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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Mavs 1/18

Mavs fans complain a lot about the officials.  They also complain a lot about their own players.   In fact, I think they complained more about their own players than they did about the Thunder's players.   I'm always amazed when fans wish death or injury on someone.   That's just wrong.  I've highlighted a few of my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

Refs decide to call collison for all actual fouls on dirk, collison fouls out in 6 defensive possessions.

I wonder, would the Thunder have been better if they kept Harden and let go of Westbrook?

Not even close. There's a legitimate argument that Westbrook is the 4th best player in the nba.(one I agree with btw)

Too bad we didn't catch them during Ibakas injury.

Given how good of a performance the Mavs showed against OKC last outing, I can see a win but I wouldn't put any money on it.

I don't think dirk is gonna have a good game. He moves his feet well, but its gonna be harder for him to take shots over Perkins or ibaka.

The Thunder uniforrms are ugly.

Fixed: The Thunder are ugly.

OJ Guards Westbrook pretty well actually, well as well as one can guard Westbrook.

Last time OKC was in Dallas they swept them out of the playoffs, time to get some retribution

Just try not to have durant score 40.

Thunder already getting some calls here.

Durant cant be touched....its funny how Dirk and Durant are nearly the same height yet Durant is treated with kid gloves by the refs and there hss to be blood for Dirk to get fouls called for him most of his career.

The Thunder get so many horeshit calls. Biggest pampered team in the league.

This games over if the refs are going to call a foul every single possession.

Somebody gotta hard foul Westbrook or he's going to be going to the basket like that all night. They need to foul his ass and make him thing about doing that shyt!!!!

I hate Dahntay Jones. ******* selfish piece of ****.

We can't stop KD.

Well westbrook is in shoot mode so that helps

Annoying Ibaka blocks

Trade Mayo for a chair

This Collison v Westbrook things works in our favor. I prefer when Westbrook gets in scoring battles with his matchup, it makes him play more risky. Maybe collision can annoy him enough to get him playing out of control…

19 points for Westcrook and Durant Grr

Drop that bitch ibaka for me.

Thank You Brand. **** Ibaka

Hard fouls aren't cheating, just part of the game. Wish it was Durant, maybe next time

For the life of me and we do it every time we play Durant, is why we run under those screens and he drains 3 after 3 after 3

Thunder have a real shot at the title, so damn good

The way to beat OKC is to be more physical. That’s what Miami did. They’re incredibly talented, but westbrook/durant/ibaka are all kinda slender and are all more finesse players that depend on athleticism

The Thunder are better than us, that’s a safe bet to make

I feel like a brawl is about to break. Punch ibaka westprick and perky for me.

I hate perk.

I like a pissed T'd up westbrook.

Yeahh, he plays out of control

Martin one of the great floppers

We never have anyone flying in like that They have that on every possession

OKC is still a bunch of greenhorns. They get too excited about themselves and forget to pull away...

Did we not read the scouting report where it said Ibaka is one of the best mid-range shooters in the league?

Thunder just clowning around...they're not even trying hard. Joke of a game, pretenders vs. Contenders

You know Dirk secretly wants to be traded.

I do wonder sometimes.....would you be motivated to play with a bunch of scrubs, when you have won the MVP & Championship? Kobe would be livid.

Losing to the Thunder is the worst. Not a single likeable player on that team.

What's wrong with Durant? Seems like a great kid.

I've been stiffed by Durant probably 6 or 7 times. You are right though, he is a great kid at marketing himself as a great kid.

I think Durant is quite likeable. Doesn't make a big fuss of himself, plays a nice style. Seems like a good guy.

I honestly think if we had Westbrook on this team, put him in at center he'd rebound better than these guys.

Durant, you're likable but why are you so good :(

Damn, westrbook and durant are killing us

Dirk's incredibly lazy on D And awful on O

Who the hell is a liggins.

These officials are horrible

OJ will never win anything in this league. Loser DNA.

Kaman is scared...Perkins got into his head and now he's toast

They keep leaving Durant and he keeps hitting it!!!!!! That is not rocket science!!!

Westbrook What a spectacular implosion this quarter

Hero-ball mode. Love when he goes into it.

Stupid refs giving them gifts

Refs are clearly biased towards OKC

Find a way to foul out perky especially

OJ Mayo has no brains.

This is the most pathetic excuse for a team I've seen since the 90's.

Refs calling tons of phantom fouls while letting us get mugged all over the place.

Liggins is a defensive beast...I wanted the Mavs to sign him for cheap this summer but nope.

OKC Thunder, darlings of the NBA

Don't breathe on durant, it might be a foul.

Durant throws himself into Mayo and that’s a foul on OJ? Hell no…

Thought they stop calling that durant rip threw

I'm tired of coming up short against this team Refs are really bailing OKC out

Mayo is so unclutch in the 4th its crazy! Take that bum out of the game he is losing it

And if we win...we still the suck.

That's why I hate Durant. His game is extremely gimmicky. That rip move is bullshit.

Game over. ****. Same old mavs. I hate the NBA

That's a foul on Brand? Are you kidding me? Handing the damn game to OKC on a platter.

OKC is too good...this is their time in the Western Conference. Only the Clippers can stop them in the West because of CP3.

A huge part of what makes Durant a superstar is he gets favorable treatment from the refs + he's a great free throw shooter.

Then they complain they don't get away with something again.

Even if u breathe on Durant its a foul. Really unfair.

No wonder okc don't lose much... Every little thing is a foul. **** this BS.

Someone needs to Tonya Harding Mike James

Fouled the three point shooter...tsk tsk FINALLY! A call.

Hope KD is injured.....

Crap, 50 for Durant

KD stealing dirk's shot

Durant is soooo good DAMN

Durant gets so much special treatment.

Refs giving OKC the game once again

LOL @ Durant arguing over an obvious foul. Oh the irony.

I hate Durant so much but that shot was amazing.

I hope Durant gets catfished.

KD is unstoppable...we won't have an answer for him for the next 10 years. The only player that can stop him is LeBron. This is his conference now

I've lost count of how many times has Durant ****** up my hopes and dreams

I hope Mike James dies.

Thanks for the kind words KD. If you didn't have Ibaka, Porkins and Westchuck on your team, I wouldn't hate OKC.

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