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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Nets 1/2

For a fan base that started out so sure they were getting blown out, they sure got cocky at the end.   They fail to see the irony of complaining that the Nets get no calls and then talking about being in the bonus early in the fourth.   I really dislike the Nets and their fans.  The Nets play thug ball and get away with way more from the refs than the Thunder ever did.   The refs letting the Nets get away with being very physical has led to 2 brawls in their games with the Celtics, and Rondo being ejected in one.    And their fans are fairly obnoxious when they are winning but many of them are bandwagon fans.  In spite of the loss, I hope you enjoy today's comments. 

Get ready for the pain and agony...

Wallace against Ibaka? #ThunderUp I guess

14 point loss. Westbrook will show no mercy against weak willed Deron.

Do we score more than 5 points in any quarter tonight?

The question is do we hold them to under 30 in any quarter.

Yes The 4th when they pull the starters

I wish Barclays was as crowded and loud as this arena

I just wish our team was as good. F the crowd

The thunder have the best crowd in the NBA

First quarter false hope yet again?

Why are we making shots? Who are these guys?

Whoever Westbrook guards is scoring


Where are my Nets? Who are these people?!?!?!

The Mayans were right, but it's today rather than 2 weeks ago...

Deron looks fantastic running the offense. Movement, pick and rolls, pick and pops. Keep it going.

Until a fan calls him fat and a fake superstar then he'll complain about the offseason.

I see OKC has developed entitled good team syndrome, in which the entire roster has never committed a foul

Wow, refs getting gassed up by complaining good team syndrome, in which the league favorite team complains til calls are changed for them.

I love durant..

I can now comfortably predicts that the Nets will only lose by 30

That OKC defensive set was amazing I didn’t see an open look at all

I never liked westbrook but the kid is a warrior.. Respect

What the hell is wrong with Hasheem Thabeets hair

He did it in honor of Africa or something

This is the best we have played all year

Is it opposite day?

What is this What am I watching? Where am I? Who am I? Who they? I am so confused

How was that not a foul..I hate westbrook

Thunder getting away with a few fouls

Why is Lopez helping Westbrook from not falling there? This isnt a friendly game?

Hate that we started trapping and blitzing westbrook on the pick and roll. Keep going under and led him volume brick his team to a loss

Deron is probably the most disrespected star player, in terms of getting calls. He was hacked by Durant which led to the clear path foul, and then he was being hacked by Westbrook throughout that last possession.

What the hell is "pure" scoring? And how in the hell are people saying Melo is a better scorer than Durant anyway? Durant is crystal clearly better than Melo as a scorer.

I really can't stand Westbrook and his punk BS

He flaps like a bird taking off when he tries to draw a foul.

Wow, I didn't realize what an awful inefficient season Westbrook is having, time to drop this fool like 3 spots in my PG rankings haha. And of course he hits the 3 while I was typing that!

KD is so efficient...

Who wants to bet our lead completely evaporates in the 3rd?

Somewhere Avery Jr. Is praying for a collapse

No question Durant is the best scorer in the league

Durant is better all around then lebron IMO If I was a defender, id be more worried about durant than lebron

Deron is just smarter than Russell


Reggie Evans singlehandedly killed the momentum

He's horrific on offense And he flops. I’m starting to dislike him.

What if Reggie Evans is secretly signed under OKC?

OKC Sterns getting the usual ref help,

The refs are scared to call fouls on them. Just because its Evans doesn't mean they shouldn't make the call. Their killing him down there.

I'd be shocked if we lose by less than 10. OKC might outscore us by 30 points this half. This will be the final nail in PJ’s short head coaching career with the Nets. Nets ownership will move very quickly to get a real coach after this collapse.

The Thunder are really good. The Nets were never going to keep this up.

Ibaka just rearranged Wallace's spine

Can't leave anyone open on OKC they are #1 in just about everything

Perkins always moves on his screens its ridiculous

Him and KG have too much street cred with the refs

UGH go away ibaka

How do the OKC Sterns ever lose at home?

That first half was a miracle.. The Thunder are just soooooooo much better.

Can these refs call one foul on OKC?

The refs are simply trying so hard to give OKC this game

Nets FO should give $1k every time Evans hit a FT to cpay off his flopping fees...

No foul? He got karate chopped in the wrist

How dare you suggest the Thunder foul! What's your problem man?!

Lol at Westbrook. I don't like him that much.

OKC jumps at every pump fake

These guys like to block shots. Chill young thunder cats

Love how fast the Thunder get it down and drain the jumper. Takes them like 8 seconds per possession

I know how to fix the 3qrt problemsDuring half time drive the team around the building and then drive back in, Then tell them the game is about to start and its the 1qrt again

Okc getting all the calls

DWill should just take it hard to the whole instead of passing to hump

it's hard with Perkins and Ibaka in the middle.

Thunder are fouling the hell out of us and refs arent calling it

Its always like that at home for the Thunder

Stern is sooo desperate for this Thunder team to be good... So people will forget about Sonicsgate.

Nets have gotten 0 calls

Durant thinking about how much he missed Harden right now and how much he wishes they traded Westbrick instead.

Please do leave durant open for 3 Please don't leave martin open for 3 Please let westbrook chuck up whatever he wants

Okay let's not leave #35 open again for the rest of the game okay? Cool?

No one is going to be able to contain Martin

Damn JJ is killing Sefoloshia

The Thunder are a monster team. You have to BEAT them.

Wow refs are killing us

Oh wow we are in bonus? RUN AT THEM RUN AT THEM RUN AT THEM

Good news is OKC over the limit. Bad news is Nets getting no calls

We'd BETTER capitalize on the fact that we are in the bonus this early

Haha were in the bonus Westbrook....(sticks tounge out)

Westbrook being Westbrook

Shawty want be a thug

Love those drunk obnoxious fans in okc. Why cant we get that in Brooklyn

Who paid the ref to be on our side this quarter?

Is this the last 4 minutes where Westbrook keeps taking shots and missing them?

Man westbrook is playing really well for us so far

DWILL has killed Westbrook today

LOL Durant ejected

Yes! Durant crying like a baby and Nets keep rolling!

Haah never seen Durant curse before

This is pretty sad......isn't Durant a notorious Good guy

This is great though. Getting KD ejected with this much time left is great. No crazy clutch shots.

I have never seen Durant do anything poor to the sport or immature I am disappointed in him

LOL.. We did it.. We got Durant first Ejection! We made him mad :D

Lol The fans booing like they haven't lost a game before. Spoiled.

Wow. This crowd is not havin it.

Okc doesn't know what basketball is

Can't believe we got calls in OKC, Durant was in disbelief too

He only got 4 FT attempts that's why he's whining...

THANK YOU RUSSELL WESTBROOK I always watch the thunder and he does this all the time. Finally he did it against us

No he does not He did it tonight, but does not always do this. If he did, do you mind telling me how they have the best record? And even if he did do it, they still have the best record so it doesn’t hurt them at all

Because they have another guy named Kevin Durant to bail him out They will not win a championship with Westbrook he gets way too confident and does what he did tonight a lot

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