'm getting me a beer

DAMN DAMN DAMN lets kick their ass in this overtime

OMG really refs? Then that was a foul for Wade? Can you freaking ref a game?

Heat not getting any calls. The refs have swallowed the whistle

Gibson act like he just won the championship

Its the closest he's ever gonna get to it

If we lose I blame the coach, bench and bron

Feel free to chuck threes now Dwyane and LeBron and f*** the rest of this team, seriously.

Big 3. 3-6 last FTs. Each splitting. Cojones. No cojones. HAHAHAHAHAHA KYLE KORVER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Losing it. Losing my head noodles.

Keep them under 100 so they don't get free burgers!!

Korver, Asik, Gibson and Watson have taken a giant dump all over our collective faces tonight.

That three...that three right there was a "**** you" three. From to the bulls to us.

All right, now Korver's just being an ass.

Battier was 10ft from Bosh and threw the ball at his feet, lol bbBattier is -30 for the game. I kid you not, -30, lol!

Wade's constant flopping around, complaining to the refs, and general sense of entitlement is ****ing poison to the team.

Wade won the game with 10 straight points. All Lebron had to to was hit 2 free throws.

When Wade has his head on straight he's obviously capable of that. He lost his professionalism years ago.

Cant wait to own these ****ers in the ECF again

We WANTED this game and we still couldn't deliver against a Rose-less Bulls. If that's not alarming I don't know what is.

Another crock of **** game where everything that could go wrong did....Oh and why the **** is turiaf on this team? When the ball touches his hands, he spazzes out like a retard.

I think for the rest of the season the bench should play because they suck LOL.

I can't wait until next year when we trade Bosh for someone who is a low post presence.

The amount of contact the Bulls get away with in the paint, in every game, is staggering. This isn't a complaint, it's a description.

Man the heat got robbed tonight !!!!!

If this is the effort we play with in the playoffs they will sweep us, the effort in our last few games, besides the Thunder game has been pathetic. No excuses!

Now we just have to hope Boston stays at the 4 seed, I do not want to see them in the playoffs.

Its like there is a black cloud over this team. Guys like boozer and garnett shooting lights out with people in their face....unlikely bums hitting monster shots.....every rebound and 50/50 ball bouncing the other way....and add in that our guys are playing like ****.

This is the difference between this two teams, they have a bench, we don't, the scary part is that Rose was playing like crap, I really do not think this team will make it to the finals this time.

Does lbj have to always play 42+ minutes for the Heat to win Heat have been exposed Favorites my ass

So Boston goes batshit crazy from mid-range against us on Tuesday and the Chicago goes 11-22 from 3 against us on Thursday. Wonderful.

OMG!!!!!!!!! We are horrible. Everyone sucks. I'm not overreacting!!!!

It's the Dan Gilbert clown font voodoo curse

We have more excuses than anybody. It's just the regular reason, just wait Tim the playoffs. Blah blah blah

Our guys WANT this game, but they still can't get it done.

This team is not good enough (Coach included). Sorry, but they wanted to win this game and they still couldn't. They've been humiliated for days and wanted to prove something yet they could not.

So now basically the 1 seed is over... We have to hope Boston stays at the 4 seed.

LMFAO @ anyone saying we didn't try this game... We played this as hard as a finals game.

Spo is having line up problems and he is over working Lebron

You shouldn't be having lineup issues this late in the season. The playoffs is a 3 weeks away!

"HEAT" and "LeBron" also trending, of course. As is "Pineapple Express," can anyone explain this?

Wade's game has been reduced to running around and taking stupid Kobe shots

We're getting exposed. Too low of a basketball IQ on this team - players/coaches both.

Spo isn't going anywhere. As long as Pat Riley is our GM, we're stuck with Spo as our head coach when it comes to wasting Wade's and LeBron's prime years of ever winning anything.

Trade LBJ & Wade, they don't deserve to be on this pos team full of scrubs

Well we just made Barkley's night. he's probably going to go out on the town in his pretty dress and heels to party Miami's chokejob.

This team is a joke ! ..wade is starting to play like an old man ..

Lebron, Wade and Bosh on the floor and you cant manage more that 2 points in a 5 minute OT?

I think we can make it out of the first round.

I pray the Sixers get hot so they can clinch that 7 spots and the Bulls have to deal with Melo and the Knicks. Please basketball Gods, make it happen!

Keep in mind these are the same Basketball Gods that willed Watson's step back contested three into the hoop.

I'm irate enough as it is. Please don't make it worse.

You know, I kinda liked the old days when it was just Wade.......

I miss the Beasley era.

I know what you mean back then basketball was just pure entertainment but now that this team has all of these crazy expectations (and never meets them), every game feels more like a job instead of just a game... My faith in this team is reaching new lows. The team just isn't even fun to watch anymore.

I'm starting to miss it too. No expectations back then, we could just enjoy the game for what it is. If we did good, great. If not, oh well. **** was fun. Beasley was a funny dude.

I believe Miller and/or Battier have naked pictures of Spoelstra (Yuck) and are threatening to reveal them to the public if they don't get minutes. Either that or James Jones kicked Spoelstra's puppy. Mike Miller is a shooter that is afraid to shoot. Minnesota and Washington fans tried to warn us. If only they had warned Riley first.

Miller and Battier do a lot of slipping, it's very annoying...

The next time I see Battier SLIP, I'm going to jump outta the stands and SLAM his head on the court LOL. So annoying.

Coach needs to get into a car accident, develop amnesia and forget his convictions. They're awful convictions.

Wouldn't be surprised to see a 2nd round upset by Boston at this rate.

Well, now I'm rooting for the Pacers to win. Why? To stay in the 3 seed, so Boston will stay in the 4 and we have no chance to face them in round 2

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