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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Sixers 1/4

The Sixers weren't a particularly chatty group. They spent most of the game threads complaining about their own team. They definitely liked the Thunder more than their own players. It's always a bit sad to see fans talking about their lottery pick before the All Star break. And for once, the complaints about the officiating were minimal.  I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

The Sixers more than likely end up on the wrong side of the fence again... Just too many weapons... But it could be a turning point with a win...


LMAO... Now if we can only get a Perkins, KG, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce just maybe it would all be possible...

Shoot, if we can just get Perkins I'd do a back flip!!

I don't suppose the refs will like us very much in this game...

This will be a game that we come out hot and get up 13-15 points and lead wire to wire and then lose it in the last 5 minutes because we suck

Let’s foul out their whole team!

We're getting a few calls tonight. I don't know if that'll be enough to counteract our coaching handicap.

Durant isn't shooting too well at the moment so it's tight. We're getting plenty of calls at the moment too!

The Thunder are playing terribly. We need to take advantage.

To be fair, you kinda want Westbrook to think he's god early. Hopefully he will then shoot them out of it,....or destroy us.

HAHAHAHAHawes. We’ve always complained about him not being able to get contested rebounds. But now he can’t even get the uncontested ones.

The rage of his inner Sonic fan is sapping his focus.

I love everything about the OKC franchise.

Durant gets to the rim easily.

These fouls Durant draws make me cringe

Like the way the defenders are getting physical with Durant – he’s tall, but he’s not super thick.

Too bad he uses his annoyingly long arms to flail around and get cheap calls

Damn you Ibaka you are a beast

I want to cry when I think we drafted speights that year over him

Watching this team is like pulling teeth with no vicodin readily available

We pound the rock for 30 seconds and then westbrook drives in for a layup in 2 seconds.

Spencer Hawes could be outrebounded by a salamander.

They have real players on their team lol

Man westbrook is uber quick

I love Russell Westbrook's game

I love that his game drives people nuts.

Same. Sometimes he overshoots but he goes 100% all game

We are the dumbest team in the league

This is what you get when your coach publicly says he will never pull anyone for taking any shot. I've had enough of the Collins era. I realize the team isn't good but he just isn't doing a good job

Thabeet shootin jumpers on us I'm sick

Dang Durant that dunk was sick.

What arse holes lol... Why is Durant, Ibaka, and Westbrook still out there in a blowout game.

Kevin Martin is just not missing..

They third unit out there working us out and finishing with thabeet getting a and 1 smh

The good news is that the Celtics are up nearly 20 on the Pacers. So the Sixers go from the 15th pick in the draft to the 11th pick just like that... I'm telling we gonna get a top pick this year to salvage this BS...

Well at least we got to see Hawes being posterized

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