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Monday, April 9, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Raptors 4/8

 Sad to see a fan base cheering to lose but kind of funny all the same.  There's some real coveting of Harden by Raptors fans.   They'd love to steal him from the Thunder.  Seems like some "beard envy" here as well.  I think this one was my favorite comment "Bargs got 5 rebounds and his immune system is rejecting it."  That one just cracked me up for some reason.  Enjoy today's comments! 

Easy tanking game right here. Westbrook will destroy Uzoh. Don't expect a close game, but hey, the tank must roll on. Just in the business.

Westbrook will light us up. Remember all the threads and trade proposals to bring him here because he didn't want to share the spotlight with Durant? Lol

I ain't greedy, I'm just hoping for a massive blowout.

So according to ESPN, we have 7% of chances to win this game

Oh crap! That means we still have a chance of winning this? This is not good

The Thunder have got to be crazy motivated after their recent losses...not to mention home crowd behind them as well and highly superior talent.

Westbrook vs. Uzoh he? I'm predicting a 40-50 point game from Westbrook

I hope Durant scores 50 points, he'll become the #1 leader in scoring surpassing Kobe.

Raptors need to start losing. This is not the time of the year where you want to "end the season strong" You want to lose as much as you can to get a good draft pick. Come on! If they wanted to play strong, they should have started strong.

Guy called Bubba just won the Masters. Some much for golf’s elitism

Man no wonder Westbrook leads the league in turnovers he just drives with no control

So westbrook gets that call but derozan mugged doesn't?

Demar is HATED by the refs!

Demar will get respect when we won't be tanking. The refs are doing us a favor.


Okc makes me sick (most of the good teams do) the calls they get make you want to punch a ref

OKC a bit sloppy. I think San Antonio will clock this team playing like this.

You know your team sucks worse than a d-league team when jamal magloire is setting the tone for the game

What happened to bargs?

He came down with an acute case of tankitis.

Ibaka is a beast

Nba refs are so biased...

Harden is twice the player Demar is, his efficiency is INSANE

We need to sign Harden to the max

We suck.

No we're tankolicious

Bargnani getting weak calls WOW

Perkins' face looks all scrunched up.

I don't like Perkin's face.

Who thinks we should offer harden the max and trade derozan for something? I don't know if harden is worth it but some desperate team is def offering max money. Is he a bad contract waiting to happen?

Only an idiot would offer a 6th man a max contract ...

He only plays the 6th man role, but backs down from no one. The guy plays like an elite talent against other elite talents. A team like us would have to throw him the max anyways, and I wouldn't be mad at it.

The myth of Harden is spreading faster and with less validity than Christianity back in its early days. I can't see why people are so enamoured with the guy. He's adequate at everything, but how could he ever be a go-to player? The Harden bubble will either deflate or burst.

Durant looks like he wants to kill Westbrick.

I wouldn't offer max but Harden is a legit starter on another team.

Magloire take a shot at postering Ibaka : fail.

Magloire talking trash to Perk.

Perk looking to fight someone. Lol

Not the best person to pick a fight with - even thinner, Perkins would mop the floor with them

Westbrook needs to shut his mouth

Jose is simply schooling westbrook all night long...I would bet those guys on okc would be so much happier playing with him than westbrook...

Bargs calf is injured again well this helps tank nation

Bargs got 5 rebounds and his immune system is rejecting it.


We need to lose every game the rest of the way and pray for unibrow. No point in winning any more games.

How are we still in this!? OKC WAKE UP

OKC sleepwalking out there.

I can definitely see OKC struggling big time in the playoffs

OKC be ok for the playoffs. This is just a tease for them, like the cat that paws at the mouse before killing it. Their killer instinct will kick in to win, I am sure. They're built for the playoffs

Westbrook is so useless in a half court game.

Dang...you slow down the game and it's just ISO ball for okc...westbrook really has tunnel vision...too funny...he's gonna be shipped out within a year...

It's one game....Westbrook has been efficient all year long.

OKC is playing with us there going at 30% right now

I hope durant wins scoring title again

I also hope he wins the MVP too cos I hate Lebron and his boys.

OKC can turn it on whenever it wants. They can hurt opponents in so many ways, so many weapons. Beautiful to watch.

In case you hadn't noticed, this OKC team is pretty good.

Demar for Harden straight up.. You can't teach that kind of facial hair

Is 24-0 the longest unanswered scoring run ever?

James Harden's Beard At what point do you think it will crossover from comically cool to just plain weird?
Pretty sure that line was crossed already Although maybe he has to pass the Birdman

Maybe their locked into some weird “beardoff” to the death.


Fisher is terribad lol

James Harden got silky smooth handles. The ball is basically apart of his body.

And we are now officially eliminated from the playoffs.

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