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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Suns 2/8

Suns fans seem like an ok bunch.  It's nice not to see the incessant rants about the refs giving OKC every single game.  I was really proud of Perk last night.  I think he's finally feeling good again.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

At one time, I thought Durant was a nice guy. Then he decided to yell obscenities at Suns players for no reason.

Yeah and that commercial... Really showed Durant’s true colors. How could anyone root for him?

What commercial ? I wanna seeeee :(

I was being sarcastic... Its a cheesy commercial about how Durant dunks on people.

KD is not nice 

Wish we had KD I’d beat of many hobos for the chance to have him on our teeam

The Thunder’s Kevin Durant and [Michael] Beasley were teammates from ages 9-13 in Maryland playing youth ball for the PG Jaguars, who won multiple AAU national titles. […]

Beasley played center and said he was about an inch taller than Durant at the time.

"I’d get about 30 rebounds a game and he’d get 30-plus points," Beasley said of Durant. "He always worked on his game, on his handle."

Asked if Durant shot from long range at age 9, Beasley smiled said: "This (the NBA) ain’t nothing. He’s been doing this since Day One
I don’t mean to suggest Durant is a jerk on the level of Kobe Bryant, only that he’s no more a nice guy than most players.

It's going to be a long night

So Tom Chambers thinks Serge Ibaka is the Thunder's most important player.... Nice to know he’s clinically insane.

if anyone thinks Durant is anything short of LeBron quality, and the main reason OKC is killing it, they be insane.

There's no one like Westbrook Durant can be replaced

Hahahha Oh that’s classic, thanks for the laughs.

Westbrook is overrated IMHO

We can't guard Westbrook..

Lol durant injured himself flopping

Durant is too damn long... It's freaky

Goran vs Durant so far    Too bad it’s 5 on 5. Their other 4 are quite a bit better than our other 4.

Suns suck the life out of an arena Home and away it seems! Sounds dead.

Chesapeake Energy Arena Will now be known as Chesapeake Listless Arena.

Crappy pair of offensive fouls called These refs are ridiculous.

That guy Mevin Hurant is just ridiculous.

I hate this Durant's mom commercial.

One thing is certain... Beasley cannot guard Durant. Please try something different coach!

LeBron can't guard Durant. Kid’s unplayable.

You're right of course... Let’s at least try someone that can stay in front of him so he’s not being guarded by a guy that looklike he’s standing still.

The Suns will win this game as long as Brooks keeps playing Hasheem Thabeet.

O'Neal is dominating Thabeet like he is auditioning for a contender trade deadline deal.

Goran is outscoring Durant. Can we just call the game over now?

Too bad games aren't twenty-four minutes long, we might have a buttload more wins.

Is brown aware that when there are 5 guys around him, a teammate is likely open and he doesn't need to flip a shot up from behind his head?

let’s trade Gortat soon. Surely someone must need him who will give us good prospects/picks.

The whole Perkins+Lamb/PJ3+draft picks trade idea. I’ve posted it too. But is there any actual evidence that OKC would want Gortat? Just look at the game Perkins is having tonight. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Damn Bobcats with a laker like collapse When do the Lakers start playing good teams again? I want to see them get blown out again

This is one of those games that serves as a stark reminder That we suck at defense.

Tucker cannot make Ibaka fall.

Since when did Ibaka flop? Never seen that before.

Not only has Gortat not taken a shot He seems completely lost on defense a lot of times tonight as well.

Perkins is outplaying him by far Gortat needs to step it up for OKC to take interest in him for a trade

Gortat does not want to get traded to the Thunder: Too bad

I guess OKC was tired of playing around and decided to impose their will. That and our penchant for rolling over.

This game is getting out of hand Thunder can’t miss and the suns don’t play defense

Westbrook is a freak.

You know it's over When Serge fkn Ibaka hits a three.

Stealthy tanking strikes again Make it seem like we’re trying, but really just give up the game in the second half for the purpose of tanking.

Unfortunately, we're just really this bad... :(

We'll score eventually... …right?

Do you remember when the Suns last scored a field goal? Pepperidge Farm remembers

You guys might be sick of hearing this, But I really like Westbrook. He reminds me of Amare. Not the smartest basketball player, but is an athletic freak and plays with such emotion. Westbrook is who I would think Amare translates to as a point guard.

I don't like him He’s dumb at a spot where dumb can hurt. Two possessions in a row he’s tried to prove a point, when there are better options.

Westbrook needs to get the ball to Durant WTF does Westbrook get these little mini-battles in his head? If he does that against a good team, they’ll kill OKC.

Beasley scores 21 On 9-12 and we are down 25. Hmmm…..

not his fault the other team has westbrook and durant

OKC again in two days...please spare us

All part of the plan. We’re lulling them to sleep so we can jump all over them and win the second game.

The Thunder are really good. The Suns, not so much. Hopefully the Suns can avoid getting humiliated on their home floor in two days.

We just sucked. The thunder just hit all their open shots, Perkins? I mean really. Their bench just killed our bench. Do we even have a bench?

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