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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Lakers Game 5 5/21

 Lots of fun comments today.  I've never seen fans complain so much about the officiating.  I mean, bad calls go both ways and the fouls were pretty much even.   But these fans seem almost obsessed with blaming the loss on the refs even though at the same time they admit that their players are not all that good.    So sad.  But I know you'll enjoy today's close out edition of Comments from the other side. 

OKC is going to be amped. We are horrible in elimination games. This is going to be ugly.

Think of the posotives guys at least we won one game instead of being swept.

I love the "win this and game 6 and then anything can happen in game 7" line. Apparently they haven't watched this series, or the last 10 years of Lakers basketball in close out games. This will be a bloodbath, and if Vegas makes the line even remotely close I would advise anyone to take the Thunder in a blowout.

I expect a huge blowout loss for us. Like 30 points or something. With Kobe blaming gasol just shows they are giving up. Everyone is gonna be angry at each other and have no team work. Kobe will put up 40 shots and make 10 and bynum will probably never get the ball. Gasol of course will take 10 shots form 15+ feet and make like 2. This team is so predictable its ridiculous.

It hurts to see fisher doing the huddle in okc

If we're down by 40 I hope someone goes bat **** insane and does something crazy.

Kobe's gonna have a big first quarter then suck the rest of the game.

If we go down big just send in Morris, Murphy, Mcroberts, Goudelock, and Eyenga to break the knees of all of OKC's players so they lose to the Spurs.

Someone should tweet them and say that the Lakers are only losing because Chuck picked 'em to win, and no one wants Chuck to be right.

Can we revoke Fisher's rings?

Can't wait for the Lakers championship parade

Ol the refs might be helping us tonight, no contact on Sessions and its a shooting foul

Lakers are not good during close out games when they're the ones being closed out.

I got a bottle ready so I can drown my tears.

Thunder look ready to kill...happily

Loss by 25, book it. OKC will then get stomped by SAS in 5.

Sessions is trash. Get Blake in there.

Kobe is going to shoot us out of it & he can't guard Harden. This ones done

Fish is gonna send us fishing I bet. HA get it?

These guys act like Harden has been killing us when in all honesty he's be terribad from the field

His impact goes far beyond his FG%

Gasol looks terrified.

Gasol looked good on that slam...much better than a little floater



Westbrook is like "What, you give me a T, don't u know who I am"

Maybe the little turd will get pissed off again and get ejected?

They need to goad to him into another one.

When the Spurs beat the Thunder, I'm going to be happy to see Westbricks face. He is so (bleep) annoying.

Someone needs to get into Westbrooks head now...make him get T'd up again...whiney little....B!!

Let metta guard westchuck and mess with him He will get into his mind and westbrook will lose it
Dang westbrook is fast and strong

I hate Westbrook so much

I do to- he was different at UCLA and now is a friggin turd!

Kendrick Rondo

I'm so tired of this "passing the torch" bullshit Lets see if Durant has anywhere near the type of career that Kobe has

it's gonna be a sad day for the whole NBA and whole world when Kobe finally retires

This team has no fundamentals or they just play like they forgot them

Calls going OKC way at the moment, it's not helping that Pau cannot make his shots

Watch out for that people's elbow I got a feeling he’s gonna unleash it soon

Kobe will manage but harden is an actor.

Refs managing this game now. It's going to be over soon if this keeps up

Why they clapping for this scrub?

For the scrub who contributed huge for our 5 championships in the last 12 years?

I'm saying he's a scrub now

Fish is special man and while his old age has caught up to him like normal. He still can be a great mentor to this young thunder team

Look how weak pau looks out there. Like a pink rag doll

Refs let Kobe not get his 3rd foul

Yesterday Lebron picked up his 3rd foul in the whole series lol

We can't even breathe on their players

I HATE Westbrook.

Westbrook looks like a ninja turtle

This team doesn't deseve Kobe..

Westbrook is a fan of Kobe. Can we sign him?

Bynum looks so slow and uninterested in this game OUR FUTURE? Yuck...

Here comes Beardo.

Ibaka just blasts both Hill and Pau aside like flies

Ibaka pwning gasol's ass Now if gasol's salary is 18/19 million I tell you this boy is gonna get seriously paid

Yes please, get the beard in foul trouble and sit his (bleep) down

Technical on Harden for the stupid beard.

WHy does OKC argue EVERY call?

Its such a shame that Kobe Bryant, who is the best damn player on the planet, cant have guys around him who want to play their asses off like he does

My spidey sense tells me that Stern had a talk with the officials before the game....WE'RE GOING BACK TO L.A. BOYS!

When is Ibaka a free agent? I want him on my team.

I don't know why NBA exec's fall over themselves for players like Bynum. He is stiff and unathletic. There's just no comparing him and shaq athletically or skill wise.

Harden..out of control but gets the call. Typical.

Harden runs right into Kobe, OBVIOUS Charge, call on Kobe..

These refs are intimidated by the fans.

The fix is in, Stern wants this series over NOW so that the Western Conference Finals can start..that..and Kobe is surrounded with bums who don't give a (bleep)

OKC playing dirty already, no respect

Spurs are going to dismantle okc.

Bynum sulking because he is not getting the ball.. And Lakers wanna trade Pau... Hmmm

Oh Steve Blake... U better get ready.. Those death threats are waiting around..

Jordan hill...sigh...the no-talent brute

No call? Kobe got hacked

No beard, no foul. You know the rules

Really Derek fisher beating the entire team down the floor?

Fish is so smart to get 1 for 2. He will shoot 2 free thrwos with 33 seconds left. Old school and experience.

Why have two seven footers when they're doing nothing ?

Death threats to referees, Blake and fisher? I see it coming already. Anyway I am just totally disappointed with fisher Ring chaser and a total traitor

We need to get Stan van gundy

Pau needs to learn screaming won't get the ball in.

WOW stupid ass rigged ass game. (bleep) refs (bleep) you

Refs just protected Kobe... Stern went our way on that one

Which wnba team did we trade pau from again?

Just leave gasol in okc after this game and also mike brown

Of course they wouldn't call that 3rd foul on Kobe. Nobody would come back from this commercial break to watch this game.

Why do they keep showing the people outside. We get it. They have fans. Lots and lots of fans.

What a bunch of losers out there. Go to a bar.

I bet those people STINK.

I hear they smell of a mix between pig turds and cow

BYNUM just got outrebounded by Westbrook.

Barnes is expiring so let's have him clock KD

Durant is a bad dude. His game isn't incredibly multifaceted but damn he can shoot the hell out of the ball.


I wanna see Ron Artest punch somebody in the crowd. These country folk are pissing me off

Can we at least knock westbrook on his ass

Tat was really evil -- the refs wait until 2 minutes left in the laker season to call an illegal moving screen.

Let's at least stop the the "Chris Paul is the best PG in the NBA talk" already. Westbrook, Parker and Rose are all better than him and Rondo and Deron Williams would be in the argument as well.

Westbrook is not a PG -- he's a short SG. Paul is several orders of magnitude better than him and Rose as PGs'. I think Parker is up there, though. He may be better than CP3.

Durant deserves this. Westbrook, I hope he gets biatch slapped by Tony parker

Gasol's probably doing jumping jacks in his head knowing he won't be back next year. Only insane guys like MWP would wanna play with Kobe.

I hope okc goes on to win it all. They clearly outplayed the lakers and just wouldn't quit. Keep it up young-ins and go after the spurs now.

San Antonio are gonna chew up and spit out OKC next series.

Bynum went straight to locker room instead of shaking hands

Screw Stern and his corrupt refs. Go to hell.

Look forward to Spurs sweeping this giftwrapped 2nd round winner.

0. (bleep) Scott foster and anyone else involved for allowing the use of illegal screens to defeat the L.A Lakers.
1. (bleep) Kevin durant for every single time he was bailed out this series
2. (bleep) Russell westbrook for every childish spaz attack, and seizure this series
3. (bleep) James harden: lowering your head and driving to the hoop knowing you WILL get a foul call every single time is not BASKETBALL.
4. (bleep) ibaka for not being on the lakers instead of Andrew bynum
5. (bleep) Kendrick Perkins for being Kendrick Perkins
6. And most of all, (bleep) every single okc fan who cheers on what they think is "basketball".
(bleep) Oklahoma city thunder as a franchise. I hope you guys get murdered by the San Antonio Spurs.

The fact is Kendrick Perkins is >>>>> pau & fat ass bynum

Durant is really good. No need to bash the kid because the refs bails him out. If someone said Lebron or Durant I would honestly go with Durant. He has that killer instinct

I hope the Spurs beat the living crap out of the punk ass Thunder.

I don't like OKC. The just run off adrenaline, hype & dog vomit

They're are a good young team that was built the right way. Its kinda hard to hate on them.

I find it quite easy not to like harden and westbrook

Don't forget Perkins. His presence alone will make your team be hated.

Ain't gonna lie, I hope the Spurs beat the **** out of these guys

+1 man. I hope they crush these cocky pricks

Damn, people so mad at Thunder because they know how to play basketball

OKC has great fans thou, can't lie or take that away from them

Westbrook is one heck of a player. I freakin hate his guts but I gotta give the man his respect. IMO, he'll be a better player then Durant soon

Oklahoma city sucks.

OKC’s executive needs more publicity…whoever he is…Durant, Harden, Westbrook, Ibaka (4 for 4)…nailed all of them.

It’s Harden who’s going to get a fat contract next. Fact is, they’re playing to win now. Salary cap issues you can worry about in the future, they built a team to win now. Perkins and Ibaka did just enough to disrupt the best front line in the West in Gasol and Bynum, if they can slow down the Spurs front line, they will have been worth every penny.

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