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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Suns 12/31

Suns fans seem like a nicer bunch than most.   Kind of feel sorry for them as their front office hasn't been the best at evaluating talent.  I wonder if they often think about the fact that they drafted Rajon Rondo and then gave him to Boston for "cash considerations."     I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours?  I want to wish all my Thunder friends a very Happy New Year.

Wow, home jerseys on the road look really weired. I have the feeling that this game could end really ugly.

Thunder are wearing their crappy blue Unis w/ the team name stripe down the side of the front. Really weird looking. Do not like.

I like them.

The Thunder's court and uniforms hurt my brain.

Kendrick Perkins scowling already. Oh, how I dislike him.

Why does everyone shoot threes so well against us??? Ibaka?!?! Cmon....

Tucker brings good energy in the court. I like it.. Brown is just catch and shoot guy

No brown is a catch and dribble out the shot clock then put up a terrible shot guy.

My brother moved to Oklahoma for his Masters, and now he's a Thunder fan. He even has a sweatshirt. It makes me so sad.

Kevin Durant is just too good...

Just because Westbrook flails his arms like a fish out of water doesn't mean its a foul

The Thunder shoot the second most free throws per game And are 84.6% AS A TEAM.

The commentator said that the Thunder have more free throws makes than some teams have free throw attempts.

That's a smart, opportunistic team to be able to do that.

Having arguably the 2nd best player in the world doesn't hurt.

Two fouls on Westbrook. Gotta like that.

Yep, its a matchup of who flails their arms more to get calls. Goran is winning.

I can't stand Westbrook, he's such an arrogant whiny prick. Lol

Hasheem Thabeet = LOL. Imagine Memphis with Harden instead of thabeet

Anybody know the story with Hasheem Thabeet's hair?

I think it looks like a Christmas bow...

How was that a foul on Tucker?

Clearly you haven't watched Kevin Durant play enough

Superstar calls. I wish the Suns had one of those.

Happy New Years Eve! What better way to spend it than again losing to OKC on the road.

Pretty sure there's a line in Auld Lang Syne about the Suns losing to the Thunder.

Has anyone else thought about how stupid a name Serge is?

Pretty sweet name for a soda though.

I like it Because when he dunks I yell “POWER SERGE!”

You have seen Gentry's late game plays, right?

Gentry to Telfair: “What I want you to do is catch the ball, run past halfcourt, and heave up an airball at least a half second after the buzzer so I will look like an idiot again. You got that?”

The Suns get no respect from the refs

Always the same story against OKC. Unwatchable team in my opinion.

I hate them more than the Lakers.

Thabeet butterfingers

Oh right, now I remember The Thunder let you hang around for awhile, then bury you in an avalanche of scoring at some point in the game.

The Thunder are the defending Western Conference champs And they have better young, developmental players than the Suns in Lamb, Jackson and Perry Jones.

It is depressing that a championship contender has a brighter future

They have Toronto's top 3 protected pick, too.

Forgot about that. That is just swell isn't it? That Harden trade was just magnificent

They have nailed every single draft pick they have had, more or less

We should kidnap their Front office, coach and players, but they can keep their fashion designer.

I never understood why Thabeet keeps that comb in his hair while playing...

Shannon Brown really looks like He couldn’t care less about this basketball game.

He is mad that he didn't start; he used to pout whenever he got less PT than usual when he was on the Lakers

If you were to graph his season's performance, you’d get a sine wave

Naw, more like a fiscal cliff...

Westbrook making Dragic look foolish.

Westbrook backing Goran down And hooping all over him..

I'm starting to think OKC may have the superior talent.

Don't worry, we are one step closer to Shabazz!

I think we need Shazam...

Those guys at suns live post game have hard work. Talking after losing games day after day – and they have to look at positives

Positives? Well let's see. There were no fatalities and the OKC crowd was fairly polite. That’s about all I got.

Our defence - come on we held OKC under 120

it’s always darkest before the dawn, right?

I think the saying goes, “It’s always darkest when you’re dead and buried.” But I could be wrong.

I believe the complete saying is, “It’s always darkest when you’re dead and buried in a black hole, with Beasley as your ‘star’ player.”

At least we had better uniforms Thank OKC tonight, even if we weren’t the better basketball team.

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