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Monday, January 21, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Nuggets 1/20

My goodness!  I don't think I've ever heard people hate anyone as much as these Denver fans hate Russell Westbrook.   And when they weren't hating on Russ, or KD or their own players, they were hating on the refs.    I know it's a loss, but these comments are must read but pretty brutal.   Any favorites?    (as much as you can have favorite hate comments)

I want this game pretty badly

There's pretty much no way in hell they win this game Let alone make this a competitive…they can’t beat the Wizards how do they expect to beat the best team in the NBA?

Dude, when we win tonight, you'll be eating so much crow you'll need Pepto Crowsmol

Time to trade for D-Ho and Josh Smith Don’t want Smith, but if you get both it’s highly likely you can keep both in the off season as they are bff’s and no one can afford to sign both as FAs

I don't want to see another Iggy jumper again

Just trade the guy At this point it almost feels like hes here just to sabotage us

The lack of calls at home continue.

I'm shocked Especially with the likes of Westbrick and Durant out there

Kmart is in. Quick attack him on offense

He attacked us on offense :(

Gah...I really hate Kevin f***ing Martin

Angry Gallo is a great thing for the Nuggets…particularly since it seems like the refs are protecting Durant still.

When has Durant never been protected though

Don't touch durant people

No answer for Westbrook..

Look how close the OKC players. .hugging, talking to each other.. Nuggs lack that kind of “teamness”

That is really not a foul the way this game has been called. I hate the NBA officials…a whole lot. Even more than Kevin Martin.

Refs are going to foul out all of our players

Every Nugget will foul out of this game by its end, because Westbrook will have drawn real fouls and Durant will have drawn Durant fouls.

Home teams usually get favorable calls. Except the Nuggets :-p

Westbrook's ankle is Karma for getting all those calls.

hope he twisted it all up :)

Nobody stops westbrook...nobody.

A call involving Durant that went our way? Wow.

You can't breath too much on durant...you will get fouled.

Brooks has already established himself as a better coach than Karl. He took a time out before it all imploded..

mcgee is a bum

Both durant and westbrook have EACH shot more free throws than our entire team And they’re the jump shooting team while we’re the driving team…

F Kevin Durant

I'm starting to not like him as much now

I've never liked him. I know it's a minority opinion but still

OKC's plan....get into the bonus..

Westbrook is attacking non stop..we're going to be in the penalty before the 9 minute mark at this rate.

Durant has been off all day with his jump shot...but he's getting them back on the free throw line.

Someone clothesline Westbrook please.

How can Durant complain?

that's really all he does.

F okc and their preferential treatment

Ibaka right in the refs face What a dumbass

Are there completely different rules for OKC?

I really hate the Thunder F*** them…and to f***ing hell with these refs and our FT shooting

The refs are performing very well for okc


I wish someone would punch Westbrick in the face And then a ref or two

Chandler breathed on KD...foul

This is why I despise the Thunder in addition to the whole Seattle thing.

SHAMEFUL flop attempt by Martin

If I was Rocky man, I'd spear Westbrook.

I'm so sick of this garbage team.

Such a stupid *** team.

Lawson is pure trash

The refs really don't want us to win tonight.

Still the star "touch" foul calls And the whole obvious refs taking over games is a problem in almost every game

I hate that a 10 pt lead feels so tenuous because refs

Wow...these refs are attrocious

OKC Is A Seattle Stealing Suck Hole Of A Team

I cannot f***ing stand Westbrook.

Most punchable face ever.

Westbrook is an absolute dick Really dude? Blocking Rocky’s half court shot.

Thunder are an average team without the Ref's help

And are pathetic when KD ditches Whinebrick

I think the refs must watch looped tape of thunder players falling down And if they don’t blow the whistle they get electrocuted.

How many f***ing OKC fans are there in the Can??

This is a 25 point game with fair refs. No exaggeration.

Rocky should beat the crap out of westbrook

Westbrick might not make it out of the Pepsi center tonite

Wow, this BS ref treatment OKC's getting is ridiculous. And to think people believe that the Heat are the most ref-favored team in the league. OKC absolutely laps the field in that category.

Can't wait to beat thse guys in the playoffs

If we ever match up against OKC in the play-offs, I don't know how we're ever going to take a game at OKC. These refs are way too inconsistent

We're so lucky Durant has been off all night..

Westbrook is a f***ing punk

I just wanna meet westbrook, just once

Pretty sure Westbrook's MO is to completely disrespect the Nuggets and their fans Try and get in our heads.

Just don’t let westbitch win this one

Wht is this A Thunder offensive foul.

I swear these refs... Can't breathe on KD...just can't.

Dear refs..this isn't an okc home game

Dumb foul by Collison there

These refs are brutally awful and its definitely gone both ways. How can you call that and I am a nuggets fan

I don't think it's really gone both ways as evenly as you seem to think

Wow am I seeing miracles that they are calling illegal screens on the Thunder

For a sec I thought OKC would win on a conspiracy against us, but that makeup changed my mind fast

Reffing swung our way for some reason

You know it's a new era when you find yourself hating Westbrook as much or more than Kobe

You know at this point I would just let Durant or Westbrook attempt a three. Don't even get within 2 feet because it would be a foul immediately

Yeah f you westbrick F*** YOU WESTBITCH


Surprised Zach Zarba said no to Westbrook Thought he was a Thunder homeboy

Nuggets came to play tonight and beat the Thunder and the refs

I freaking hate OKC

F*** you westbitch! Punk!

I hope everyone gave Westbrook HELL on the way out!!!!

The Best part The Thunder will say they lost because of the refs

Westbrook is an ugly frog looking bitch

Apologize to frogs....and bitches.

Also I hate Westbrick much MUCH more than Kobe

Screwwwwww Suckbrookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Westbrook is a (fill in the blank)

Rancid meat filled with genetically modified bat shit producing maggots

Westbrick makes Kobe seem extremely likeable

Bench scoring: Nugs-57 OKC-18. OKC bench scoring from players not named martin: 0.

I don't like Kobe but Compared to that punk Westbrick he’s cool

Just has to hop on tonight to share my hatred for westbrook Did not think I could hate the guy more

Durant's such a phony

phony drops 30+ every game. I’d like him on the Nugs lol.

I think he's phony about what a great guy he is. I just don't think he's as humble andwhatnot

What did Westbrook do that was so despicable besides the usual nonsense?

he showed up.

He twice goaltended Rocky's half court backwards shot

Hate to give Westbrook any type of praise but he is a smart player. He saw the way the game was being officiated and exploited it. Still though, he is a Bitch.

I was thinking though The crowd was kind of dead until he starting f***ing with Rocky. That just sent Pepsi Center into overdrive. Why would you do that?

Because he's a dick.

There are people in this world who are just.... Jerks

People going to the game to have fun and enjoy their lives. And Westbrook is blocking the mascot’s half court shot attempts? If I was rocky I’d Accidently miss that ball right into the back of his head.

I wouldn't care normally if someone did that, even to our beloved Rocky But it was him.

I'm so glad the Nuggets beat these over-inflated jerks

2nd straight game with 21 free throws for Durant I think Westbitch gets officiated fairly for the most part, but it’s getting ridiculous with Durant.

They get calls like this every game. It’s really sickening.

Westbrook is a complete classless trash

Wish our players could get 37 points off of 7 made baskets....

I wasn't sure I could hate Russell Westbrook more... Thanks for continuing to break new ground, Russell. You’re now #1 on my “Errant-elbow-to-face” list, right in front of Kobe.

Surprisingly, Westbrook has now overtaken Kobe as the biggest D*ck in the league

Zach Zarba "how I love Durant. Let me count the ways:" I love thee like the basket is round I love thee like the ball bounces from the ground I love thee like the sweat off the towel I love thee like looking at you counts as a foul

Why wasn’t Durant’s tossing of the ball into the Nuggets bench after a made basket NOT a delay of game. It wasn’t even close to the inbounds.

He turned directly to the refs and shook his finger too....Basketball Reasons

And wasn't ejected????

Quick, two word answer...Kevin Durant.

Someone want to explain to me how KD had 20 ft attempts on our home floor?

We breathed on him.

Basketball reasons

And biggest d***he award goes to

The best part of the night Cory walking away from Westbrook calling him a bitch.

I am off to dream about Rocky throwing down a tomahawk jam which smashes into Westbrook’s face.

I am off to dream about Rocky throwing down a tomahawk jam which smashes into Westbrook’s face. (not kidding)

I am off to dream about MWP throwing down an elbow which smashes Westbrook’s face.

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