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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Lakers Game 3 5/18

I don't think I've ever heard fans complain so much about the officiating when their team was getting most of the calls.  The Lakers scored almost half of their points from the free throw line.  Think about it.  42 free throws.  And they have the nerve to complain about the refs and say they are playing 5 on 8.   Lots of hate for Harden from Laker fans. You'd think he was the one who gave Artest the concussion.   In spite of the loss, hope you can find something to enjoy in today's comments.   

It makes it harder to be a believer after witnessing that choke job. Go lakers

I don't know anymore....um don't lose too bad..I guess? Go Lakers lose by single digits at least.

Defend home court. OKC doesn’t have to win at Staples. Game’s 5 and 7 are back in Hickville.

Well now we wouldn't want to have a big lead with 2 minutes to go and lose by 2 now, would we?

Just bought a case of beer... I'll need it one way or the other

Don't have a defeatist mentality, like Karl Malone said in 2004 "Why not us?" Why not ?

Well... In the end... We didn't win anything in 2004 and Karl Malone never won anything ever... Soo...

The Lakers are 1-6 vs the Thunder since they acquired Kendrick Perkins & Serge Ibaka became a starter in place of Jeff Green. That 1 win was the Artest elbow game. OKC is just the better team.

Have a real good feeling about this game! Lakers gotta come out hungry for that win. Kobe's gonna show the world tonight why he's still the best SG in this game.

We aren't going to win any games if Kobe keeps shooting 37%. He needs to have one of those 15-25 games if we have any chance.

All ya need to do is not let Durant score. Then the rest is easy.

The Thunder have been painstaking constructed to beat the Lakers, with Perkins and Ibaka and Sefolosha as defensive specialists for our three best offensive options, and killing us on offense at our very weaknesses, point guard and p/r.

Stomp 'em hard from the start!!!!!!

It's a 90 percent chance we lose the series anyway so I just hope we don't get our asses kicked like game one.

Just elbow somebody and we'll win for sure.

If we lose this game and play horribly on Sat.. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got hurt … again.. And a Laker is suspended..

Or if Durant gets hot tonight Metta might get, um, “chippy”

Cmon Lakers Play a full game tonight

Is that longer than 46 minutes?

Okc offense wont be that bad again this series. Plus refs really got harden out of the game...ya they called quick fouls on us but against role players not our big3. If harden is playing the whole first half were screwed BC hell get going vs being in foul trouble.

I can actually hear some noise from the fans.

Another harden superstar call

The Lakers' starting line up is so much better than the Thunder's

Harden is the toughest cover in the series. Unreal

Perkins continues to be allowed to mug Gasol

Harden keeps get every call.

Yes, odd. he's the new Dwyane Wade

Only that Wade was actually a good player and could score without the refs unlike this flopper.

I told you guys, its the Beard man! The beard! That's why he keep getting calls

I swear Osama Bin Harden gets more call than Osama playing against the Israeli team in Islamabad with all Muslim officials.

Harden is being so babyed by these refs. Make it any more obvious you effers....

Stewie Griffin is in that beard mind controlling the refs

Putting James Harden in early was a brilliant move by Brooks... Single handely bringing the Thunder back into the game..

I like what I'm seeing! We gonna whup DA prarie dogs like the vermin that they are!

Bleep fisher, you suck making layups for us and all of sudden you're Tony parker driving to the lane with OKC

Seeing those front row fans not wearing the same t-shirts as everyone else in the crowd is disappointing.

Perkins freaking hugging Bynum refs

Why the hell Harden gets more free throws than anybody? So overrated.

Refs bailing harden out already huh

Why is Harden alwaysssss in someone's face?!

Why does Harden try to start shit Did he not learn from the last time?

Ron should elbow Harden again

David Stern really wants the Lakers to lose.

Bynum can't hit anything.

Bout time Kobe got a bogus call

Lol refs. This Harden love-affair is legendary

James Harden is just too good

Somebody has to put harden on his back so he's not comfortable going to the rack.

Westbrook deserves a tech for flopping

We are getting bailed the hell out by the refs. Makes up for the Harden BS calls we have to put up with during the series.

Bleep I hate Westbrook

Oh boy now here the commentators go about how great harden is and how he doesn't complain about calls. Why would he. he's bailed out every game all game long.

Someone needs to lay Fisher out

Harden is so smooth.. Would love to have a player like that.


Harden is probably Stern's illegitimate son.

We have no plan to defend harden, and he's basically been destorying us all season

Barnes sucks really bad and refs treat harden like he's Jesus

it's the beard. They think he really is Jesus

Durant is a chucker...no need to waste our best defender on him. Ron Ron needs to be guarding that punk Harden.

Harden has reached the stratosphere on my hate-o-meter. God I hate this punk. Even Pierce is leagues below him at this point.

The only way to stop Harden is to elbow him unconscience I guess.

No way OkC can pay Harden the kind of money he can get.

Can they at least clobber Harden, if he's going to get the whistle anyway?

Our offense is such trash

GASOL SUCKS! Why is so scared to play like a big man?

We can't hold a lead. Team to weak minded.

They are just better shooters than we are....that's a fact. They don't miss their wide open uncontested shots. We do. They move and work the ball aggressively and quickly on offense. We CAN'T. They're a better team.

How can okc even Be high fiving each other. Refs have kept them in this game

(bleep) mike brown I hope he gets his teeth shattered

Gasol is a waste of space. $20 million for this clown, $20 million.

Nobody wants to see a Spurs vs. Oklahoma City matchup. ZERO RATINGS Help us refs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The NBA wants OKC to win the Finals and Harden to be Finals MVP.

I blame the refs...they ruin every lakers lead

No protection for the legend #24, but all the protection for harden. Awful stern

Harden has got to be stopped His freaking beard draws contact!

FIRST PERSONAL ON IBAKA If this continues I will never turn it on again

Bynum really sucks

WOW a call on Harden

Our bigs are a joke Bynum 1 for 6 now

I want to pull that stupid beard!

Wow, Harden gets blocked with no call and then gets called for a foul?

All that favorable calls for Harden makes me appreciate what MWP did


Its not about LA being weak to lose this lead...OKC is just a better team. Ive come to admit that much. Everyone else needs to come to this realization.

Westbrook...don't even try. MWP will rip your head off.

So does Westbrook get ejected? For having a seizure on the floor?


No way is the league gonna throw MWP out again after sparing Wade? Right?

OKC players are (bleep). From top to bottom

I hope Ron doesn't get thrown out for that knee to westbrook.

Westbrook started that, elbowing metta several times. At the end, metta gives him a Charlie horse in the thigh . . . what's gonna happen???!!!

Westbrook was wayyyy out of line. Through elbows and then a punch. No way he should be allowed to stay in the game.

I swear erkel westbrook is on crack

Somebody needs to box out westbrook...there is no reason why he should be getting OREB

Which one of these idiots is supposed to box out westbrook

3rd on Harden. Hate that tryhard punk.

We really need to get RW angry. The way he takes every thing far too personally will get him kicked

Kendrick perkings kinda looks like Frankenstein or something

Perkins should be fouled out by the many illegal screens he sets

Hate to say it but Kobe looks done.

Thabo/harden are some of the best Kobe defenders in the league.

Sad that Kobe's at the point where we use his defenders as excuses for him

Lakers get no love from the refs.

This team sucks. I give up

Bynum 2/11. Perkins has completely take him out of his comfort zone. He isn't catching the ball in his sweet spots and he is taking tough shots.

7-2 run, all on FTs

Kobe has become a liability

Kobe sucks

Overrated Kobe already with a horrible shooting game Get the F out And take bynum with you

Ok I'm convinced Sessions is a mental weakling. He's not playing bad today, but damn how many layups has he missed.

You realize that whenever Ramon gets close to the basket the best shot blocker in the league is waiting right???

Staples center crowd is so weak.

There it is again, moving screen by Perkins to free Durant up.

Our crowd pisses me off, maybe if you I don't know.. Stand up and cheer, it might get the Lakers going more?

Staples is like a library. Damn.

They're too busing texting or talking on the cell phone.

Durant just too good man..

Westbrook doing his best to keep us in the game.

Metta is back to amnesty status.

We've got more FT's than them - they're outshooting us.

Magic and others keep saying to feed the bigs. Do they actually watch any of the games? It is a disaster when we feed them in the post so far this series.

Man I wish Perkins was hurt. Drew can't do anything around the basket.

I think Bynum is on drugs. Only way to explain the weird efforts, and weird comments

Our Crowd blows, ugh! Just hit the go ahead FT and they don't even cheer ffs

Well that's what happens when nosebleeds cost 100+

35 points from free throw line. Ref just fixing it

I love Kobe. ALL HEART

Kobe with these stupid fade away shots while we are only down one

Breathe on Durant, it's a foul

Oh boy, don't breath on the okc. Now you see why they are open for shots.

Fish is on our side. Fouling so we can get FT. Thanks fish. We still love you


Kobe is playing like crap again.

Kobe 22 pts 6 reb 5 ast, good performance, although I will never look at his fg% again, because I hate looking at it.

I'd like to say Kobe's horrible play is just due to exhaustion from the compressed season but then I just might be lying to myself

Metta is a clutch player, hits clutch threes and free throws like it's his job



They are young and probably on a lot of weed

What (bleep) man ron sucks

They keep giving it to MWP..he's open for a damn reason.

Is it too late to tweet a death threat to Blake?

How is that a foul??! OMG. Harden is oficially NBA's boy

Refs must think the #13 is Wilt Chamberlain

The bearded wonder with another gift wrapped trip to the free throw line to keep it close.

I can't help but like Scott Brooks, he just has that aura.

He's not as irritating to look at as Mike Brown's potato head.

And he knows how to coach I'd love Brooks to coach the Lakers. (((wishful thinking)))

Bynum belongs in the D League

Give durant credit. he's good

OKC is trying to give this game away, but this team is too dumb to know what to do with it.

We are down 2 and it is dead silent in that arena. Pathetic. Get off your damn smartphones and cheer.

Nothing to cheer about

So why were OKC fans cheering like crazy when they were down 7 with 2 mins left last game? Don't make excuses for the pathetic "look at me, I am cool because I am at a Laker game" crowds the Lakers draw.

Stern has a remote control to lead the ball in the basket every time KD makes a circus shot

Durant is the best player in the nbs no doubt in my mind most complee player in the league

Refs murdering us.

Now refs fall for Harden's flops!

A butterfly flapped its wings in China, so the refs put harden on the foul line

Harden won best actor tonight.

SO (bleep) transparent....I don't know how anyone can think there isnt corruption going on anymore. Your're blind if you don't see it.

(bleep) Kobe...this guys not only over the hill he's lost his ability to play smart.

I hope that kid with the beard has a bodyguard. I'm just sayin.

Refs controlled this game with this calls for Harden


Someone needs to introduce Harden to Mr. Floor.

I hate this Laker team more then I hated the 2005 team. DUMB, DUMB, (bleep) DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMB. You have been getting poked and (bleep) in the ass all over the place for 3 games, PAY THE (bleep) ATTENTION AT ALL TIMES and protect the (bleep) BALL!!!!!!!! You dumb mother (bleep)!!!!!

Refs (bleep) the Lakers on this one. Spotted the Thunder 10 points on Harden alone.

I cant believe we live in a reality where Harden is treated like the GOAT. Are there any sensible refs out there? I don't think so. This punk is calling the shots.

LOL perk. Still thinks he can set moving screens like he's on the Celtics

Tear his shoulder. Perkins deserved it.

It's insulting to call that Perkins screen when they've watched him do it all night. Sort of an "eff you, we know it's a foul"

The refs want to give away this game to Thunder..

Bynum is so worthless...scruuuuuuuuuub

These refs are a f'n joke....

Perkins owning Bynum.

That was not a foul on Harden I have to admit but don't care because it was on Harden but the officiating is so bad

Perkins fouled without being touched. Must be the mini harden beard

I don't think Bynum wants to play for us anymore, either that or he SUCKS

Refs have given this to OKC

Stop blaming the refs you dopes!

Kobe is the anti-clutch

Kobe is a joke.

Lebron's too weak-hearted to close, Kobe's too stupid to close...............

If it was not for 3 or 4 bail out calls Kobe would be having a Wade type game. I have never seen a man turn stupid this fast.

The new world order is in effect. Hope you like your single digit ratings Stern..ya (bleep) wad

If we don't make it, which seems likely, I hope the SPurs spank this punk ass team. Originally I was thinking I'd rather see the Thunder win, but not anymore.

What's unfortunate is that Kobe's collapse is drawing attention away from these inept refs ruining this game.

THANK YOU KOBE FOR ELBOWING HARDEN I applaud Artest now after what I have seen from him

Vintage Kobe putting us in position to win!

We got lucky. Bynum had an offensive foul there on Gasol's rebound.

Are we supposed to complain about FT shooting attempts right now? I'm confused.

I think Stern called the refs and said no more defensive battles, it's not good for ratings. Call every ticky tack foul you can. That favors OKC.

If we win all people will talk about is how many FT's we shot. Lol

finally a call on thunder for Lakers in critical seconds? Geesh.

So are we still blaming refs???

40 FT attempts, no? We're getting jobbed.

Lakers survived 5 vs 8!!!!!!!!!! Refs' agenda was so clear.

Thank god for our FT shooting tonight.

Breen can't stop talking about free throws and says "it's what won it for the Lakers"

Wow FTs saved us.......hate winning games like this but ill take it hehe

Watch the OKC fans (bleep) and moan over the free throw deficit, when in reality it shouldve been much bigger. Guess what, when you foul, the other team gets a lot of freethrows.

Lakers didn't deserve this win. At least it won't be a sweep, but I don't see the officiating being this pro Laker again.

Does OKC has a miracle shooting fountain they drink from or something? Everyone can shoot on their team. Even the bigs! WTF?

The refs really did give us the game. Doesn't matter though, we got the win. Move on, there's another game tomorrow. Let's go out and get a legit win and even the series.

The reffing was crap in Lakers' favor, and the FT shooting was perfect. Not a confident win by any stretch.......

If the refs do their job this would've been a comfortable win. All that phantom call for Harden, all the non call for the Porkin moving screen, the hacks on Kobe.

Damn, we should be up 2-1 right now. Again, eff NBA refs.

We sorta shot 42 free throws. This is kinda the wrong game to complain about the refs.

And now our players get to sleep on comfortable beds whereas those mutha (bleep) will sleep in a LA hotel with lurking food poisoning

I hate Harden!!

He's shot way past Pierce. He honestly is confusing my Celtic hate. It's very infuriating. I almost want to at all costs never want to see this punk kiss an NBA trophy.

That beard ought to have him in Guantanamo on general principal..

I love Harden. Tough as nails. An absolute competitor. And he isn't Wade 2.0. He can actually shoot. And that beard is phenomenal

You like him, I hope he ends up in a gutter somewhere for all I care. I guess we just differ.

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