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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Lakers 4/22

 Laker fans are really awful.  They trash their team on one hand and then cheer them on the other.  And some of the reactions to Artest's cheap shot were disgusting.  These guys don't deserve a title or even a first round win.  They go from saying Kobe needs to retire to bowing down to him.   At least some of them still realize that this win means nothing for the playoffs.  I mean how many times can their thugs take key players out?  In spite of the loss I hope you can enjoy the comments.  Just shows you how classless Faker fans really are. 

Get your bunched panties ready for another blowout loss fellas. Lakers are more than capable of knowing how to get blown the [expletive] out and not know how to play defense. Expect these clowns to get hammered big time

If we don't win this it could show that we can't take Thunder, getting swept in reg season...

You don't need this game to tell you we can't compete with the Thunder. Our front court defense is a sieve.

Do we even want to win this game? If we win, it solidifies OKC as the 2 seed and helps us maintain the 3 seed, meaning we face them in the playoffs second round. If we lose, we get closer to the 4 seed and get San Antonio in the second round. We'd DEMOLISH San Antonio in a 7 game series, but OKC scares the hell out of me. Why do we want to win this game, seriously?

Gonna get run outta the building. Westbrook killed the PG's last game.

Honestly, I'd be surprised if we won. The main reason I say that is because Ramon has no chance against Russy. He's just so damn overpowering for a pg.

The Lakers fan in me says we win. The sober minded person in me says we lose.

We don't have any road games if we play the clippers.

I really, REALLY want to win this game just because of how Russell "Green Goblin" Westbrook was acting on our court last time we met... He's up there with Jason Terry and Jared Dudley as NBA players I hate the most

Saw Kendrick Perkins and Nick Collison (and some other super tall guy I did not recognize) at Via Veneto restaurant in Santa Monica last night. I wanted to go all Tonya Harding on Nick since he tends to kill us.

Something deep inside tells me we see a Kobe-esque/Jordan-esque game from the Black Mamba #24. It's either a good feeling deep down inside, or just gas from last night's grilled chicken stuft burrito from Taco Bell

Did ibaka just break Ron's nose.

Ibaka suspensin...if Kobe got suspended for hiting jaric...this must be too...

Refs favor us early.

Is Westbrook going to talk trash after every shot/layup/freethrow/pass?

Westbrook in a chucker-mode again tonite. Could be good for us.

Could this arena be more dead ?

Eastbrick scares me more than Durant because he's more aggressive. Good thing he's in chucker mode, but you never know when he'll heat up.

Whats bynum doing...he is nonfactor today...

Bynum is getting his keister handed to him by Pork.

Bynum has been rendered useless so far by Porkins.

Breen just said Fish has struggled with his shot since joining the Thunders. LOL. The myth of Fisher is unbelievable.

Hardens haircut pisses me off.

Drew is doin' work all of a sudden though. I like it. And we need it.

Thank god Perkins is out. Bynum showing some life.

Drew may need to take out Porkins ACL again - need to keep him out or Drew will be useless

OKC's bench destroys ours in every way...

This dude Harden NEVER has a bad game against us. It's a joke

Lets go abuse fisher as everybody did us for years....

Its scary that okc is soo good that their center doesn't have to contribute offensively at all and they still win games...and soon a championship

Do the Lakers realize that they have to win this game?

Not until we're down 15 in the 4th

Getting abused by ugly mofo Harden

Can't believe how much the roles have reversed for these 2 franchises since the 2010 1st round

OKC is simply better than us. More deep, seem to be better than us defensively, really every area.

Why does Kobe have to suck so **** bad against these guys, UGH!

It would be nice if he could dominate so he could shut up Durant and Harden.

Why do Thunder fans complain about Scott Brooks so much? He's always seemed like one of the better coaches in the league to me.

Blake is a joke. he's the only pg in the history of the NBA that can't make an entry pass.

There bench makes our bench look like a d-league team.

I think that half of Ibakas blocks are actually goal tends!!

Harden is so good. Probably third best SG in the L.

I have no idea how Presti is going to keep this line-up in tact when Harden and Serge come due for extensions. I'll guess they deal Westbrook, since Maynor is better than average.

And Westbrook would love to be a Laker. Just sayin.

There was a report or two that he wanted to be dealt to the Show before he signed his extension.

Bynum is so lazy, games like this makes me wish they trade him

Trade Bynum now? Bynum for Harden and Ibaka, please.

Man, you can't even breath on Durant without getting called for a foul.

Ibaka swatting things left and right

Ref giving Thuder all the calls.

RON ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay down harden you little ****** mwp!

Ron Artest is done for a few games. Great.

That's one way to take Harden out of the game.

BC its harden I def don't care. Damn we needed Ron this game

Unacceptable. He's gone. Lakers lose their best defender. He's probably out for a few playoff games even. Really disgusting to see.

Metta's gonna kill somebody!!!!

On the bright side Ron Artest is back lol

Well crap. That was inadvertent.


THAT WAS NON-INTENTIONAL GIVE ME A BREAK. Better not kick him out for that.

(bleep) YOU HARDEN YOU (bleep)

Ok, harden is gonna be pronounced dead soon. Wow that is a vicious elbow

Harden faking it

Yes, Artest clearly did not hit him at all, you can see right?

that's a Kermit Washington level shot by artest. Total moron

Artest knew he was there. What a stupid ass play, Artest you suck

WAY TO GO RON-RON! Way to bully the big mouth Harden.

10/10 on that elbow. That was a thing of beauty.

Artest Did it on purpose but harden Was pushing him

Maybe he'll straighten out Harden's teeth. Dude could eat corn on the cob through a tennis racket.

Let's see if Harden tries to mouth off Kobe again..

Honestly why is Harden boding up on Ron on an offensive poseissions. Bet he won't do that again.

I can't help but laugh. It is obviously malicious and may warrant a suspension. But that sequence is gold

Mike Breen acting as if Harden's funeral is later today.

Have to say watching Westbrook run toward Artest then suddenly re-think who he was going after was comical.

Look at Ron getting ready to fight Ibaka. He doesn't need the name World Peace. Doesn't fit him.

You have to give MWP some credit. Harden's beard was a little crooked and he fixed it with his elbow. Come on! Give him a break!

He took out there biggest mismatch for us, MWP still doing work

Are you ****ing kidding me , Metta got kicked out ? Straight bull****

Artest about to beat they ***,and harden needs to get his faking *** up,I'm calling a flop.

Well,they better give ibaka a tech to

The stupid *** deserve that and more! Harden is just a troll

Anyone that thinks that was accidental is crazy as Ron Ron is

Shut up breen He is acting like Ron shot a grandma.

Harden was asking for it, I don't feel pity for him at all

Harden didn't do anything, he was just standing in front of Metta after the play.

Why was he standing in front of him? Does he not have a brain himself?

That doesn't warrant a suspension at all. He elbowed him yes, but it was accidental contact.

You can't be serious?

Ibaka needs to be ejected also for retaliating.

Ibaka would have probably got knocked the f*** out too if that would have continued.

They're clapping for MWP. As they should be

Eff Breen. Harden is fine. Walked off on his own power

MWP had to know that Harden was there - he didn't sneak up behind, he came from in front of Metta. There was physical contact (arms touching each other), then Metta wound up his arm and threw his elbow. I doubt he wanted to actually hurt Harden, but there's no question that it wasn't accidental contact.

Though it was cheap shot by mwp, Breen totally hates the Lakers - he acts like Harden was shot

He is the black Abe Lincoln

that's some BS too man. You can see Harden preventing him from going down court. That's bush league on Harden. When Westbrook is doing his gun shooting crap and Harden is bowing to the crowd you don't see dudes getting in their way. So Ron is trying to get down court and celebrating and not only does Harden get in the way he continues to impede Ron.

Let me just say that Sam Presti is trying very hard to get Artest suspended. Well all just saw Harden heading back to the game. Then back to the locker room. Smells really bad. Harden goes back to the game no suspension for Artest. No effect on the Lakers beside they get fired up in the playoffs. Harden misses game. Artest suspended games in the playoffs. Lakers loose momentum in playoffs. Win Win for OKC.

Iblocka! Lakers just don't shoot unless he is on the opposite side of the floor!

I love MWP's toughness and these (bleep) crying about it never watched 80's and 90's basketball. Harden has a big mouth, and he got clocked because of it.

Not trying to sound like a dick but harden was sitting on the floor like he got shot He's one of the biggest floppers and fakers in the league. Everyone knows that. I would expect no less. He's soft

World Peace is a disgrace to the NBA.

The only thing that makes me feel bad about that elbow is that Blake Griffin wasn't on the receiving end of that. Don't stand if front of a speeding freight train.

Psychopath confirmed. Stay the (bleep) away from me. You're mentally unstable if you're actually trying to play down Ron's (bleep) ass move on Harden.

Another example of how people don't change. Artest came into the league as a thug, he'll leave as a thug.

Hhahahah metta WEIRD peace! John Barry called him metta WEIRD peace

I hate it when players get hurt.. But what goes around comes around Harden. His big mouth got him clocked.

Harden generally likes to bump and rub up against players. He did it here and paid for it... Probably gonna think twice about doing that from now on.

Hardon certainly did his share to provoke the cheap shot


He flopped,it hurt but not as much as he let on. Kinda reminds me of pierce

Dang Ron is out harden is back .. Next time Ron hit em where he can't come back dude.

Clear flop by Harden!

Oh so now to make it all look horrible and violent, Harden wont play. Perfect.

Didn't know you get concussions from an elbow to the neck. I guess you can hit people in the knee now and cause a concussion.

Turn the tables and have LeBron do that to Harden I guarantee you ESPN and Breen would be making excuses for LeBron

If somebody did it to Kobe they'd be applauding.

Of course they would!! ESPN, ABC, all a bunch of Laker haters, add Magic to the list as well. What Artest did was stupid but Raja Bell clotheslines Kobe and what did he get, 2 games, people were making excuses for Bell. Its ONLY when a Laker does it its OMG the outrage, the outrage

How can you have a concussion you stupid whore when you get elbowed in the neck?!!!!!

Lakers should take advantage that harden's not going to play the 2nd half.

Well we know one thing. No one is gonna mess with lakers anymore

Staples is so quiet...it's like watching a tennis match

Well, Metta for Harden. Good tradeoff. Not condoning the elbow, tho.

Kobe playing like Old Man Bryant. Has the guy just lost it offensively. KD is playing both offense and defense like a stud.

We better trade Bynum this offseason while his value is at an all-time high. We could get a ransom for that guy. No way in hell anyone should want a player with that attitude and energy level as their franchise player for the next decade.

If only we have a center that defend like Perk..

Yes Lakers, theres your leader. Kobe getting owned by Sefalosha on the steal and Bryant doesn't even chase him down on the fast break, rather he stands at mid court and pouts.

I am a laker fan until my dying days but this thunder team is hands down the best team in the nba. There is no team deeper and no team will beat this team 4 times in a week.

SA will

Thunder are getting away with everything.

Theres so many fouls on the lakers that arent getting called....prob BC of the mwp thing the refs arent giving us anything

Refs def not giving us anything

Lots of OKC fans out to see their team today. They're making more noise than the Laker fans...

Can't even get a rebound against ... NICK COLLISON??? REALLY?

This team sucks

Summer plans: Get rid of Ron for a mentally stable defensive player. Get rid of Blake for a sack of potatoes, get rid of Troy Murphy for a pencil sharpener. Get a **** 3 point shooter on this pathetic team.

Is it possible to put a defender on Durant? Don't know just askin'

He got himself ejected

OKC is going into chuck mode and missing shots. They're not running their offense anymore.

The Lakers can't beat OKC in a series but that doesn't mean they have no hope.

Blake has just upgraded his value to 2 sacks of potatoes

I can't even complain about the freethrows.....

These clowns always getting bailed out by the whistle

Bs fouls on westbroke

Westbrook plays so out of control but yet never gets called for a charge

Well, Metta for Harden. Good tradeoff. Not condoning the elbow, tho.

Durant has no equal in the NBA

How many fouls are Perkins and Ibaka allowed to get away with under the basket?

Damnit Durant. You are 6'11 with a quicker first step than any Laker. NOT FAIR.

Interesting how Perkins who has always given Bynum problems every since Boston, can still on occasion give Socks fits... I thought Socks was past struggling with Perkins...

We have two 7 foot pansies!!

Ibaka..the biggest offensive scrub on the court is having career games against us.

Now KD crying like a lil (bleep), they doing everything to suck it up to the refs.

I am turning off the game and going to go enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

This team just doesn't have the firepower to mount a large comeback, the outside shooting in particular.

Kobe needs to start thinking retirement.

Thunder are just better. We're not contenders, never have been since the start of the season.

OCCUPY STAPLES CENTER!!! (Until they fire Mike Brown)

This team should be dismantled include the coaches, that should has been done last year.....

I wished kb did all this on harden as payback

Does anyone remember the game when Harden was talking smack to Kobe on the court when they were in seconds from a win? Yeah payback a b!tC# named HILL-BANKS hahaha!

Why is westbrook allowed to just barrell his way inside out of control and get all these calls?

Because he plays for OKC

I hate to be the spoil sport folks, but win or lose, this is fools gold. I wouldn't want to see the Thunder in the 2nd round

Great no call on westbrook! No more cheap free throws westbrook

Now, I remember what annoyed me about Perkins. He always looks like he just smelled a fart.

Brown better be in the refs ear every possession about those moving screens

Perkins commits an illegal screen on every OKC possession

Standard Issue Celtics Screen

Perkins with a huge moving screen, looks like a linebacker out there.

Perkins with some hard screens lol

Perkins graduated from the School of Garnett's Moving Screens. No surprise he's been wiping people out.

EBANKs should start and Hill is the officially the 6th man.

"Why did it take so long for Mike Brown to give this Hill guy playing minutes ?"

We are talking about Mike brown here!! Mr Potato head!

He was unanimously considered a bust until today.

He was/is a bust, get over it. One good game doesn't change that.

The division is Ours muhahaha

Best win of the year....Eat that Bin Harden

But guiz we took out jaemz hardun n stuf not leg1t w1n.


Kobe lost the scoring title but took the win

Don't underestimate how much he can shoot vs the Kings

What I need is an avatar of Artest knocking the hell out of Harden!

The look in his eyes scares the **** out of me! Artest is really crazy.. I congratulate him for controlling himself so much. See him holding his underwear out of anger just to control himself? Guy is an animal!

Ron is now ronimal to me, kb is prolly texting him goood job!

Artest out for the first round, may be a blessing in disguise.

Harden is a moron. What kind of moronic offensive player tries to get near a defender on an inbounds.

And props to attest/MWP, you need to send a messege to the other team, no more softness!!!

I've never seen an OKC forum ever, all 15k of em must just meet in the arena at okc

U guys do realize if harden didn't get knocked out then Harden/Westbrook wud have destroyed Blake. Lakers were able to hide Blake on thabo.

It was a good gut check win for the Lakers, but Hardon is a huge part of OKC, so beating them in double OT is great, but it's not quite the same

We got lucky in this one. Lucky Ron Ron took Harden out. Lucky our shots fell and theirs didn't. I still want no part of OKC in the playoffs. Luck only goes so far.


  1. The polarized mature of the Lakers fans is interesting to observe. One side is allegedly bat "h*t crazy not at all unlike Artest and the other has at least one grain of moral fiber.

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.