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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Clippers 1/22

I love all the complaints about KD getting super star treatment.  KD shot 3 free throws.  Griffin shot 10.  Do they watch the games or just make comments on what they think might happen?   Some fun comments tonight.  As always, I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

Clippers will blow them out by 20 !!!

Beating the Thunder will more than make up for losing to GSW yesterday, as that catapults us back to #1.

I say rest cp3, he needs to take his time and get healthy. Bledsoe is more than capable of holding his own against westbrook, especially with the game being at home, bledsoe thrives off the home crowd

If the refs don't bail them out with 42 ft's for westbrook and durant, we win easy. Simple as that

The Thunder simply cannot match the Clippers' bench unless they maximize the 7'2" Hasheem Thabeet who's looked good this season in 11 mpg.

Vinny better tell the team not to breathe on or look at Durant... After all, that isn’t allowed. How many freebies will Durant get tonight: 30? 40?

Wussell Restbwook? Did I miss an inside joke….?

It’s happened a few times, but it was probably two seasons when it happened the most… Ralph would get a little tongue-tied trying to say the name and it would come out a little Elmer Fudd-like… We’ve called him Wussell Restbwook off and on around here ever since.

I think OKC people thought we were calling him a wuss

He’s anything but a Wuss… simply an Elmer Fudd thing. If anything we’re poking a little fun at our friend Ralph.

Yeah, he's not a wuss. A chucker, yes. But not a wuss.

I want revenge. I want blood. I want a Beyond the Clipperdome-type deathmatch where two teams enter but only one team leaves. I really don’t know how or when it happened—probably somewhere between the Perkolater trying to kill Blake and Wussel running around like a damn fool after a regular season win over Dallas—but OKC has become far and away my most hated team in the NBA.

OKC has pretty much been a model franchise since they moved. Clear out everyone, and stink it up for a few years, and hope you get your superstar in the draft.

I’ve never liked Russell Westbrook’s attitude. I don’t know it always bothered me. Similar to Rondo, they just have a bad attitude to everyone on the court. At least they have talent to back it up

There's plenty of reasons to hate OKC. Westbrick is an a-hole. Kevin Durant’s fake humble act grew old by the time he started screaming the F-word at refs.

The Thunder are by far the most ref-reliant team in the league, and IMO, their record is completely inflated as a result. Their fans are bandwagon and have never faced true hardship with their team. And of course, SONICSGATE.

This just made me depressed. Grant Hill was born in 1972. Only one player (Nick Collison) on the OKC Thunder was born before 1982.

FSN just labeled OKC the clipper’s nemesis.

Chris Webber just say Westbrook is the best PG in the NBA

Webber is an IDIOT!

Westbrook is by far one of the worse PGs

he's the best point guard named Russell, I'll give him that

I never could stand playing against Kevin Martin. It doesn't matter what team he was on.

And the free calls for durant begin

I'm DVRing this game so I can rewatch the Thunder get an ass beating by us.

Stop chucking Bledsoe! You're imitating Westbrook.

And Ibaka is the best mid range shooter, whoever's guarding him has to be on him, TIGHT

Here comes Kevin the Flopping Stick Martin.

Can Bledsoe be any MORE HORRIBLE!??? ****!

I hate Kevin Martin.

Nice 2 on Perkins

I love Collison Like he just does everything right.

I’m pretty sure Kevin Durant isn’t this bad

You’re open for a reason Bledsoe.

Bledsoe doing his Westbrick impression.

Ugh KD so gud

We need a new stat called the Westbrook. When a player is the only one on his team to touch the ball in the front court, takes at least 10 dribbles, and then shoots. Guess who leads the league?

You can blame Brooks and Durant for some of that. He’s asked to do what he does and there’s a ton of times where Durant just stands there looking lost on offense. Westbrook doing what he does helps them ultimately.

I'm fine with Westbrook going into Kobe mode Even if he gets hot it just takes touches away from Durant and gets him out of rhythm

Martin was such a better fit for them than Harden.

Worried about Kmart and Durant 3ball fest.

And the inevitable Durant parade to the line.

That was a another offensive foul.. Ffs Money whoring ref$

Its 5 vs 8 when you face OKC.

Some terrible calls against us. Refs love Durant way too much.

Durant is overrated without his BS shooting calls.

If the ref is playing for okc, and the ball hits the ref whos out of bounds, then isnt it out on the thunder

Wait a second here. Kevin Durant got called for an OFFENSIVE foul?!

Durant might want to watch punching the post. I remember when Q Ross did it and injured his hand.

Where is the tech?

He has to smack a ref around to get a T

Thabeet. Go away.

KD gets more superstar calls than Jordan these days.

Durant is like a 7 foot Jamal Crawford.

With the ref treatment he gets, he's more like JOEY Crawford.

Does KD ask for a foul every single time he drives or Am I letting my hate for OKC skew my perspective?

that's pretty much it. He’s a crybaby.

I mean if they're gonna get fouls everytime they drive We might a well, you know, actually foul them

Why the F is Westbrook taking the final shot of a half I mean I hate that guy more than Z Bo now But still give it up to KD you moron

Can we pay harden to stay in okc over Kevin martin? ... I don't remember harden even mattering vs us. Same time I don't remember KM not killing us

Did u see russy laugh with the ref? They could be up to an agreement

I'm waiting for a Gilbert Arenas-type incident in the Thunder locker room so that Westbrook would be forced to abandon his pistol celebration.

Really just because okc complains about a call they get it?

Refs are unbeliavable!

Last thing we need... Durant warming up while we give up wide open 3's. Say goodnight folks.

Chris Paul or not, thunder showing why they are the best team in the nba right now.

It's just not fair. If you combine the wingspan of Westbrook, Sefalosha (sp), Durant, and Ibaka, you have about a mile.

Thunder are shooting 58 percent from the field, 59 percent from deep ON THE GAME.

"We don't have Chris Paul. We don't have Chris Paul. We don't have Chris Paul. We..."

Clippers making a run but it brings your hopes down to know that durant is on the other team and is about to check in. there's literally no answer for him

Hahah OKC's bench yelling "Shoot It" to Caron Hahah that’s what you do on the blacktop to guys who suck

I'm surprised Russel didn't pull out the pistols for that one

Westbrook always looks offended when he gets called for a foul

there's one of those gift fouls to Durant

Westbrook running his mouth hard. I hate losing to teams who talk so much!

Kevin Durant is so ugly.

Wish that ugly MF'r was on our team.

There is no stopping Durrant....unless he gets hurt..we will need new game plan to combat him in the WC Finals

Now Durant dunks and does a monkey dance. Yup such a humble, likable guy.

Well, all they have to do now is somehow manage to dodge OKC, GS and SA in the playoffs and everything will be good.

KD is pretty good Does he really need to be lucky also?


Umm cause G Hill is 40 and doesn't get up like he used to?

This Durant is possessed

Can someone please hack him like seriously 5/6 you deserve to get put on your butt once

It should illegal to have players like Kevin Durant in the NBA

Kd falls and its auto foul. Lol

I hate RW I hate Sefalosha I hate Kevin Charity Stripe Durant I hate ugly ass Perk

Staples is louder for the Thunder than the Clippers

Can we trade caron butler and DJ for Kevin durant

Lets put durant on his ass once tonight pls!

The entire game is changed with CP3

The worst thing to me about it is that I had to see westbrooks stupid f***ing face all game

When Lebron guard Durant and vice versa How does superstar calls work? I feel like that type of situation would make a referee’s head explode

They give the foul to Thabeet or Joel Anthony, both of whom are on the bench.

I honestly believe that some of Durant's calls happen because he is so skinny Contact is clearly exaggerated because he goes up against stronger guys.

They seriously complain for fouls every single time Westbrook is like an annoying little bitch brother who is living in the shadow of his older brother

Iso Westbrook is a reason why I love our chances against OKC Well, Westbrook in general.

That was just an amazing second half by Durant. They are a damn good team. Westbrook makes mistakes, But his positives far outweigh his negatives. Hell he has never missed a game since high school. That's an amazing thing in itself.

OKC is great, but they're still a jump shooting team. If those shots don't fall, they can be beat.

Why didn't Odom foul Durant on that dunk attempt?

It would've been a flagrant 2 plus a one-month suspension.

Someone knock martin on his ass please...

That pencil legged skinny ass Martin with the rebound? Knock that **** into the 3rd row.

How can Martin not get a technical? He threw a kick. And slapped someone in the face.

With the starting pointguard in the western conference all-star game and MVP candidate is sitting on the bench and it wasn't a blowout I still think we are a better basketball team.

I hate to use excuses but if CP played tonight we would have won

Since when has Ibaka been a jump shooter?

How the hell do you guard Kevin Durant Good enough shooter to stay close but too tall and arms are too long to really defend him adaquately. Quick enough to beat you off the dribble. And high enough BBIQ (yum) to make some quality basketball plays, especially when double teamed.

You can’t guard him. You just really can’t.

Seriously it's not fair CHEATER. He uses PEDs to make his limbs longer.

I think he underwent limb lengthening on his arms I mean come on

Not to mention his superstar calls, just need to hope he's having an off night

GIF of the night


Enjoy it OKC. We'll get you next time.

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