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Friday, February 1, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Grizzlies 1/31

Not near as many fans on the boards last night for the Grizzlies as usual.  Like one poster said,  like the basketball equivalent of a funeral.  They complained all the time about Gay before so not sure why they would be unhappy to get rid of him.  It took them a bit but they finally got around to blaming the refs for the loss.  Seems they always do.  The picture of the cat dunking really had nothing to do with anything,  but I liked it.   I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

Chris Johnson drops 5 threes and the Grizz win by somewhere between 6-10. I can dream, right?

You know zbo and Marc aren't losing to a team that uses thabeet. I think we let mike sit out this one.

This is a win.

OKC/MEM is always a good game. No one should expect them to blow us out the water or something like the Clippers are capable of doing.

Kendrick v. ZBO - someone is bound to get a technical foul in this game.

Big game... I hate them. We must win it.

Wroten was drafted to match up against big guards in the West...I want to see how that looks against little Russell

This looks like a safe bet for an OKC win.

Since we like to rally after some big injury or trade I say we win this game.

I'll watch, but Durrant is gonna score 40+ easily without anyone to guard him.

Who will start the thread tonight after the game saying were totally screwed when we get hammered tonight?

Maybe the thunder come out rusty? Well we can hope so

We may not score 60 points tonight

I think we will – but they may score 140.

OKC is shooting 100 percent. That is ONE HUNDRED percent

Marc, Mike and Z-Bo are playing like their dog just died. And the dog’s name was Rudy…

ZBo should be happy, he’s back to being the guy again, but he’s getting outmuscled big time.

If Perkins is hitting 15-footers along with everything else, this will get ugly.

Well….they almost can’t shoot 86% from the floor all game, amirite?

I don't see how we are going to score much tonight. OKC isn't going to have mercy on us

If Okc could stop turning it over, this would be really really ugly

I mean if Westbrook is gonna shoot 100% on jumpers we have no chance anyway.

Crazy efficiency by OKC so far... the only bright spot is their starting bigs with 2 fouls each

OKC one of the LOUDEST arenas in the NBA.

Looks like Okc having mercy on us, putting their scrubs in early

I don't think any player illicits as much hate from me as K. Perkins does.....ok maybe Griffin and Paul a close second and third

Think I'll have to retract my statement about Durrant scoring 40+. Looks like he won't play enough to score even 20.

Ain't no fury like Hasheem scorned... What a block

Holy cow Kevin Martin missed a free throw!

Scott Brooks is Having Mercy on Us... Dislike the Spurs, hate the Clippers, respect the Thunder.

I'm going to agree with that. He knows the team is emotionally down and is being a class act not destroying us completely. 

Word. Except Perk. Eff him.

Where the Memphis faithful at? Only 34 posts?why Memphis?

It's the Basketball Version of a Funeral...

Wow we look horrible. Hope the new guys can come in and gel quick or people will be burning their Grizz jerseys in the streets soon.

Zach and whoever can continue to go inside and get their shots blocked or we can drive and kick to the open man and see if we can loosen things up. Here is a revelation to the Grizz--Ibaka and Perkins can block shots. They know how to do that

Posted Image

You have a great team the whole NBA is afraid of, you have a great chance at the title, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy would you go trading your 20-point best-man halfway in the season?

Because our Front Office(excluding Chris Wallce) has the combined IQ of a fetus.

We officially suck again. Goodbye championship. Goodbye Playoffs after this year.

This is one of the reasons I don't like games at OKC Ya gotta kill to get the refs to make a call,calls at OKC are pretty one sided,

What the Hell is Westbrook so Pissed About??

He's Russell Westbrook

Westbrook's just an ignorant brat,pay him no mind If he was on a crappy team,shoulda been exposed a long time ago

I think I hate Russell Westbrook more than anybody on the Clippers, even. Amazing player, but a whiny punk. He's always got a scowl on.

Westbrook acts like a cross between a baby and a thug

I hate these refs.

Durant obviously jumps up and down with the ball...no call. Lol at "Durant calls"

Durant is a monster.

Finally we get a call.

Refs sure do love to please KD

Tell me how Marc gets THROWN and it’s a foul on HIM, but Durant gets tapped and gets a call???? That’s horse crap

The refs are hurtin the grizzlies

I cant believe Kevin Durant gets technicals

Lmao at the Thunder crowd booing a call that Durant gets at least once a game..

Marc pushed down by Perkins...no call. Duant barely touched (even the announcers said it)...3 point play.

Then took an act of congress to give gasol the and 1 call. Refs OKC doesn't need any help.

We're so bad we even make Thabeet look good.

I'm gonna eat some mushrooms so it looks like we won.

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