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Monday, May 28, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 1 5/27

 Well, that could have ended better.  I agree with the comment that Brooks keeping Ibaka out was a big mistake.  But, the game was close and that proves that the Thunder can hang with them and all we need is one win in their building.  Not sure where all the Fisher hate comes from but they really, really don't like him in San Antonio.   Like the Lakers fans, they trash their own players but then when they do something good, they are great.  Yes, players sometimes don't play well but that doesn't mean they suck or should be shot or anything.  I know these would be more fun if we won but hope you can enjoy them anyway...

I heard the Spurs just got their soundproof headsets. The Thunders won’t have any affect on them.

Best thing about this series is what's missing: The city of Seattle! Suck it, d*****bags! Nobody cheers Tim Duncan twisting an ankle and survives the karma

I swear to god if they have a t-shirt waiting for me in my seat I'm gonna tear my ticket up and leave. Please no white or black out.

Uh oh. Joey is officiating? That’s just crap. Come on. That guy needs to be fired.

Spurs up by one. Time running out...
Duncan laughs...
Crawford calls a T...
Thunder make two free throws...
Game over.

Joey's an old school guy. We're an old school team. I think he'll favor us, if anything.

Bite his tiny little alien head off, Pop.
Not too worried about Joey Crawford at home. If we get him in OKC, well, that's a different story.

Maybe he still has a guilty conscience and feels he owes Timmy one. :P

He does feel guilty. He’s on record saying that’s one of his two “big regrets.”

Is the other one not using Rogaine?

I think Joey is a major advantage for us. Thunder foul like crazy, and if it’s a typical Joey game they’ll get in trouble with the same touchy perimeter fouls as Game 3 vs LA

"But being as this is the 2012 San Antonio Spurs, the most powerful basketball team in the world, and would blow your team clean off the court, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, Okies?"

Remember the last time we faced the Thunder/Sonics in the playoffs! (from ST)

Manu is still alive after that kick?

Ah, the 2005 series vs. The Sonics... When Seattle's gameplan was basically to try to kill Manu.

Great job taking a big chunk of Harden’s hair. You must be an Artest.

Don't you dare hit 5 3s tonight fisher

Westbrook looks like he wants to shit his pants

Too many OKC fans. Cheer the F*** up guys

Crawford making some nice calls.

Thabo is everywhere

Kimbo slice wearing a harden jersey?

Why is that man who always wears the colorful suits wearing OKC colors

Because black and white aren’t colors?


I hear a lot of Oklahoma fans

Yeah I wish the spurs had blocked ticket sales to people outside of Tx like OKC did

Damn that was an amazing play by Westbrook

Parker got owned. OKC intimidating us.

Our age is showing, we look so f***ing slow.

Doesn't help when refs let them foul us.

Two fouls on Kendrick Perkins is a really good thing.

F*** you ginobli god you suck

Manu knocked down harden and got away with it.

What a sloppy game. I feel like I’m watching the Celtics and Philly.

Fisher is archenemy

It is baffling why fisher plays so much for the thunder. Brooks loves him. Daequan cook is far superior at sg.

I like how Russel Westbrook plays, it’s like Durant is not on the floor

I don't mind anyone on OKC other than Perkins and Westbrook. They really bug me

Sefalosha is doing an incredible job taking away the Spurs' passing lanes. How the hell did Chicago let him go?

Westbrook is playing some damn good swarming and physical D. But hes doing that while taking long jumpers too. We'll see if he can keep this up because I think hes bothering Parker a bit.

Everybody who thought we would dominate the Thunder ... Well, time for a wake up call ... With this performance the team gets blown out in OKC

Crap – Thabo is tonight’s Random Scrub.

Sigh why the hell is fisher making shots?!!


I hate Derek Fisher with the heat of a thousand fiery suns.

What do the Spurs have to do to stop Fisher?

If we need to ask that question we are screwed.

Memo to Fisher: It’s not 2004 anymore. Cut it out.

That Random Scrub…

Fisher isnt a scrub hes just old

I just hate him. So I think he’s a scrub.

All of these Thunder non-shooters (Sefelosha, Collison) decide that they can actually shoot. It always happens to us.

We’re not getting the calls. The refs sucks!

OKC complaining to the refs more than SA. This is a good sign.

Durant is cold blooded

FISHER is on fire. Someone needs to tell him it’s not 2001 anymore

Get out of here Fisher. Seriously, why the hell do sucky role players manage to hit their shots agains us.

Man this is going to be a tense series. Thunder play hard.

Bonner is a big piece of shit

I hate you Bonner

It should be illegal for bonner to put the ball on the floor, punishment of execution

F*** Tiago Splitter. I hate this man.

Derek Fisher I hate you with a hot burning passion.

The corpse of Fish is scoring

Spurs fans always bury Fisher. Fisher always comes back to life to kill the Spurs.

Bonner and Splitter getting punked by Collison of all people

Bonner and Fisher can both go to hell to be honest.

Pop deserves to be punched in the stomach for not scheming to have someone on Fisher on that three point line

The Thunder are stronger and more physical, and they are harrassing every pass.

Parker’s reluctant to attack. All the athletic guys on the Thunder surround him and force him to give it up.

I think OKC really prepared well for this series, they’re playing the Anti-Spurs type of game right now.


Howdy. Kings fan here, hitching onto your bandwagon to see your boys beat down the Zombie Sonics.

Can I have KD’s travel agent? He seems to get free stuff

No matter the result of this game, the team will at least know what they’re up against now. Pop’s got his work cut out for him.

Pretty sobering that OKC not getting as many free throws & harden is 1-9 and they are still leading. In SA.

Was Timmy just afraid of Ibaka and Perkins?!

Def aint the clippers or the jazz

What would we do with out manu?

Green is useless

Green sucks. Sit him

Jax just sucks... Jefferson would play better than him...

Spurs beat OKC both games this season and OKC was at full strength, Spurs were without Manu. But they're being outworked by OKC and at the same time f***ed over by the refs. Bad combination.

Thunder playing the best D spurs have seen in a long long long time.

If Thunder went to Hack-a-Splitter...they would go up by 20 within 5 minutes. He is a joke at the line..

Spurs are finally getting some calls. Spurs can still win this

The defensive energy of the Thunder is magnifying the Spurs rustiness.

@#$%^&^%#$@ Joey Crawford! How in the world could he think of waving off that foul?

Because he is disgusting fixer and a waste of humanity.

Manu in flopping god mode

Manu's made Harden look like a rookie tonight. I knew he'd show up for this series

Did I mention how much I hate Fisher - can't say it enough. I've hated him with a passion ever since .4. Why can't he just retire.

I've forgotten what a close meaningful game feels like and I'm nervous as hell.

Why the hell is my team playing catch-up?!

Harden hasn't shot any freethrows. That's a huge plus.

Durant sneezed yet again and is on the line....coincidence?

Bullshit.. Okc only scoring because of free throws.

We will see the FT gap widen on the road ...

Westbrook has such a fitting face for his IQ

Westbrook just injured his ego.

Westbrook milking shit. Give me a break and get the f*** up.

This is the first time that I’ve seen the offensive player getting hurt instead of the one taking the charge.

Westbrook doesn't look hurt anymore, that's odd.

Jax is all over durant no room to breath

Has Durant played all game?

Kevin Durant has yet to sit in the second half, hopefully he runs out of gas in these final 8 minutes.

Wow Crawfford just screwed the Thunder

That stupid ticky-tack foul call helped the Spurs immensely.

Crawford was doing his best to jack us up, he just isn’t an immensely intelligent guy.


More fuel for Russel “I shall not pass” Westbrook

Durant is awfully easy to throw around…

The best way the Thunder have found to give Durant some space is to set him up on which ever side of the floor Joey Crawford is reffing

Did you guys know that in game four against the Clippers the crowd was chanting Eva when TP went to the line?

And he missed two straight didn’t he?

This is bad for the game, good for the series. The more guys like Sefalosha and Fisher plays, the better off the Spurs are

Damnit Derek fisher. Stop making shots and go back to being old!

We need to keep the pressure on. I don't want to be in a close game when the other team has durant

Mom’s a little wound up. Earlier she’s all, “OH, MISS IT MISS IT! SHIT!!” “Mom, that was Tony” “THAT WAS US? NEVERMIND, MAKE IT MAKE IT”

My five yr old was also concerned because “all the Thunder guys run faster than the Spurs.

Joey Crawford having a heck of a game. No one can contain him

I seriously don’t think Fisher will make another shot the rest of the night. When he goes cold, he goes icy.

I’m not saying that Durant flops, but he tends to be thrown around a lot.

Come on, give the guy a break, he weighs like 105 lbs.

Guys, I don’t think our hack a Durant tactic is working. Someone tell Joey Crawford to stop fouling him

Durant just gets every call.

I think the rule is if Durant misses a shot the nearest Spur is whistled for a foul.

Holy &$*% Neal drawing the charge!!

TY Joeyyyyy

Crawford now wearing silver and black

Probably has Manu undies,


Durant looks demoralized. He can see the inevitable.

And this is why I don't want a close game. We need to have a comfortable lead nearing the games end. Bcoz these thunder can put up points in a hurry

I hate when the opponent refuse to die

Horseshoes and handgrenades OKC. But good to see James Harden make his shots when it matters. Good job beardy

Oh my goodness – I can’t handle more games like this.

Drinking helps a lot, I have found out.

I know. There’s a reason I’m a lush.

Only thing is I hope Harden doesn’t start feelin it

Ibaka was giving us huge trouble to finish at the rim. Brooks didn't play him in the 4th. Spurs with 36pts. Thanks Brooks

Thank god we don't have Kobe on the team to choke the game.

Harden can only make uncontested shots, manu making them contested all night - who's the real sixth man?

Are we "officially" in their heads yet?

I gotta say...I LOVE that Westbrook guy. I want to personally thank him for his stunning performance.

Thunder are a worthy opponent... To be respected for sure

Harden does nothing all game then f**** the gamblers at the end. I hate him with the intensity of 1,000 suns.

Westbrick favorite song on loop...mariah Carey - hero....lol

Russell Westbrook just blamed the refs.

I thought the Thunder got too many touch fouls at the end of the game and that clown is blaming the refs??????

No Westbrook, YOU happened

Westbrooks shirt. Good God.

Does westbrook always dress like that?

If Westbrook is whining already, then this could go quick if he keeps it up...

Well, I think we got Game 2 for sure but Game 3 is going to be very, very hard. That crowd is going to erupt for everything the Thunder do and that will pump up a young team like theirs. If we thought Green looked, well...green tonight, imagine how nervous he might be in Game 3?

That team is crazy dangerous. Spurs need to get up big early in game 2.

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