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Friday, May 4, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Mavs Game 3

Some fun comments tonight.  It always amazes me how fans turn on their own team and trash them when they lose.  The Lakers, Heat and Knicks are the worst at that but Dallas fans were trashing their own players too.  Also love how they think Perk is so dirty but wold love to have a center like that. And once again they have to insult the wonderful people of OKC.  I guess that just shows how ignorant they really are.   Hope you enjoy today's comments.  Any favorites? 

Dirk on ibaka? Who covers Perkins? You've seen what happens when the thunder involve Perkins in the offense.

One step closer to evening the series out tonight.

Hate the blue shirts. Should be white to match the home team.  

Could have put Mavs shirts on their seats in OKC and the dumb hicks would probably be just as happy and wear them anyway.

It is time for easy win!!!

Oklahoma is full of toothless inbreds and incest babies.

Those are the gentry of Oklahoma.

Harden needs to be stopped PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Stop him, we win. Usually things are more complex than that, but this is really simple.

Gawsh - I really hate Harden. Hes playing like he gets paid 20 mill a year.

An elbow to the head would stop him.  Cardinal is just the man to do it, too.  

Take the bad taste out of our mouth. Prove the world wrong!!! Without the refs, we can still rule the game!!!

Absolute must win. Hopefully our sorry *** coach has a plan to stop Westbrook.

This sounds rather immature but if the Thunder want to play dirty I want to see the Custodian log 4 or 5 energy minutes to show em we can play dirty too. Lay Durant and Harden on their *** when they drive. If you are going to foul them, foul them hard.

As a Laker fan I am really hoping you guys win both these games at home, not (only) because OKC is quicker and faster than us and could easily beat us, but because I enjoy watching two of the best 2000s teams going at it in the playoffs..

I hate Perkins and his motherf..... Wannabe thunder So come on Dallas

Keep an eye on the beard, there is a flopper attached to it.

Tonight, we will either have a new sense of hope, or break something out of anger.

We're gonna blow them out.  Crowd gonna be loud.  Team gonna be amped.  refs can't be worse than the first 2 games.  We got this.  Book it.  

What a piece of scum westbrook!

I hate westbrook. Even when we foul him he still makes it

The Mavs are just toying with the Okies to give them a false sense of security.

If we had even one athletic player we'd win a lot of games

Westbrook taunting the crowd... What an ass

Thunder get away with offensive interference Even Kerr says so, $tern is getting vengeance upon us for winning a championship

So much for home cooking from the refs.  Getting screwed by the calls again!  

Mahimi, if your going to even touch your guy of defense Please clobber him out of the air. They’ll call it the same way.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue...

I don't think I've seen a team flop more than the thunder in my life. I'm 100 percent certain Scotty Brooks preaches it.

The refs have changed this series

OKC getting all the calls, on the foul against Westbrook the ref wanted to give it on Terry first...

Hey guys leaving Durant on the 3 point line with nobody within 20 feet of him is not a good idea.

They might as well eject Dirk. These refs...no semblance of home court advantage\\

Marc Davis still pissed about Rondo? Damn he gave Dirk a T like he was Brian Cardinal

OKC wants to end this thing now they are showing the idiot owner just how old and slow the Mavs really are.

Just think; we have two more years of Shawn Marion.

Brandan haywood should just drop dead.

Haywood again. Can we just amnesty him for game 4

Done with these refs, this is pathetic.

Nice 5 on 8 game. Sadly the fix is in

LOL@Blaming the refs. We need to make our shots and rebound. OKC already has 14 rebs to our 8.

Say what you want about the ref's..but some of those calls are definitely biased in OKC's favor. Why would the NBA want the oldest team in the league to advance over the up and coming high flying scorers of the league?

LOL @ them calling an illegal screen on Haywood. Have they seen Perkins?

The refs have to stiff the Mavs only way they get pleasure

Yeah it's all the refs fault that the Mavs can't hit a shot and suck at shooting jumpers.

Perkins can do anything he wants on a screen.......still

Getting absolutely shafted by the refs tonight

Seriously. How do these refs have the balls to call an illegal screen on Haywood with the way Perkins is knocking people over out there?

OKC has three more open people at each attack And 3 more defenders. Weird, they can call techs too!

A foul on Durant. The world, as we know it, is coming to an end.

It'll be reviewed by the NBA and retracted.

Perkins is only 27?????

Fisher too quick for Roddy,


Hey d*****bags in the crowd, wear the free blue tshirt.. I know salmon is hot and all..but...

I worry that the Okies think they're at home with all those blue tees in the crowd.

As good as durant is...... I come away from every thunder game thinking Harden is their best player and key to their success.

Scott Brooks always sounds like he knows nothing about basketball. "good basketball quarter! Do your job!"

The Mavericks came into the series thinking they were the superior team. Now they're hanging on for dear life.

Thank you kidd go retire

I honestly can’t remember feeling this outmatched in a playoff series

Westbrook has turned Ray Alien onto us

We have to push the pace against these guys.

I think they are faster than us.

Looks like a team that's young and fast, vs a team that can't defend fast people

Why couldn't Metta have taken out one of Westbrook or Durant. Getting destroyed

I tweeted to metta and told him when the lakers play the thunder to elbow westbrook. I hope he got the tweet.

Russell westbrook has mid range.no fluke here.

As much as we would like calling him westbrick ..hes been unreal from midrange.

The crowd is officially dead

The crowd needs to make some noise

Compared to the OK crowd, we're asleep.

I have an idea...let's keep leaving Westbrook open.

This is too easy...Westbrook is unstoppable. He's turned the corner this year. 46% shooter, you can't leave him open anymore.

Jason Terry is an idiot. Such an idiot.

Dirk looks absolutely exhausted.

You'd be tired too if you had to wrestle with Perkins all night. Man I wish we had a center like that.

See, although they changed the call, the initial call shows the bias of the officials.

Could we be in for a tough few years? OKC's 4 best players are an average of 23 years old. What do we really have for the future besides a couple more good years from Dirk?

The Thunder are kicking the CRAP out of the mavericks.

Watching the Mavs play tonight is like having a root canal without any Nitrus.

That actually sounds better.

Considering that he makes something like 20x as much money as Cardinal, Haywood should be embarrassed. He went from being considered the best center the Mavs ever had in February 2010 to making us pine for Shawn Bradley or Evan Eschmeyer.

I think this series is gonna end in 5 games. OKC wont take it seriously in game 4.

Dallas didn't take it seriously tonight, so I see no reason they would on Saturday.

VC wtf u doing leaving Fisher WIDE open. He's not you ya POS

Great job of defending your title idiots

VC getting destroyed by Fisher. Think about that....

Delonte is a cancer Get rid of this guy

I want a complete new blood transfusion. Everyone other than Dirk can be traded.

Is Dirk injured? I am just lost for words, why the hell is he not getting the ball in his usual spots?

One word ....... Perkins

Perkins is allowed to bear hug him off the ball without any calls. That would take any player out of the game.

Maybe we can get a hot rookie in the next season or two. Or we can just hang Dirk's jersey from the rafters and trade him for something useful.

I'd rather any team win besides Heat and OKC. I'd root for the 07 GSW to take the championship if possible lol

I actually want OKC to go all the way. Don't want Duncan to smell another ring and certainly not the CHeat and OKC is the only team I think can stop either since Chicago lost Rose.

At this point, I'd be fine with anyone winning but OKC...

Westbrook is a thug so you cant root for OKC

Why a thug? Because he was the best player on the floor since the beginning of the series? He torched us right from the beginning and any two mavs players combined can't beat his performance. He deserves to proceed.

This game was lost because of the refs
Are u serious refs had nothing to do with this trash

Mavs 21 FT OKC 9 Refs screwing us!!!!!!!!!!!!

So apperantly loud mouth Terry can't play well on the road or at home now

Scot brooks is an idiot. Get durant out or cardinal is going to injure him

Arena half empty. Nice.

Can we just throw in the towel after Game 3?

Wow. The arena emptied. I hate it when fans don't stay til the end, win or lose.

Its really sad You can bet the OKC stands would still be packed

We still got a chance to win this series we got 4 more games left You never know. OKC is young and maybe they will start celebrating too early

Worst home loss ever..wonderful

Well we get one more game In this miserable season

Not a sweep. Not to these punks.

Even in a 20 point whooping the Thunder still have more hunger than us.

I hate seeing westbrook happy, I hope cardinal will injure him intentionally

At least I'd rather lose to OKC than to the Lakers.

If anyone should be pissed it's Seattle. This should still be the Super Sonics.

Harden is on pace to do what Joe Johnson did and leave for a new team where he can be 'the man', and he deserves a shot at it.

Gordon is better then harden.hes just on a crap ass team no onegives a crap about.lets see howharden would do if he wasn't on the hype train that is okc.

Westbrook is thug because of all his actions on the bench and everything else kid is a punk Durant and Ibaka are a class acts But Perkins is as dirty as they come

Man it sucks being us right now.

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