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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Wolves 1/9

Wolves fans always seem like a decent bunch.  You have to feel for them with all the injuries they have had on their team this season.  I've highlighted my favorite comments in bold.  What are yours? 

This gonna be ugly tonight

This is a trap game for the Thunder. They're about to get Shved on

The Thunder coming off a loss to Washington, and they want revenge for us knocking them off. I smell a monster blowout.

If a team that has Jen Vesely playing 15 minutes a game for them can beat the Thunder. The Wolves can tonight.

Guard rotation of three players (!!!!!!) Means we cannot afford to be even remotely physical on Westbrook. Which means… well, best not to speculate.

Glad they're going with the black jerseys tonight

Mourning the death of this team's playoff chances?

Hey! Who said Luke doesn't play D? %

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and a while

But usually they just get eaten by a fox or hawk

Nick Collison's high school record... " From 3rd grade to his Senior year in high school, the Iowa Falls Cadets only lost one game."

I forgot how huge Thabeet is His drafting looks less ridiculous when you actually see him standing next to Pek.

If only I had that size I’m sure I would suck less than him

I'll take that first quarter

I'll take any quarter that doesn't end with an injury at this point

Or the team being sold

Sac to Seattle Wolves to Sac? We could all hang at Boston’s place. He has good taste in ales.

Ah crap they put Durant in again? Yikes

This OKC team is just freakish. Would be shocking if they didn't make the finals again.

I wonder if OkC would let us borrow lamb for awhile? He would get some good minutes, and we could have more than one bench player.

OKC has some defense in this second unit And Ibaka in the first. When to score?

What the F*** is a Liggins?

Complaining after every call Is the new standard in the NBA. Lebron is by far the worst

LeBron is not even the worst on his team at complaining to the refs.

We didn't get the note that K-Mart and Durant are pretty decent shooters

Thabeet doesn't even have good fundamentals on setting screens

Did he just say OU basketball is bigger than Thunder bball?

Let's run Lou Steamer Lazar for the rest of the game and rotate the others. Save energy for the more winnable game on Fri

Wouldn't want to get fined by the NBA for resting our stars

I don't think Stern notices anything Wolves do

You're also assuming That we have stars to rest at the present moment…

Wow, Durant pushed AK and gets free throws as a reward. Disgusting.

No kidding. Not surprised by the superstar treatment. KD is untouchable when touching.

Westbrook haters not out tonight?

I'm here!



The hate doesn't even make sense.

He comes across as a bad character

I also prefer my atheletes not have psychotic breakdowns every 4th quarter

Bad character? I don't see that. I see poor fundamental basketball skills saved by an unbelievable athleticism and an abhorrent fashion sense, but bad character? Nah.

Durant is so awesome.

Seeing him play live was crazy. His arms are totally disproportionate to his body. Like an 8-footer’s arms on a 7-foot guy.

I love Durant but his career could have gone much differently If he wasn’t mysteriously sent to the line a whole lot early on on plays where there are rarely fouls called

Are OKC ever going to be whistled for the moving screens?

OKC halftime show is like The View talks basketball

Thunder should trade for somebody like James Harden... They would be an NBA finals team for sure.

Its still at halftime right? This seems like the longest half time ever

everything's longer in Oklahoma?

Now I finally know why I hate watching the Thunder team. I really don't like their isolation play based offense. I mean, they're the most efficient team in the league offensively and you can't argue with the results and I most certainly respect them for using their great players in their favor. But I think it's super ugly to watch.

I feel hopeless and helpless, this sucks, why do I care so much for a cursed franchise. *sigh*

Dang...OKC can put up points in a HURRY

Shved guarding Durant Is not optimal.

Pretty much anybody guarding Durant isn't optimal

They just need to keep feeding the Pek down low and get Perk, Ibaka and Collison fouled out .....And also westbrook/durant

I think they need to just make the rest of this a scrimmage.

They just can't miss from close Even draped by defenders

The three point shooting being crap on one side and ridiculous on the other is rapidly getting very old.

Were in the bonus and have cut it to 20!

Gonna be a long 8-10 weeks

It's been a long 6 years

At least we don't play OKC every night... Sigh. This one is just ugly.

Think the Spurs will trade us Duncan? If we asked politely?

New low Thabeet scored

James Harden just broke Moses Malone's Rockets record for most consecutive games with 25+ points. Not a franchise guy eh?

He also broke everyone's record because beard.

Differential by qtr: 0, 5, 7, 10

Yep, Fibonacci was notoriously bad in the 2nd half... And he had back spasms and awful knees.

And . . . He was white not athletic.

Sigh... Alan Horton ‏@WolvesRadio Rubio stepped awkwardly on that last drive, he’s not exactly limping but he’s certainly walking gingerly.

Who’s been doing archaeological digs? Who unearthed the angry spirits?

I'd like to believe that the team signed Lazar specifically to ward off evil spirits. Sadly his skills in this department seem to approach his actual basketball skills.

For comparison The Thunder starters have missed a cumulative total of zero games.

Across like four seasons...

Not to sound bitter or anything.......But BASTARDS.

And Westbrook has never missed. Ever. Like… Since High School.

SERIOUSLY!? Our training staff HAS to be doing something wrong. I am so baffled.

Cold weather is bad for the joints? Or maybe too much Lutefisk?

Is there a rule for what happens without enough players to play?

No shame in losing to these guys.

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