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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Clippers 4/11

They sure did enough whining about the officials only to realize in the end when it mattered most, they got the calls.   The usual Westbrook hate in full force.   Teams with star point guards usually hate teams that also have star point guards.  I like to call it jealousy.  They're not quite as obnoxious as Laker or Heat fans (few are) but they are up there now that they have their two stars.   It would have been so much better if the Thunder had won, but we'll get 'em on Monday. 

Let's Play HARDDD!!!! (BATTLE CRY)

VDN's battle cry?

Yep, that's VDN's battle cry as everybody ignores him and leaves the locker room

This game wasn’t as important to me as the Laker or Memphis game. I want a win, but it’s not one of those "I’ll kiss my ex gf (and I don’t plan to do that ever again) if we win-type game.

I have doing some prep for this game and have determined that Oklahoma City or more commonly referred to as OKC is a good team.

Rewstbrooks looks like he wants to scare a lot tonight..he could make things easier for us

One of the few games this season where I won't be disappointed if we lost, which shows how much expectations have changed.

The pressure is on OKC to blow us out in their house. If we play hard and keep it close until the last 5 minutes, I can see them folding.

I'm stuck with the homer Thunder announcers.

Playoff aphmosphire....yikes

Note to the Thunder announcer: it's Thunder ARE, not Thunder is. It's like saying "Clippers is."

I really hate watching my team

Omg , no plays no defense rotation , no f***ing coaching fire VDN period !!!!!!

I hate the Blake is so indecisive that just kills the momentum.

WOW wtf they fouled Blake at least 6 times on that play

Looks like refs AR for okc tonight

Man, bg got clobbered Where is the protection from the refs?

Refs are pro okc tonight

They are going to prove that they are not "babying" Blake

Stupid westbrook…hate how good he is

Guess OKC is allowed to foul all game long but we get called for BS touch fouls.

Thunder is just too dam good for us

They've made some 3's and they're getting some home calls... that's the only difference so far.

Wow......commentators complain bout us getting hit by an invisible cattle prod and then claim that fishers flop was an easy offensive foul. SMH

7 min 8 points by old fisher. You remove that we got better game

Fisher still sucks. One abnormality doesn't change the long standing history. We make our free throws consistently every night and we won't have a problem.

If the thunder wants to advance far in playoffs they should go easy on us and beat the fakers later. We can beat these guys in 7 game series, home court or not. We go 3 and they go 1 as spurs will rest their old bodies before the playoffs start and lose a few they shouldn't.

Blake made a ft Holy shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh That 2nd one looked terrible though 25% in his last 5 games is brutal

James Harden’s beard is magnificent. It’s like its own separate entity.

Brian Seimen said it's "majestic"

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was also magical.

i saw restbwook throw an elbow

Another foul? Damn refs…make it look believable~!!

Derek fisher's Who me? Face bugs me

No chance of beating the Thunder and their refs with this pitiful attempt at "defense".

Fisher he stinks

Of course He is a fish

Refs have to keep the home court advantage. Even if it means that they make it so obvious who's side they are on

Wish our home games were called this lopsidedly

Chris Paul and Reggie Evans just got raped in the paint without a foul call. I’m pretty sure this game is fixed and the outcome is clear

#37 is d-fish gonna change his jersey to 38 next year? Probably didn't think of that|

Shouldn't Fisher switch 37 to 73 to match his age?

Y does the ref try and let OKC get down the court before she gives us the ball to inbound? That’s a message

Very sloppy from both teams. Whoever wakes up first takes this one.

DJ fouls Westbrook when he was going to travel! That's how stupid this guy is.

Ibaka got caught by "must see BG"

When foye's not making the three ball , he is useless

Deandre is useless

What an acting job by Harden.... BS foul.

Blake really is overrated.

Women refs..come on. Women are too emotional to be refs. They are so biased.

Yea she really is a bad ref lol

Looks like she just helped us a lil haha

It's not like the male refs are any less emotional or biased... See: Crawford, Joey.

don’t expect to get even the most obvious of calls. The Thunder get so much home cooking, it’s sickening.

Easily the most ref-coddled team in the league.

This. Actually Miami has the refs constantly giving them favors all game long

Daequan was "hurt" until he realied it was a charge


It's not even the refs' fault... Every team has to expect to play 5-on-8 in OKC at this point, yet some teams actually have won in OKC. There’s just no plan on offense or defense AGAIN. I think we’d better just accept we’ll never win on the road against a good team with VDN as coach.

Pull the starters Running away from a 37 year old?

Fish swims downstream to OPEN HOOP

I hate Derek Fisher so much

Everyone is a better coach than VDN   I seriously tried to think of a worse coach and I couldn't find one

This doesn't feel like a blow out They’re killing us with threes and ref sanctioned turn overs

Its funny because at the end every Clips possession, at least one thunder player is always either laying on their back, or sitting on their butt

Chick ref migh actually be on our side tonight!

If only we tried for the rebounds as hard as them

You have to give the Thunder credit for the ball movement on that last play

DJ is so stupid

I don't like Westbrook's game

I hate westbrook!

I think he's a good player not a good pg

Thunder home games are soo f***ing annoying

Our Idiot coach puts in our Idiot center and costs us the game

I hate the Thunder so much... Main reason is because of Perkins, Westbrook, and Cole Aldrich

I just hate restbwook

I love them You’re a Trojans guy so I understand the Westbrook hate but they’re likable dudes

How does fisher even contribute to okc? It seems the organization is just trying to find nice things to say about him.

My god we suck

Were about to get the fifth seed

Better fall to 6th to avoid the Lakers

I want them

No you don't

Over the grizzles yea

I'd rather have the lakers, Kobe's hurt, bynums wining all the time The griz are hungry and fired up, ZBo is back and they play really good d.

Cant even count on DJ to grab a rebound anymore

And people are actually trying to argue he isn't grossly overpaid. LOL, come on. Nene might have a worse contract, but at least he can get a rebound.

Were screwed in the playoffs

The Clippers will play like crap until it’s too late, at which point they’ll mount a furious comeback and then choke, only leaving us further pissed off.

James Harden has been non-existent all three games

Westbrook sure ain't cute. Dude looks like a villain. Same with Desean Jackson

Restbwook can't shoot

CP3 is milking these refs

Thunder out of fouls already

These refs are making calls for us all of a sudden


Kinda another offensive foul on that dunk…

Oh yeah his off elbow is in a bent position. This is a natural movement..get over it.

I'm just saying If a guy did that to the Clippers I would be yellin at my TV right now

Westbrook is great at drawing fouls Cause he goes up outta control lol

If Perkins and Garnett got in a ring together there would be no punches thrown, just a bunch of mean mugging

Clippers win!!! Great challenge there by DJ on Durant- OKC really arrogant going for a 3 there.

If Blake doesn't develop his game in the off-season I'd honestly consider trading him and DJ for Dwight and Ryan Anderson. CP3 can't carry this team on his own.

Trade for Howard? Is he better down the stretch? I live about 45 minutes from Orlando and I can answer that question. Hell no!

Yeah, I don't know why anyone would want Howard. He's proven this year that, characterwise, he's one of the biggest clowns in the league. A baby and a primadonna.

We play em again Monday in LA....Hopefully we take the series 3-1.

Yup. We need to beat them down without mercy

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