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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - Lakers 1/11

It's getting pretty bad in Lakerland and I have to say I'm enjoying it. I don't care how much you don't like a team, it's classless to wish serious injury on their players. It was good to see a couple of Lakers fans calling them out on it. So much Westbrook hate - I guess that just means he's good  And of course, there are the ever present ref complaints.    I know you enjoyed the game, I hope you enjoy today's comments.

The turn around game.

People who got tickets to this game should get refunds.

Seeing Durant and Westbrook is worth it

Hopefully KD goes down with a knee injury at the beginning of the game and we steal the W.

Wishing injuries on other players is bad karma and more importantly, inhumane.

Does any Thunder fan feel pity for our injured players? Is Kevin Durant a Laker? Win at all costs.

I doubt any OKC fans would wish injury on any of our players

Well,mention them MWP and we'll see

Lets just hope westbrick chokes tonight

Westbrook will act like a punk again

Westbrook annoys the hell out of me, especially when he is lighting us up.

I hope Durant gets the runs.

We're a team OKC is just toying with ... that's the "new" reality of this matchup .

We need MWP elbow show up on KD and RW for us to win the game

I'm thinking of getting good and drunk well before tip-off. I want to be inebriated by halftime, that way I won't really understand what happens until Saturday afternoon anyways.

Dangerous game for OKC, Lakers are a wounded animal, angry, and hungry.

Earl Clark is going to lock Durant up

NO ONE can lock him up. Not even LeBron. Let's just hope we can CONTAIN him. But I'm more worried about Westbrook.

If I see Russel Westbrick act like a spoiled prick at any point during this game I'm going to be hot and wish for a Ron Artest elbow to the cranium! He acts like such a spoiled **** sometimes! Dude needs to win something before spouting off the way he does. Such a classless bitch!!!

OKC scores so easily, we really need slow down this game.

These refs are horrendous.

Kobe looks horrible tonight. I won't comment on MWP since he looks terrible in every game, and shouldn't be on the floor ever.

This team just owns the Lakers souls. I never feel like we can beat them every time we play

Tied in first quarter without three of our big, we still have chance guys

I hate Perkins

Wow, refs already bsing us. Bogus foul.

Perkins is a big enough star to get bailouts, I guess

Hard to win with refs so biased


OKC getting more calls than us.

OKC are crap when Durant and Westbrook are on the bench...

See what happenes when their starters play? We suck

This whole team is bums. Coaching staff included.

You can hear a pin drop in the building.

Good first qtr...Earl Clark doing work early.

Keep Clark drop gasol

Gasol can be water boy

Water is too aggressive.

You cant even look at someone on the thunder without it being a foul

I don't think I've ever wanted to punch anyone in the face as much as I want to punch westbrook when he does his ridiculous cocky faces

Seriously man. Makes my blood boil when I see that crap. By FAR the player I hate the most in the league

I am sick of watching Kobe Bryant play no defense, not run back, and put his teammates in bad positions.

Oh Man this crowd is so out of it. No wonder we kinda suck at home.

I keep waiting for us to get fair calls in any game!!

Westbrook is too strong and athletic.

I hate Westbrook so much, Metta should have elbowed him not Harden. Well, I guess there is always a second chance...

How does Metta World Trash have 8 shots already

Can someone plz shoot metta

I hope Nash will retire soon.....he is too old for this, just go home and enjoy

Hey at least OKC is under 60% FG....at 59%. We're doing something right on defense.....right?

it's just so sad how Kobe gets hammered on every drive and rarely gets calls. On the other hand, westbrook/kd/harden/James get such easy fouls majority of the time they drive

KD is trying to kill us

I wanna see KD put up 60. Entertain me, humiliate them. Do it MVP KD.

Steve Nash, worst defensive player in Laker history for sure...

This is just what the Thunder need, home court advantage IN LOS ANGELES.

Man you really can't touch durant. it's amazing, how then are you supposed to even defend him? Someone injure this bleep

Durant is the best player in basketball...maybe Lebron. That much is clear.

When will this team learn they cant win if they just chuck up threes.

When MDA is fired

Sefalosha has never fouled Kobe. According to Thabo.

OKC bench sucks

So tired of Durant flailing and getting gimme calls.

Anytime we get momentum count on refs

Just let Durant take free throws every time, why even bother to pretend anymore refs?

OKC getting wayyy too many BS Calls!!

I think Metta World Peace just likes to grab onto people, period.

Elbow time metta...elbow time...


Impossible to stop a team when the refs don't allow them to EVER lose momentum.

Artest ruined the flow of the game. I despise him so much. So selfish.

At least the thunder ended this game early so most of us don't get our hopes up all the way to the end only to have them destroyed.

I hate Westbrook

I hate russells face

Man...refs are just dying to give westbrook the whistle. They can't wait.

Westbrook is SO GOOD

Artest is beyond worthless.

Westbrook always brings it vs. The Lakers and plays like a complete bum against the Heat.

Someone hit westbrook with a elbow,punch or just undercut him when he jumps. I hate that guy

Westbrook has a face of a cartoon character

I can't stand Durant. Something about the kid bugs the hell outta me.

I [expletive]ing hate Westbrook

Westbrook should get a flagrant foul for having an ugly face

We've become the Charlotte Bobcats

Lmao westbrook and durant are wolves and were bbq chicken. There playing wit us

Great block by Perkins. Very underrated player

Forget old or unathletic, we have too many low IQ players on our team.. You can tell by the dumb looks on their faces

Can we please fire this defenseless coach?!

Kobe for three!!! OMG WE'RE ONLY DOWN BY 20 POINTS!!!

Collison looks like Jake gyllenhaal and shrek had a baby.. And I hate him

Durant is hands down the best scorer in the league. Unbelievable that hes only 24 years old, only to get better

Come on fans make some noise any kind of noise lol

At least the thunder didn't get 100 by the end of the third quarter

I feel bad now for ever blaming Mike Brown. It wasn't his fault.

Durant is back in the game? WOW that's kind of low.

Bleep OKC, up by 16 and they sub in KD while Kobe is resting already? They are asking for it

Your're not supposed to wish injury on anyone but I wouldn't feel bad if westbrook turned an ankle. I can honestly say a dislike him more than Perkins

Booooooooooooooo... Ya'll hear that?

They are being generous just shouting that

A Westbrook injury would not make me sad.

Westbrook, I hope that sack of (bleep) doesn't ever win (bleep). He's right behind Wade in the list of players I hate the most.

Martin is so awkward. How does his shots goes in?

Okc could beat us 4 against 5

KD 20 points away from outscoring the Lakers single-handedly

I think they put a warped basket on our end... And moved it at half time... We should complain to the league or something.

Staples sounds like a church during a funeral...

KD/Westbrook - 61 pts Lakers - 76

I seriously wouldn't mind a hard @!# flagrant 1 or flagrant 2 on KD/Westbrook..where is the pride? They're just TOYING.

We could use cliff Paul right now

I've never said this about a player but if Russel Westprick has a career ending injury it won't bother me. **** karma!\

OKC nice regular season team......still won't win a title. You can bank that and tell'em I said it

Even Perkins is falling asleep...

I figured out the problem......................The other teams are just big meanies who don't like us

We can't even start a tank bandwagon because we got no picks lol

WestCrook I'm NOT letting him get to me. He rubs it in to every crowd in every arena the same way. Some players thrive on being the villain.

Our crowd is so pathetic. Can't even boo correctly.

At least Kobe's not laughing on the bench like Howard.

Look at the thunder bench just laughing and all happy....smh

Kobe is pissed and d12 is smiling........wtf Trade that big idiot

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