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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Rockets 12/29

There is a lot of hate for Cole Aldrich in Houston. I think I could have filled a couple pages with just the anti-Cole comments.  And they don't like Toney Douglas much better.   And like every team they talk about Russ shooting the Thunder out of the game but he always comes through in the end. Enjoy today's comments. What's your favorite?

It amazes me that OKC is 1st in offense despite having Russell Westbrook at PG To me, this is just a testament to how efficient every other player on that team is.

Not expecting much out of this game tbh. We looked pretty gassed last game and the Thunder are pretty damn good.

I'm not even thinking "win," I just want James Harden to have a good, confidence boosting performance against his old team so he can get that monkey off his back.

Come out with a couple of screens from parsons and harden to get lin to the basket. After that, westbrook will be severely offended and make it personal to the point where he takes 50 shots! We win this one in a blowout.

Memo to rockets: martin loves the three, martin makes the three.

Yo Hasheem you got some stuff in your hair.

I really wish we could get this one for Harden. But considering how tired our guys are and how good OKC is, a game of not blown-out is a good one in my book.

Oklahoma City is the #1 team in the NBA in points per 100 possessions. It doesn't matter if you try to play a plodding, half-court offense or try to run on them, they're going to get their points.

Maybe even let Westbrook have some open early looks to get his trigger finger going .. And going .. And going.. (ice out Durant)

Might as welll sit out harden, lin, parsons and take that 250k fine from stern

Backcourt gonna get doubled and trapped. Front court gonna get blocked and elbowed by Perkins and Chewbacca.

WestBrick is actually hitting his shots

Westbrook is legit. A PG with his size, speed, handles, and athleticism; why wouldn't you want him to create his own shot? He still manages to average over eight assists per game.

Hopefully Westbook shoots the Okc out of the game later.

Classless fans booed KMart.

KMart's on a mission

I hope harden isn’t going to always shoot bad vs this team

There doing that one sided foul calls thing again.

Here we go again, I've seen several fouls not called against the Thunder but no issues calling fouls against Rockets

AHa!! Westbrick is the uber-Tony! Same look in their face, same bone-headed plays.

KMartin is going to be a Rockets killer this game. There is always a killer on the opposing team.

Oh good lord! Another foul call for OKC! BS!

Damn Thabeet is 7'4"? How was he so bad for so long?

Screw you Collison. Stop playing like a little girl & hoping for all these charges. Play some real D

More crazy shots from Westbrook!!

Scary thing KD has not been scoring yet

Cole Aldrich time...

It's the big unfundamental.

Nooooooooooooo NOT COLE ALDRICH

Thunder managemetn are laughing their a55es off

This is why COle should not be in the game. Just killed our momentum

I like to think the crowd is booing Aldrich.

I’m stuck between crying and laughing when I watch Aldrich play

When did Aldrich move up in the rotation like this? What's up with Smith?

He must be sleeping With someone in the organization’s upper echelons

Knicks fans used to say that Mike Woodson must be dating JR Smith's mom So JR can jack up as many shots as he wants

JR getting the green light Is way believable compared to Cole getting minutes

That's fair JR is at least streaky. I can’t find an adjective suited for Aldrich

To be fair, Aldrich is better than Asik as a finisher. Well, really anyone is.

Once it's between The worst and second worst, I stop keeping count

Hate these flopping Thunder.

God I hate Collison

Collison is such a tool

Nick Collison is one of the best role players in the league

Agreed he does all the dirty work!

Westbrook is like kryptonite for lin. He doesn't play well against him.

it's smarter to let Westbrook shoot jumpers. He's below 40% this season. He just gets hot sometimes but better to let him chuck than let him penetrate.

Sefolosha and kmart look like brothers

Perkins can set a mean pick

There must be a trade coming up for Mr Aldrich.

Playing him does not seem like a good way to showcase him though.

Aldridge is one mark against Sam Presti's draft record. Ugh.

Another crap call on the Rockets, Aldrich mustn't in the Perkins range of 'superstar'...smh

But they're the Thunder so it's only within the rules for them.

Westbrook getting to the rim with ease. Sort it out Lin

How dare Lin be unable to guard one of the most unguardable players in the league.

There seems to be some problem with the Box Score The Thunder’s total is increasing, but the Rockets isn’t. I’m sure it’s just some sort of inexplicable glitch…

Refs controlling it.

With the big lead okc has...I'm hoping westb plays selfish and let's us back in the game.

Rockets don't match up against pogo-stick teams like OKC, Portland, and Denver.

Please inform players that next time Westbrook pulls that **** to fall on has ass as hard as you can possibly fall on him with an elbow in the back

One sided officiated game.

Harden was karate chopped on that last drive to the basket...what a load of Bull These refs are so one sided they walk with a limp.

Harden does not get the star treatment he received in OKC.

James is overrated. RIP.

The saddest thing about garbage time is COLE ALDRICH STILL GETS TO F***ING PLAY

Toney Douglas Scouting Report Needs To Improve – Basketball Playing.

Ibaka really wants to make a three. Too bad he’s been airballing them.

I thought thabeet was due to hurt someone in the 4th didn’t expect it to be collison

Jeremy Lamb will come in and hit 2 3s to end the game

Yes he seems mad at the Rockets for sending him to a championship caliber team.

Kevin Martin good chance for best 6th man this season

Lin against the Knicks is 2-0 But Harden against the thunder is 0-2

Well the knicks aren't the thunder

Morey should've kept Aldrich as an unknown quality. Now the entire league knows he's trash. Good luck trading him.

McHale getting outcoached by Scotty Brooks

I hate that smug-a$$ Martin is doing well

Aldrich with the perfect outlet to Kevin Martin...his old jersey confused him

Anyone miss K-Mart now? I love Harden, but the hate that everyone heaped on K-Mart was just dumb.

I'd rather not watch games where Cole Adrich plays Even if said game has James Harden, Kevin Durant and Jeremy Lin in the game

With the upcoming back-to-backs I’d imagine Adrich will still get some playing time if not traded

Oh good that means I might not watch Rockets games for a while I hate Cole Aldrich that much

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