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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Kings 1/25

It was so refreshing to go though the boards and not see anyone complaining that the refs were handing the game to OKC.  Kings fans seem like a decent bunch.  I'm sorry they may lose their team.   I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

Westbrook is going to have his way with Isaiah. This is gonna be a blowout. OKC is way too good

Could this game be labeled as: Past Sonics Vs. Future Sonics?

I wonder if Oden really would have been better than Durant. Seems unlikely, huh? I suspect Oden went first because of his build as compared to Duranr. I mean really, how could such a skinny guy like Durant be very good on offense.

Lol I just choked laughing. The Thunder announcers said Keith Smart's strong point is that he has a plan and follows it. Oh god if only they knew..


I'm gonna have to get drunker than nocioni And higher than brad miller for this one

We might actually have chance to lead going into the later parts of the game... Only to collapse and give it away in the last 3 minutes..

It is better to have led and lost than to have never led at all

Kings up 10. Then. A monster slam by Durant. Wow!! That was Vicious!

Durant looked pissed....uh oh

Durant is angry we didn't ask him to be a part owner

Hey, you guys think we can guard Martin tonight?? ****in' ridiculous!!

Oh shit I think OKC just realized they’re a better team.

We were up 14 like 2 minuts ago now it's tied? What the hell is wrong with this team!

At least we're drawing fouls.....

Uh oh, thabeet'd

Kings collapsing like Seattle's bid

It feels like martin has taken 100 3's already

These OKC announcers are rubes And homers. I don’t love Grant at times, but this is like listening to a high school AV club call a game.

Liggins didn't want IT's help getting up. That was pretty petty.

You'd think that the Kings know they have to guard Kevin Martin, of all people.

Does K-mart do anything but sit on the 3pt line..

Hes kind of become what Mike Bibby was sadly forced to become later in his career it looks like. He still drives quite a bit though. Looks like he is going to be the game changer for them tonight.

Durant with 2 fouls. Time to get him No.3

Remember when Westbrook couldn't shoot?

Remember when he would let Durant shoot.....oh wait he never did

Damn k mart is nice

Oh, is Westbrook a little frustrated? Nice to see!

I think he deserve a T foul for hitting the table

Cousins would have gotten 6 techs by now With thatr demonstrative Westbrook whining. What’s he complaining about anyway

Our best offense is drawing OKC into illegal defense calls.

I'm glad they are looking at Ibaka sitting in the lane this year.

These OKC fans are such bandwagoners.

OKC 2 best players vs Our 2 best players:
Durant 20mins
Westbrook 19.5mins
Cousins 19mins
Tyreke 14mins.
Hmm. Wish we had Scott Brooks

This team makes me want to use really bad language

Strangely Attacking Kevin Martin is good strategy; I seem to remember that from before.

Thunder crew: “Cousins has become a turnover disaster here in the 2nd quarter”

They may be homers, but they do have eyeballs.

Don´t think they´re homers, I actually like their work.

DeMarcus would argue with the refs that the sun doesn't shine.

I'd love to have Sefolosha on this team. He’s become a really nice player.

Dang, when OKC executes like this they’re extremely difficult to beat

Westbrook = NaPG They really need a starting PG.

Well the Thunder are playing well with Westbrook running the show

That was a....humor joke.

The Thunder announcers are annoying      Slobbering all over Westbrook

Thunder announcers would coach this team better than Keith

My dog could coach the team better than Smart.

You know, it's sad we're being blown out by the defending Western Champs. However, there is something to be said that we got blown out like this by the Hornets too.

And the world is reminded why Thabeet never quite worked out as a Top 3 pick.

You know what the funny thing is? I'm not sure if we've thrown in the towel and this is garbagetime or if we're just playing our usual second unit.

I think it just speaks volumes that up 21 in the 4th quarter the Thunder still have Kevin Durant in the game.

Martin has really become a much improved defender. Must be the change of scenery. Iam impressed

Down 19 Who wants to bet they cut to like 7 with 5 minutes left aand lose in the final few minutes

How about they increase it and King's lose by 28? Just being realistic

Your career is over when Thabeet blocks your shot

When guns are outlawed, Outlaw will still suck

Why the F*** is Durant still in this game

Needs to pad his stats

Good to see K Mart finding a perfect fit with the Thunder. I always said he was a perfect 3rd option scorer.

WOW.... We lost by 10 points only ?

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