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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Comments from the other side - Thunder/Nuggets 4/25

Lots of Thunder and Russ hate from Nugget fans.  Even some OKC hate.   But also lots of respect.  They don't want any part of the Thunder in the playoffs and I can't blame them.  Lots of fun comments today along with some ignorant ones as usual.  I hope you enjoy today's comments from the other side....

I want to see us beat them down so bad that Julyan Stone plays the entire 4th Q.

Bottom line, we have to beat OKC...just to prove that we can beat them. Karl needs this win, Lawson and Gallo need this win. You just HAVE to put a stop to this bleeding.

Harden or no, OKC will be playing. Just punch them in their mouths....or throw an elbow at their head..either or

OKC is a team that is definitely beatable because of their maturity and their dependence on 2 players. Tight D tight D and tight D, they fold

OKC has been depending on two players for the whole year and that made them the second best team in the west. Top 5 in the league. That's not going to play a factor.

I'm expecting a close Nuggets win, something like 225-70. F*** the Thunder, and f*** Oklahoma City. Dumb hicks.

I'm not feelin very confident about this game… thunder have left a sour taste in my mouth the past 7 games

Man I don't remember hating the SuperSonics has much as I do the Thunder...

I hate Westbrook more than Grifflop

The Thunder double the black pop. Of Oklahoma

Perkins rips the ball from K2 and its a foul on nuggets?

Right on schedule, Russ.

3 free possessions for okc already, thx refs

Awesome how the thunder never foul

Yea that's right Durant, don't like it when guys fall on you and you get called for the foul he?

Ibaka down. That helps

Haven't seen Westbrook pass this much. Ever.

Wheres OKC dee

Theyre not that good of a defensive team actually.

If OKC wasn't shooting 90% from 3 we’d be winning by 15

KD is only a jump shooter, But scary good one

Amazing how hard it is to get a call when your uniform says Denver on it.

First O foul on Durant this season?

Stern pushed the wrong button.

OKC gets away with more contact than nearly anyone.

Someone needs to put Ibaka on his ass And I mean that in the most respectful manner

Stop being friendly with whinebrick, Faried!

They're friends Worked out during the lockout, and everything.

Please don't tell me this..

They have two weapons That are extremely good ones

But those two weapons can take games over. Harden would be a third but of course he’s out…

Please lord can we beat okc so we don't have to see westbrook and durant clowning this team over and over

In order to beat this team you must play 100% all the time. They have good players at every position and refs on their side

If someone offered me 5 dollars to watch Russell westbrook highlights for one minute, I wouldn't do it

They'd have to get me drunk first

What about 5 dollars and you get to punch Westbrook in the face

I'd rather slap him

I might pay $5 to punch him in the nose

If I was bigger, I'd lay out Perkins Since I’m not, I’ll lie and say I hope I meet him in an alley one day so I can beat him down.

Perkins is really the only player on okc that I hate. And collison.

Wait, wait... …you don’t hate Whinebrook? Turn in your fan card

I don't really have a problem with westbrook honestly. he’s immature, and a bit of a punk last year, but if he was on the nuggets I’d love his swagger.

Didn't swagger become bitchness in the urban dictionary? If so, I agree..he has SWAGGER

Ibaka is a beast

4 fouls on grumpy. Nice to see perk leave finally

Good _Lord_, Manimal, take FT lessons from _anybody_. Even Shaq!

Call it the same on both ends, please

Never going to happen

Nope Else no payouts

Refs like Eveready They just cheat and cheat and cheat…

Refs don't realise OKC wants to lose and play Dallas Someone tell them

And-1 are you dead serious refs? I guess if durant passed it, got it back, dribbled around, ate a sandwich, and then shot it wouldn’t count.

KD wants scoring title

Collison, the non-Russian mozgov

OKC not resting Durant or Westbrook like they said. They want us in the first round

I _hate_ D-Fish...

By the durant rule, Al should have an And1

How isn't that a and1 if durant's was

Because it's not Durant

Why no continuation for Al??????????

Because his name is not Kevin Durant

Basketball reasons

I have always wanted to punch Fisher in the face.

Hahahahaha WhineBrick

Ref error! Accidentally called foul on OKC

Westbrook biggest whiner in league since buddaball barkley

Westbrook is 14 years old In facial expressions

I HATE Westbrook he always lowers his freaking shoulder like Hasting says and tries to do something

Somebody needs to **** up that little ****ER westbrook

Fisher should just retire

Has Durant ever missed a 3 against the Nuggets?

Rookie season he may have

Gallo Why cant he be like durant???!!!!!

So, we're shooting like crap from the ft line, Gallo is not good tonight, KD and Westbrook are playing unexpectedly in the fourth, and we’re up one?

No harden And thunder on a back to back… but yeah denver’s playing well

How is fisher still in this game?

Westbrook needs to realise he isn't Kevin Durant.

Not that I'm hoping brewer hurt westbrook, but boy would that be sweet irony

Westbrook hurt? I guess I have TWO wishes left…

That's what u get westflop. Good job brewer lay his butt out again

I don't wish injury on anyone Any I actually like Westbrook, but if he got hurt bad there…. That is all on Scott Brooks. Not smart.

Why don't u wish injury on anyone? I wish injury on bad people.. + westbrook

Hope OKC finds injuring their starters and still losing is worth it

Is westbrook and fisher seriously OKC's closing back court? Brooks is awful. He is their weakness.

Durant called for an offensive foul? that’s rare

Fisher should go ahead and retire

Fisher will screw them in the playoffs

Man Brooks Wanted This One. . .Look at all those minutes Durant and Westbrook Played . HA!

I understand that But what the hell was he doing putting Westy back in after he twisted his wrist? Lunacy!

God I hate that team sooooo much

Bring on the Lake Show!!

Why do I hate OKC so much?? SWEET win!

I hate them because they didn't earn there team they just inherited it from Seattle

All right I'll say it We got a lot of calls in the 4th quarter. I’m kind of dumbfounded.

Brooks is not a great coach You think Popp would be running Parker out there in a meaningless game if he had just landed funny on his wrist?

I think this proves we are not as far behind OKC as some people have been saying...

We're still missing chandler and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuudy, and al ain't healthy While they were missing harded. We look close

And have room to improve I think right now OKC is as good as they’re gonna get.

I feel they will soon be on the way down After max $ to westbrook and durant, no way the can afford harden and ibaka

They lucked out by drafting great players in consecutive years, but the problem with great players is they don’t come cheap.

And everyone is labeling Durant this loyal player He signed his rookie contract just like Melo LeBron and Bosh. If they don’t win a championship, I think they’re will be The Decision part 2!

Yeah but he did sign a five year deal with no opt out

They won't be able to retain ibaka and harden salary wise that’s gonna hurt. I think westbrook will start bitching about leaving before turdant will

Playing Fisher during crunch time is as head scratching as any GK lineup, assuming they really did want to win this game ;).

I’m beginning to think Artest just killed two birds with one bow for us.

Memphis has a chance to win the West! Clips will just be speed bump on their way to the WCF!

They sat CP3??

Had a "groin injury"

How can you hurt something you don’t have?

What would suck is Denver losing tomorrow to a scrub T-Wolves team and Dallas winning… We end up facing OKC

I'm sure Dallas will be going full strength I bet they want the Lakers over okc

I don't know about anybody else, but I damn sure don't want the Thunder over the Lakers.

2 players... Granted Harden wasn't there but in the 4th they ride 2 players and mostly if Westbrook is off, that's it

Umm, but you're forgetting Durant. The man that can put up any 3 and make it. It's still not a good matchup however you splice it. This was a rare good defensive performance from the nuggets... I'm just not comfortable with the nuggets consistently trying to guard those 3's. Harden is a big piece to what they do. The fact that he was missing and we STILL had to go to the wire to beat them....says a lot. The Nuggets do not want to face them in the first round.

Exactly. Durant can take over a game at will from 3 poiint land. Our weakness.

OKC doesn't need a team of balance though that's the scary part. You say "it's only two guys" but here's the thing the ENTIRE league has extreme difficulty stopping those 2 guys...if Harden is on it as well, which he normally is, forget it. You can't have 3 double teams.

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