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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Suns 1/14

It was refreshing to read through the boards and not see them blaming the refs for their loss.  This may be the first one all season.    It's always sad to see a fan base cheering for losses and lottery balls even before the All Star break.   Love how they started out trashing Russ's game and then complain about how he was killing them.  I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

Back to the losing streak

Well...ya just never know...bet there aren't any of us that thought the Suns would beat the Bulls either.

Ibaka out. Dudley out.Both teams missing a starter – must make it even right?

Don't know why but I really do not like KD.

OKC is tired they got in at 5AM. We should have 20 wins with the amount of opponents we get on b2b's.

Westbrook takes some bad shots A 22 footer in Dragic’s face with 20 second son the clock? YOUCH!


And that’s while ignoring an open guy on the break.

Thunder looking like the best in the NBA Knows they are playing one of the worst. Suns used to do this when the shoe was on the other foot.

As long as arrogant Westbrook fires up way more shots than Durant, we have a better chance

What's on the back of Thabeets head?

He's got a hole in his head

I never expect the Suns to win nowadays so I'm never disappointed ;)

Time to take Beasley out. Today it's not his day.

He's fine, he just has to stop trying to create from the perimeter.

Let me fix that for you He’s fine, he just has to stop trying to create from the perimeter playing basketball.

Maybe the WNBA is more down Beasleys aisle. I mean, he kinda has the hair for it.

Is that Thabust guarding Gortat? We should go at him

....and just like that, Thabeet blocks him

Dragic guarding Westbrook is just hard to watch.

Oh well stealth tanking activate!

This team is more boring to watch than I anticipated it would be

Losing a lot of games is quite boring, no matter who’s playing

We have started our epic colapse early this game Why wait till the second half when you can go into the locker room at halftime feeling like garbage??

Dragic's defense on Westbrooks consists of flailing his arms around And tripping while Westbrooks goes past you.

Westbrook now toying with Dragic, just posting him up.

Dragic is lost somewhere on a screen And Westbrook is pounding us

Can we just put Telfair on Westbrook or something, Dragic needs to go take a nap.

So it's fun get abused like this he?

Westbrook is killing us!  

Difference between Suns and Thunder... You get a pair of Suns tickets if you test-drive a Kia. You get Thunder tickets only if you buy one.

Westbrook 23 pts, great job Tragic

Dragic needs a comb.

I'd go for a full haircut. And a talent injection

I just think it's hilarious how Gentry just watches the abuse the entire time and doesn't make a single substitution I guess that’s what horrible coaches do.

What is he supposed to do, substitute horrible players for more horrible players.

Suns almost look like they want to not lose Fooling me a bit

The Suns will win this game. You can already see OKC falling apart. They're tired.

Beas trying to play KD tough and doing his best but KD is really just too good.

Okay we have to win this. Hasheem Thabeet is literally trying to hand us the win.

Suns have been the beneficiaries of some reeeeeally bad officiating the last few minutes. Especially when Gortat met Durant in the air... I cant believe they didn't call that foul.

Beas got so beat there Thank the officials for not calling anything

Woah I don't think I have seen Beasley shoot this many FT's ever

Angry Perkins is angry.

Beas just can't shoot.

OH, HE CAN SHOOT ALL RIGHT-- Just can’t make any

Thabeet is stunningly awful. I cant believe they play him as much as they do. The Thunder would benefit dramatically by a Gortat trade.

See. Beas is not the worst player in the league. Thabeet and Fields are worse

Must be nice to have a player like Durant he Someone who can close out a game

Holy crap... Durant just made a poster out of Beasley and Gortat.

Gortat needs to start charging for all the posters he's featured in

Nice of us to give Durant a 40 point game

Can't stand Westbrook, he's such a d***he, I enjoyed the Heat beat that fool.

Suns got our hopes up But the Thunder showed they are by far the better, even on the road on the 2nd night of a back to back

Durant and Westbrook will eventually leave, particularly if they are unable to bring in a championship. OKC has like one stop light in the entire city, not going to attract good free agents. They built their team up through the draft by sucking complete ass for the last decade and made some pretty good picks (Durant/Westbrook/Harden). Their FO has their stuff together, surely more than ours does.

Props to OKC for being gracious and humble victors, certainly not arrogant like some of the other form teams which is why I'll be rooting for them in the playoffs.

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