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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comments from the other side - BONUS Knicks Edition 4/28

From time to time during the playoffs I'll bring you some bonus Comments from a particularly interesting matchup.  Knicks and Heat are interesting to say the least.  I really don't like the Knicks or their fans, but I agree with them that the officiating was disgusting in this game.    I think they have some very legit complaints.  That was a horribly officiated game and any basketball fan watching that has to worry about their team's chances in a game in which the refs are so blatantly helping the other team win.  And LeBron is definitely going for the Academy Award - no matter where he gets hit,  he falls down holding his head and writhing in pain on the floor.  Enjoy these bonus Comments from the Other Side....

let's get it, we will put the league on notice...

Let's get it y'all. JR Smith has to be our Jason Terry add that third scoring punch behind Stat N Melo. Upset!

Yes, pressure is on Heat. Knicks have the most talent they will face.

I think the key is Shump, he is young, tough, and killer D, if he can slow down Wade the rest of the boys can put them away.

Watch the fouls, in this series especially. You know Bron and Wade get tons of calls so this is key. Hoping the refs call some of the maulings that Anthony does to chandler as well. Last time we played them poor Chandler got mauled all game, and in the 4th qtr Anthony only had 3/4 fouls...ridiculous

Good point. If they call this like the Boston playoff series last year we don't have a shot...

I think the Knicks have a real chance to shock the world

We have a dangerous team. If we can stun them in game 1 itll be huge.

I predict STAT will destroy both BOSH and HASLEM

It's gonna boil down to Our bench vs their bench!! That's where I think we win it in spades!!!!!!

We are due fellas, if anyone deserves to be happy is us weve suffered long enough!

JVG can't hide his true colors. He's still a Knick.

Baron could be huge x factor Baron

So far these refs are really favoring the Heat. Melo has only taken 2 free throw shots? Really?

They call that bull shit foul for LeBron but Melo get held whenever he drives yet no call

I'm convinced this is Knicks vs Heat/refs

These ****ing ref's need to be investigated by a independent panel the fix is in ...

This just sad. If we pull off a win in Miami one of these refs might get killed.

Should have tanked to played Chicago. This is sad.

Every time we pick up some momentum, the refs kill it.

I predict Wade and James don't get called for my more than two fouls a piece

The crowd is cheering because queen James flopped

They should make flopping a technical

Yeah, monstrous freak athletes always get sent flying by much smaller men swinging their arms near them.

****ing refs and JR are killing us....Melo aint helping either..****....

Woodson can't even tell our guys to set an offball screen for Melo??? Come on that is simple stuff. Brutal offense right now is killing the Knicks. Just no schemes or anything.

I swear to god if Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason and Latrell Sprewell were out here.........the refs would be shittin bricks

Really? A flagrant foul? Really?

Lmao Lebron your big as F*** built with pure muscle and your on the ground over reacting to that crap?

Flopping to the highest degree

We can beat the Heat but we cant beat the Heat and the refs

I need to watch a new sport or something. This is the biggest ****up by any officiating crew that ive ever seen. He snapped his own ****ing head on his own because he didn't see a screen. ITS A SCREEN. ****.

"Flagrant that's not a flagrant." Sure it is the Heat only have 4 times as many fts as the Knicks. Well refs have decided. Flagrant on Chandler joke.

Why is LeBron still on the court he just suffered a neck injury?It wasn't even a flagrant at all 1 or 2.

What? Don't you see the way Lebron is limping right now? I'm surprised he's still alive.

Kill them all kill them with fire

This is a disgrace. LeCon James is a punk. Wait till we get to the Garden. Metta World Peace shit going to kick off there if this goes on!

GAME OVER!!! The refs won.

So now he's mysteriously well....Just 30 seconds ago he acted like he had a concussion or something.

I'm glad that van Gundy is calling out the league and refs

I love how you always blame refs. Did the refs turn the ball over 12 times this quarter? We suck, period. Heat will sweep us.

The refs just gave them the game!!!!!!

Ok if we gonna lose tonight just put Bibby or Jordan to punch queen James!What a ****ing joke!**** the refs and Stern!

I don't really care about the series anymore, I just want James, Wade and Battier to get injured, ACL or MCL please!!!

I have NO problem with the getting calls, BUT COME ON!!!! This is on the verge of criminal!!! A flagrant on a screen!! This is the PLAYOFFS every play is like that!?!?!

The refs might be worst than the Boston series. Hell at least in Boston they waited until key moments to call or not call the bullshit. These punk ass refs came out the gate letting us know we aint winning this shit.

Bunch of bricklayers out there..Gets these scrubs of the court..Bring in the second unit..

JR Smith is so ****ing dumb

Oh right. If Lebron throws his elbow into J.R., the contact is J.R.'s fault.

Melo 0 for 7, hope he doesn't turn into a playoff choker.

I hate Joel Anthony. Most annoying bum of all time.

JR is so stupid ugh

This is why I didn't want the Heat in the first round. Refs in their pocket..

Every call. No matter what. Heat are being OVER aggressive with ball denial on Melo too! He cant get any position. You trying to tell me all that grabbing James/Battier do arent fouls!

Woodson should just tell everyone to foul and foul the whole team out but beat the **** out of everyone in the process that way we can win

We need to go the Lakers route. Get Jerome Jordan in the game to Thai plumb Lebron and knee him into unconsciousness.

The NBA wants the Heat in the playoffs. Its great for business..

Why do they even bother to play the games if the refs are just going to give the game to the heat.

Lebron keeps flopping all over the place

James flops more than all the three stooges.

I hope Lebron gets internal bleeding in his spine.

Wow Battier with the flopping ******** too.

NBA=WWE Actually WWE is more real.

The refs have psychologically destroyed the Knicks.

Wow, they're clearly just calling fouls on everything. Please dig an elbow into Lebron's spine and paralyze him for life.

Melo puts a hand on LeBron's back, LeBron flops. Right in front of the ref, and they call it. Refs should be fired for this ****.

We're even afraid to drive in case we make contact with a Heat player and send them into the third row.

I would just line us up like if Miami was gonna take freethrows. Just stand there for a while.

Knicks are playing like such garbage..such an embarassment. See you next year Shump. Adios Amar'e, who has to be one of the top 2-3 overpaid players in the league..Such garbage.

Funny Bill Simmons tweet from like 30min ago: "28 FT's to 5. I don't watch rigged NBA games, I'm switching to hockey."

JR Smith can't even pass the ball back to the ref without turning it over.

Lebron should win a ****ing Oscar with his acting skills. Chandler got a flagrant off that bullshit foul was dumb, he shoulda hit him harder like what Ron did to poor Harden and killed Lechoke.

Most deflating day ever

it's hard enough to play the Heat without having to "play the refs". The NBA needs you to play with the Refs. We should fine JR for sucking and fine those Refs!! Why don't they ever fine the Refs??

I like how the refs swallowed their whistles after we're down 30. It's because they're not biased!

I could really just go on a massacre killing mike breen and atephen a smith so I never have to hear from them again..alcohol is furling my overreaction but still

Any poster that defends mike breen around here should commit suicide. Breen is disgrace as a human being.

The free throw disparity is all you need to see for this game. The NBA should be embarassed that the whole country saw this. Whats worse is that the talking heads will just talk about how great the Heat were and ignore the horrible 1 sided officiating in the game. It makes me really upset to watch the game I love run like this - its just unwatchable.

Talk about a wasted life. I need knicks anonymous to help me out now. Because I really cant follow something that's rigged.

Give me a break your up 32, stop the crap with the TO let this game end already. Don't worry Spo if we get a few in a row, thre ref's will call fouls again, have no fear, just let the game end.

If all else fails I will be ecstatic if either lebron or Wade breaks their leg in half..

We totally lost our composure because the game was rigged that balatantly. I hope none of us blame any of our players for this. NONE. They got punked by the league. Plain and simple.

The refs cut the Knicks hearts out and ate it there right on the court. Then they winked at Lebron, slapped him on the rump and said "go get 'em boy". That's what happened today. I dare you to deny it.

Nothing worse then seeing the other bench laugh........nothing has changed as of today we are still a joke

Heat fans and Lakers fans are some of the most heartless creatures

I'm def gonna give serious consideration to becoming a Brooklyn Nets fan...

Lequeen acting after chandler foul was priceless ...she will make career in Hollywood

He didn't even get hit in the head and he was clutching it.

Ofcourse I still hate pierce more than Lequeen cause he's a real man

Do you understand there is 0 chance to win any of these games no matter how well we play. The refs are in their pocket.

Sad part is nobody will call out LeBron because they could get fined or suspended by the NBA.

2nd qtr 20 to 1 in free throws refs should be shot all stars flop here n their but 10 to 16 flops in 1 quarter n each 1 a foul. N a flop to a flagrant

Talk about a bad game 1, Melo folds, Chandlers sick, Amare's in foul trouble all game, and the refs displayed the worst officiated game Ive literally ever seen in my entire life.

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