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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Hawks 12/19

Atlanta is kind of the anti-OKC. As great as the support for the Thunder is in OKC, the Hawks just have a very lax fan base. They don't sell out, even for the Heat in town. And a good portion of the fans there are fans of the other teams. It's a shame because the Hawks have had some pretty good teams. There are the usual complaints about the refs and the well deserved respect for KD. Enjoy today's comments. What's your favorite?

We have this team’s number, and have had two nasty posters in our last two games against them, hopefully another one today

Wanna hear something funny, ridiculous, stupid, and Stern-licious ? Lebron hasn’t been called for a foul in the last 4 games

What does it take to get a sellout smh

The Heat or the Celtics

I also forgot that the Heat games don't sell out either

Whoa Westbrook NICE

Nonstandard camera angles make it harder for me to follow the action while drunk.

Incredible how the Thunder have turned Hasheem Thabeet into an NBA player Still a bad one, but at least he’s worthy of minutes now

Jeremy Lamb Another GA kid that got away from UGA/Tech

The ref's routine bias against us, even on our home floor, is sickening.

Westbrook is really killing us

He's seriously having an enormous first half. This is amazing. I couldn't tell how bad he was killing us til I looked at the stats. He has a full game of stats in the first half.

Thought Zaza got fouled.

He did But he’s so clumsy with the ball that you can’t call it

Teauge going LeBron


No, Chase down block

This is who we really are as a team. Offense looks putrid out there against a good team. Surprise surprise.

Typical Hawks game against a real team. Josh Smith is either absent or just trash. Larry Drew has a bad substitution pattern that hurts the team and puts them a hole they will never dig out of.

Teague probably got fouled again But he doesn’t get calls on the basis of not being Russell Westbrook or anyone cool.

Which is crazy because "Iced Teague" works so well.

OKC can turn the ball over with the best of them Hawks have to capitalize

Westbrook is trying to hang 40 on us

Can't contact the Durantula

Watching Korver guard Durant is kinda funny looking lol

Can't breathe on KD.

And Al and Josh can get mugged.

And the officials suck. Suckity suck suck suck tonight.

These refs make it real hard to watch the NBA sometimes. How in the hell was that not a foul on the Horford dunk attempt.

I vowed not to drink this week, but the comeback started with a rum and Diet Dr Pepper. This is no coincidence.

Freaking Durant I hate that he’s so awesome.

Damn Josh just got punked there! Durant blocked him 3 times in a row, then runs down court and dunks the balls on Josh and yells something like this is my house or something. That's what a real superstar looks like folks!

Did Durant just say "this is my m-fing house"?

Durant said this is my mother f-ing house lol

Ok so my lip reading skills are accurate

Hey remember when Portland didn't take Durant with the first pick? Good times….

If he had only been able to bench 185......

They prefer to take guys who have chronic injuries that will limit their careers Sam Bowie, Brandon Roy, Greg Oden….

Not much we can do about Durant. He can dunk while sitting, make a layup from 3, etc. Etc.

Ugh, Durant is so good I could be his point guard and I’d still end up with 6 assists.

Well at least we wouldn't have to see Durant again until June.

Best player in the NBA right now?

I thought he was last season.

Aww...Thabeet has a gold Christmas bow in his hair.

Bucks vs Grizzlies on ESPN Stern must’ve been away when this game was scheduled

That game should be held in a National Park.

Not much of a blog presence for the Thunder Their game thread had three comments in it tonight.

You'd figure the bandwagon would at least give them some presence.

Same ole story... 2nd raters Josh and Al get handled by the superstars Westbrook and Durant.

So many Thunder fans in Philips Where do they all come from? I know half of them have never even stepped foot in the state of Oklahoma

I kid you not... There was a kid sitting behind us on press row wearing a LeBron Heat jersey, cheering for the Thunder…


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