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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Kings 4/24

Good win for the Thunder and some fun comments from Kings fans.  Interesting to see the battle between wanting to get a win and wanting to tank.   Loved how they said that Thunder's bench is trash without Harden and then seeing their team lose to said bench.  Enjoy today's comments...

Cmon KD, go for that scoring title son. Make Kobe sweat as well so he'll drop 70 on us the next game.

I'm putting the over/under for Ibaka blocks at 7. Any takers?

No Harden But ah, it won’t matter

Durant wants that scoring title I would love to see him get it!

If only they could play like this all the time. Someday...

We put up 40 on OKC in the 1st quarter...wow. This game is scaring me as I want us to lose these final 2 games.

I'd be more concerned about giving up thirty-five, on .611. I mean, really, who's more likely to sustain?

Someone should tell the Kings that they are already out of playoff contention.

Who does Travis Outlaw think he is right now, and why is OKC shooting 60 percent and WERE STILL WINNING. This is not good.

If we can score 150 points... We won’t need defense!

The Kings will eventually cool down and then get slaughtered by a team who actually knows how to play defense

I now have no faith in the Thunder winning the west After giving up 40 first quarter points to us. Is this the first time we have put up 40 in the first this season?

I doubt any team that gives us 40 in a half

Thunder bench is trash without Harden

Artest may have single handily lost OKC the title. If Harden doesn't get back soon, they may not have the offense to win.

Their starting five is still pretty set, but Harden is their whole bench.

It's bad enough if it's an injury like an ankle, or hand, or (shudder) knee, but to know it's because a freaking repeat offesnder essentially committed an assault on the court has to be almost unbearable.

It must be backwards day today.

Oh jimmer you got d-fished

Hayes with an instant influx of suck

We need to have Pollard doing the commentary every game “I wonder if Derek is wearing 37 because he wants to be that young again”

Bench picked it up once Outlaw returned Lets trade him before he changes back to the real Outlaw

Perkins mauls people on screens everytime he is moving and they never call it!! Come on if it was Cuz it would b a foul.

Perkins screens aren't even close to legal this game

They all look legit to me

Perkins is kinda grabby He was digging into Thompson there

Cousins + Evans > Durant + Westbrook

Why did Outlaw decide not to show up the entire season until now?

Wish We Coulda got Durant... Sigh…

-Signed 29 GM's

Especially Portland's...

The league rigged the 07 draft. We should’ve won that #2 pick.

Since when does Cole aldrich exist?

Daequan Cook entering into King Killer mode

If we end up picking top 3, I'm gonna send Cook flowers. Dude is saving our tank!

Our bench getting outscored by Thunder's 34 to 7. And this without Harden.

Tank Commander Cisco Garcia

You could accuse us of tanking by having him on our roster To start the season, tanking in advance

Why is our best player not in the game... Is he resting cuz for the summer league?

Oh Garcia you just got taken by fisher

How does any NBA player get burned by him?

We'll show those stupid Warriors how to tank

Derek Fisher is a piece of garbage

OKC got the lead without Durant and Westbrook Something is wrong

I hate losing to other teams benches

I know a win against a good team is fun, but we are going to screw up our draft position if we win this. If we get a win, I want it be against the Lakers

Sacramento Kings: Leaving open shooters since 2005

Derek Fisher: still aiming for that elusive academy award

Good, looks like Smart has found the right lineup to get us the woss.

That is his one elite coaching skill.

Lol Kings lose to Fisher and Cook

Let the bench beat us That sucks

I would rather lose this game... And win, win, win this Friday vs. The fkin Lakers

The Fakers are tools Beat them up, well, not literally….you’re classier than Meta World Scumbag

He should be required to change his name back.

Superb tanking against a 2nd unit.

It May Be a 2nd unit But its the 2nd unit of a PLAYOFF team

We snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Seriously. Could OKC have done any more to give us this game? Maybe sat everybody. Maybe.

Damn as much as I wanted the loss, getting beat by okc's bench is embarrassing.

But their bench had Derrick Fisher on it.

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