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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Lakers Game 2 5/14

 Awesome game by the Thunder.  At least one of my teams competed last night.  It is so great to see Faker fans demoralized and defeated just like their team.  Love how they trash their own team when things aren't going well for them.  And when all else fails they turn to thuggery and hope to injure the other team.  Faker fans like their team are terrible.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side.....

Hope OKC is rusty and the bigs take on more responsibility because Kobe is going to need all the help he can get since he will be guarding Westbrook. That will drain his energy big time and I'm hoping that he will a little in the tank to close out 4th quarters.

If Perkins is injured then our odds go way up. He is a very good post defender.

I hope MWP introduces Durant to his elbow. Screw these cookie cutter over rated fools

Get ready for a very loud arena.

Thunder have never lost to us with their starting 5, Perkins as their starting center...hopefully he won't play...

Metta's reputation precedes him. I hope the officials aren't to quick with the whistle.

Effing mavs....so useless....gave okc an 8 night break

We're DOOMED! Charles Barkley just picked us to win the series!

Metta is out of his mind and it's fantastic.

Every time Mwp hits a shot is priceless

I hope Metta owns Durant. That will piss OKC off big time.

If only there were another Metta off the bench to guard Harden.

Okc has an insane crowd man

The refs are letting the crowd crowd their judgment. It's understandable and expected.

OKC really exposes our crappy offense and defense.

Westbrick is torching.

Damn, that crowd is pumped.

Darn Ibaka...that leaping lizard

Thunder don't look rusty

If Kobe complained about the call as much as Perkins just did he would have a tech.

I'm just happy we're actually getting some calls.

Shootout at the OKC Corral

This pace is terrible for the Lakers. They'll run us off the floor eventually if we keep playing this fast.

Damn iBLOCKa

Thunder getting bailed out on everything and we can't buy a foul

Another Illegal screen from Pork.

Refs are killing us

The refs are going to make this a very unpleasant series. DUrant and Westbrook get every call they want.

Ha ha ha, Harden comes in and gets called for a foul


It's Okc + The Refs vs The Lakers.

Refs already dominating the game. Smh. You can't even touch westbrook, harden or durant

These second chances going to kill us..

And we're supposed to be the better rebounding team...

James Harden travels literally every time he goes to the basket..hes been doing it his whole career

Thunder get all the calls bleep

Bynum needs to protect the rim. Disgusted with his defense.

Looking at Harden's beard makes me itchy.

Rumor is there's a colony of critters in there.

Harden just flooped right there.

This team sucks

Kobe is playing like a girl. Like a sissy

These thunders arnt that good without the refs help to be honest....they're still a soft jump shooting team

Who the bleep is Dq Cook

Damnit even their scrubs are making shots.

Nice.. Two quick fouls on Harden..

How come Fish never did those passes in LA

Game over. Fisher is owning us.

It's weird how dumb the Lakers are.

Gasol is a bum

We have the least amount of offensive talent in the league. Just no threats whatsoever beyond our superstars, even for wide open shots.

We gonna down by 30 by the end of this game

Did Harden become a superstar? He's getting every call possible.

Thunder make us looks like a foool!

Okc is just better man. Not much they can do, that team is on another level.

Wow, Westbrook just made that over a fully extended Bynum. Sometimes shots just go in I guess.

Come on, Durant give us a break... Kobe did give you the scoring title after all....

The Thunder are shooting the lights out, and they're not even celebrating about it. That's scary.

Hey at least our bench is producing. 2 points seems better than what they normally do.

Kobe getting zero calls. The most disrespected superstar of all time. Even Hardon gets more calls than him.

Are the Thunder the only team allowed to complain to the refs on every other play?

Lakers gotta stay patient...wearing teams out is the only way they will win...

Even Perkins is hitting jumpers now.. Sigh

Gasol is up there with Houdini in terms of disappearing acts.

A mark of a great Laker team is the 3rd quarter. Make this game at least and don't get blown out.

This is a great game. Except for the Lakers

Look at the way they play physical defense and the way we play defense

Sefolosha is an amazing defender. He's all in Kobe's grill.

Collective IQ of this LA team is in the negatives.

I have always felt Durant is somewhat overrated. To me, he is a chucker and essentially Glen Big Dog Robinson the II
It is Westbrook who is the heart and soul of that team, no one can even come close to stopping him...he is the best PG in the league and by a pretty wide margin

Rondo says hi. Westbrook may be better, but it's not by a pretty wide margin.

So much for illusions of a competitive series..

This isn't a championship team and we don't have a championship coach. Plus Sessions ain't ready for the big time yet.

Why are you guys sad/mad? The clippers can overcome a huge 27 point deficit, why can't the lakers with 15 down?

The Thunder isn't Memphis. This series is over. Sweep. They will average around 52% shooting for the series because Mike Brown is such a good defensive coach.

Kobe needs to do a better job guarding Westbrook.

BS. They have been using screen after screen to free Durant, Westbrook and even that beard man.

Philly lost game 1 and won tonight..it can happen..getting a split is fine with me, doesn't have to be this game

Philly played Boston tough in game 1 -- Lakers have not competed at all --- We look like absolute TOAST unless we play some defense.

Our bigs never set good screens the way OKC do for Durant. Kobe has to work very hard for his points.

Ball game. Sessions is garbage.

It's like the Harlem Globetrotters vs. The Washington Generals

This series should be over by Sunday

Kobe talking about communication while losing his man for back door dunks. Also saying he wanted westbrook in the second half. Um didn't he have him in the first half? Was he unaware

You guys crack me up. Everyone having a panic attack. They are hitting a lot of outside shots, shots that won't be falling consistently throughout a series. Our offense has been getting better shots on a consistent basis. Chill out and let the averages work out

Wide open 15 footers are not hard shots for Westbrook and Durant....they aren't going to magically start missing those.

Yep. Kills me when people say "they aren't going to keep hitting those!"

4 game sweep - each game by 20pts

Kendrick is hurt, let's feed Bynum.

At least when we lose we make it known as early as possible. No need to mess around the rest of the night.

At least in the nuggets series I thought we at least had a chance

Session being exposed in the playoffs, he's playing worst than Fisher.

Who are we fooling we knew the thunder were the better team going in

We're getting steam rolled this series, 4-0. Would have been better off losing game 7 to the Nuggets so we didn't have to suffer through this crap.

Kobe needs to get on the plane and meet us back in LA. Playing like a dog

Okay, OKC we get it, you can stop scoring now.

Just give the ball to Ron and let him injure some people

Did anyone see the handchecking on Kobe that is allowed? Do that on lebron or wade and you get ejected.

52 pts - lakers should just let the nuggets play Wednesday

Why is Nazr Mohammed playing like Tim Duncan all of a sudden?

Westbrook is such a smooth player, he's twice the player since we last beat them.

Westbrook is only having his way because Sessions is not that good and Kobe is clearly tired. If mamba was 100% ready to go you could put him on Westbrook all game and he'd show him up.

This team just sucks.

Two black people in the stands in OKC? I never thought I would see that.

Every game wil be matter of how long will it take before they lap us

I didn't expect this kind of blowout till Game 4 when OKC will be going for the sweep.

Welcome to LOST starring Mike Brown as "The Idiot Coach"

Look at Philly, at least Doug sets a fire underneath his team. Both games in Boston they competed HARD. Mike Brown is a joke.

Cant compare OKC to Boston..OKC would beat the holy hell out of Boston

Wow Harden is by far the most annoying flopper ever!

How is that a foul on MWP? Harden backed into him!

Because of past history. Yes nothing makes sense as long as it involves that lame Harden.

I cant help but laugh at Harden getting every single call

I'm surprised the ref didn't go over and kiss his boo boo

We've got no chance of beating the Thunder with this core. Those guys are better than the Heat, they're monsters. Westbrook shooting over 60%

Harden = glorified Corey Maggette.

Harden really deservs that elbow. Hope he slips in his bathroom and breaks his neck... But survives of course.

I hope he breaks his legs

Bring in Murphy or mcbob for pau ffs. Let him level harden.

Missing in all of this analysis is how good OKC's defense has been so far.

It's a combination of the lakers playing like (bleep) and OKC being allowed to push and grab with impunity.

Lakers made me break my weekday "no beer" policy...MOFOs

I rather have old ass Fish in he playoffs than Ramon

Don't worry there will be some close games in this series and Westbrook will start jacking up shots like an idiot as usual trying to impress Kobe and fail.

Except that doesn't actually happen. It's not 2010 anymore.

I remember everyone saying how the Thunder were gonna be, "scary good in a couple of years," during our championship runs. Welp, it's happened.

Why are we always getting blown out and having players taking jerseys off?

Two years in row, a Laker exits the arena ripping off his jersey in a blowout game

I kinda wish Ebanks had punched Mike Brown in the face before leaving.

Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of the players are out of control under Mike Brown. Throwing elbows and getting techs and doing more crazy things than they did under Phil. Is it just me seeing this or what?

They're biggest W this year was by 27 over the bobcats. We're down 33. Crap!

Even the bobcats competed better than us? Wow!

It seems the incessant okc trash talking is getting into our heads

Like how Pau and Drew stayed out there talking over things at the end.

Haha Bynum and Gasol are scared to go in the locker room to face Kobe's wrath! Plotting a way to avoid him.

Pau wondering where he can buy a backbone

Bynum and Gasol discussing vacation plans

I was reading their lips:
Pau: "So how many times did Kobe pass to you?"
Bynum: "5 maybe 6? You?"
Pau: "2 times, once he was tripled and falling out of bounds, and the second was in pre-game layup line."
Bynum: "You know that bunny on my shoulders, I got hot blonde one for you after we're done with OKC"
Pau: "Damn, She won't be calling me soft"
Bynum:" SWAG! F Mike Brown, WTF is he spittin in that cup?"

The entire team sucked tonight, Kobe included.

I always wonder how those NBA warm up tees fit Westbrook so perfectly. They look almost half a size too long on everyone else.

The okc are hipsters and wear tight jeans and shirts. Youth XL. And fake glasses and bow ties.

We got owned.

Best part of having your team eliminated early: no more seeing Men At Work promos.

These KIDS had 9 days off and are at home with all their fans while our men had no rest and just had a 7 game series
OKC did what they were supposed to do

All the right things to say. Truth is, we're done.

Metta World Peace: "I think we did OK tonight."

They did OK? Fools got their [expletive]ing [expletive] pushed in tonight.

Not mad at all Everyone knows OKC will sweep us That's why I didn't get excited after Saturday's win

Our core is old and rundown. Our youngest valuable player is an unathletic big man who does not seem to have any passion for the game, he just wants the check. I hate to say it but it might be awhile before the Lakers make any more title runs.

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