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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Grizzlies 4/2

 Reading the comments isn't near as much fun when we lose but there's still some good stuff.  There must have been a good 15 pages of complaints about the refs alone.  For whatever reason, the Thunder just didn't have it last night.  Shots weren't falling - even the free throws weren't falling.  If the Thunder play their normal game they win this.  Every team has an off night every now and then.  I hope you enjoy these in spite of the loss. 

Once again the grizzlies wont be at full strength against this team.

This is a game I would love the Grizzlies to win.....Now that Fisher is playing for these chumps.....makes me want the Grizz to win just that much more. If they can just hold KD and Westbrook to under 50 comb. Points...I think we got it. Hope Zach goes nuts on em.

I like OKC except for Westbrook. I respect his game, but there's just something about his demeanor that irks me.

I think KDurant is a good kid. He seems to say the right things and is about as humble as someone with all his talent and superstardom can be. Westbrook....well.....he is in a tough situation in that on most any other team, he would be the MAN, but he cant be the MAN, because they already have a MAN who is more the MAN than Westbrook can be.

The entire team flew to OKC today and are at the game to watch the Thunder play the Bulls. Nothing like a little live scouting, I say. The players get a chance to relax, but at the same time see the habits of their opponents.

Can't wait to see Perk get the T. LOL

Conley doesn't even bother Westbrook, he gets overpowered easily

That's because RW is not a PG he is SG playing the point.

Russell Westbrook is amazing on so many levels. Its amazing how players can develop while being in the NBA. OJ Mayo has no chance against Westbrook. I have never seen someone attack the basket so furiously like you see with Russell Westbrook.

I hate Russell Westbrook just about as passionately as I can hate an NBA player, but I have to admit that this is true.

When RW drives to the goal like a bat outta hell....someones gotta step in there and take the charge. It seems our guys hardly ever do this.

There is a reason why, ask Asik from last game. Dude is a specimen.

I can't take OKC serious, just can't. Maybe if they win the championship this year I will, but for now they just look like bush league team that traded Ray Allen for junk and wasted draft picks on Robert Swift, Collison, Sene, Petro, and just plain inept franchise. And the junior varsity uniforms / mascot are just a joke.

Grizzlies 1-3 when Ken Mauer refs their games, when he decides to just chomp on gum while calling touch & flop calls out front and nothing underneath. Mauer is not good for us at all

I also should add that for OKC has not lost a game whenever these officials do a game: Mauer (5-0), Blair (4-0), Guthrie (1-0). I'm prepared for a meltdown.

I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Durant and/or Westbrook shoot more free throws than the entire Grizzlies team.

One of the few things a hate about the NBA is Perkings face during games that and the Tim Duncan face so freaking annoying.

Its amazing how quickly the Thunder have become one of the "chosen ones" of the league So apparent by the fact that they get calls almost as bad as the Lakers do.

ZBo dominating Collison – the grizzly slayer. 3 fouls on that punk

Grizz totally outplaying thunder so far but refs keeping them in it. Handed out 2 techs to OJ and Pondexter. Phantom calls, ballout calls, and just trash.

NBA - where rigged officiating happens...

Pargo and Allen backcourt is one giant face palm

Knew the refs were gonna screw us. It's fixed. Game over.

These refs are seriously gonna do this????!!!!???

The NBA is a glorified circus. David Stern is the ringmaster who knows exactly how the show is going to go.

I swear if refs called fouls for us like they do for the golden boys, Rudy would be looked at as one of the best scorers in the league.

Not getting fair treatment takes a lot out of the team mentally.

This officiating is pathetic.

Ken mauer's crews are the WORST. At least in games involving us, I am getting really sick of that smug face making all those calls

Refs Fixing the game already.

I am about to turn this game off and we're practically winning it. We should have a 15 point lead if the refs were not doing what they're doing. I hate to see this - why do I watch it?

Perkins looked at a ref! Where's his tech?

Perkins should've been ejected already

Thunder fans are unreal. They get babied by the refs, and when we get ONE call, they boo? Seriously?

Great perimeter D pondexter Give sefalosha two wide open looks. FFS

It’s not like anyone expected Sefalosh to make those. He’s basically a zero on offense.

Learned this one yesterday: Ray Allen 50% career on 3pt shots. Unbelievable.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha take that thunder doesn't feel good to be on the other side of a bad call does it!

LOL, refs had to make up for that tech on Brooks by calling a D3 on us

Westbrook is going into demon-mode This terrifies me.

Harden with another flop ... Bwahahaha, that dude gets the most flop calls.

Total crap, refs!

Perkins push Zbo

Westbrook got bailed the eff out. Unreal call.


Gonna puke if we lose this one, I think.

Epic collapse


Scratch my earlier comment. I might puke either way.

Law of Odds says that we have to beat the Thunder in a close game at some point

I loved that football block I mean screen by Perk on that play, and then KD missed.

Not many teams in the NBA.…can win a game while shooting 39% against the Thunder

HUGE WIN FOR THE GRIZZLIES!!!! 94-88 win over the OKC Thunder!!!! Payback from Last Year!

12 games in a row versus OKC decided by less than 10 points

Someday I will suffer a heart attack watching the Grizz...

All I can say is Whew!

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