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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Nuggets 1/17

Once again, the Thunder were handed the the game by the refs even though the Nuggets shot 11 more free throws than the Thunder.   Were these fans even watching the game?  I've highlighted my favorite comments in bold.  What are yours?  Enjoy today's CFTOS. 

We're getting owned so hard tonight. This is probably the least winnable game left on our schedule :(

OKC is just a really good team and they Nugs just came off a potentially energy-zapping victory. We’ll see what happens.

Easy win

I hope they keep it close at least, if they win this game I don't know what Ill do, probably get drunk.

Perhaps the Nugs should just leave Gallo, Ty, Iggy and Dre at home then ...and risk getting sued by the Thunder fans.

Can't wait to see what Iggy does to Westbrook.

Is the Thunder blog always that lame...not the writing, the comments section?

Not many people like in Oklahoma

Iggy is going to lock up on Westbrook and get him super pissed. Hopefully Westbrook runs into a JaVale Mcgee elbow while driving to the paint.

Mcgee versus thabeet is going to be glorious.

Collison is a dirty POS whose D infuriates me But he’s damn good.

I f***ng hate Russell Westbrook

Same Not as much as rondo, but I certainly don’t like westbrook

Unpopular opinion but I hate Kevin Durant

I WISH OKC WOULD PICK A COLOR! Orange, Blue, White, yellow, Navy Blue … LOSERS! :-)

Come on refs they don't need help

How is that a foul

Two words... Kevin Durant

God I hate whinebrick's face

I feel like this when I see Westbrook's face

OKC might as well be the new Lakers, they get away with murder.

We suck and the refs are even gayer. Let's just go back home now.

Looks like its time for the Nuggets annual OKC blowout/azz beating

Why are they allowed to be so physical with us inside?

Because the nba already has them as the next nba champion

Hasheem flopheet

So OKC is pretty good...

Why are they getting EVERY F***ING CALL. I haven't seen even one go our way yet

Westbrook only has 21 points in the first half


So not a foul...I really hate Kevin Martin more than any other player ever...

Whoaaaaa more than Kobe?

Hate the officials for being too stupid to do their jobs correctly.

Why must you stupid refs help them? They don't need it!

God OKC so pampered it’s sickening. Might as well foul them hard Imo.

Well I think BadRussell will score ELEVENTYBILLION points

Please someone foul Durant and Westbrook hard

I'm mad that Ty just got murdered And KD can’t be touched without shooting free throws.

Is there a louder whiney ass team than the Thunder?

The Lakers I mean Kobe is like 75% of the whining alone

I can't wait to beat these guys in the playoffs.

I hate being reminded about how much I despise Kevin Martin

Can it actually be fun for OKC fans to watch Durant/Westbrook get phantom calls literally every single time one of them drive to the hoop? Should bring in Mozgov and tell him to go knock one of them on their f***ing ass.

Can't make a run when you can't touch the other team. OKC gets so many calls it’s a joke.

I can't wait for the first time they have to go up to Seattle that’s going to be worse than LeBron’s return to Cleveland

Nick Collison will not return OKC is screwed.

I want to foul out Perkins. Can we do that?>

Foul out a guy on the thunder? You must be new here :)

I demand an appology from these refs

Do the Thunder whine about every call?

Is this a rhetorical question?

it’s clear that this team is not on the same level as OKC nor are is the officiating going to be in Denver’s favor.

OMFG they fall down and it's a foul

It's Kevin Martin. All Flop team.

This game and the reffing is bullshit

Move this team back to Seattle

Well when they are allowed to hack you relentlessly It sort of takes you out of your rhythm Imo.

I really hope we don't end up the 8th seed and playing these f***ers in the 1st round again

OKC will be the 3 seed. Book it. Schedule is about to get very tough.

And if that happens that's gonna suck because were probably getting the 6th seed


Just rest your starters and start fouling as hard as you can. Might as well get your money’s worth.

After that the refs can kiss KD's a** and buy him dinner too

I'm sure they do :)

His Grandmother doesn’t like you cussin like that.

Seriously F*** you, Oklahoma City

Westbrook, when he's hitting that midrange jumper, is pretty much unguardable, As much as I hate him

Playing where's waldo with the crowd. Trying to find a black guy. Not going to well

Seriously, put the bench in and start fouling these guys HARD.

Reggie Jackson didn't beat out Eric maynor for the backup pg role They just don’t want to pay Eric maynor a raise next year

This Nugs team will do zero damage in the playoff's, if they make it that far.

Sad but true. OKC not even sweating out there...KD was even laughing it up with Karl on the sideline in the 2nd Q

Thabeet playing out of his mind!

*things I haven't heard in years for $500

The Thunder rubbing it in is the only good news for the upcoming game against them.

If kd and westbrook played the whole game and were serious I'm guessing OKC hangs 140 or 150

Expect some elbows thrown. If they want to score 150..make it come at a price.

I know OKC isn’t invincible and they won’t be on the top forever, but I feel safe in wagering that this isn’t that year.

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