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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/LA 12/7

The first comment cracked me up.  I wonder how many of these Fakers fans were mans in Minneapolis.   Lots of Russ Hate. The usual ignorant comments about OKC, and of course, blaming the refs for the loss.   They are melting down and hate their own team, their new coach and expect Steve Nash to save them.  From what I can see, their defense is the biggest problem and Nash sure won't fix that!  I know you will enjoy today's comments.  I've put my favorite in bold.  What are yours?

I cannot stand these bandwagon thunder fans!!! As far as I'm concerned if they weren't sonics fans then they ain't thunder fans! I have to listen to these rednecks mouth off non stop and so far all I got in rebuttals this year is "we got 16 banners how many u scrubs got?"

I fully expect to get our asses handed to us tonight.

I think this game is winnable, it'll come down to whether or not Westbrook has a good game.

OKC is good but they're not imposing, they have flaws mainly one being it's bench. K.Martin isn't James Harden and he doesn't create for others like James did.

I wish Duhon all the best of luck in his matchup against Westbrook.

We gonna get murdered I don't even wanna watch.

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Lakers win. Book it.

Maybe it will be OKC falling into a trap game. Can you imagine that?

I bet my jefe 20 bucks on this game haha. I got the thunder

Durant gets injured, Westbrook hogs the ball and bricks all his shots I curse this okc team and pray to the devil this will all happen Friday night

One thing that OKC will always have an advantage over the Lakers is HCA. They have to be the loudest crowd in the NBA. You can hear the kicks squeaking at Staples.

But Damn, look at all of those white people.

****ing Perkins, I hate him more than PJ brown

If we don't attack martin every time down the court I'm gonna be sad. Hes the worst defender of all time.

As long as Westbrook keeps chucking we'll be in great shape. The fewer touches for Durant the better.

Martin pump fakes Kobe, one dribble, free throw line jump shot with 1 on the clock. 2 points.

Let Westbrook go off yeah great idea! Lol

Beating the thunder isnt as easy as letting westbrook go off

Apparently OKC does not foul?

I like Westbrook, but not so much right now!

Westbrook abusing the bigs. There is so much contact down low and they never call it.

Really they call Dwight for a moving pick, when Perk acts like a O lineman

Looks like the lakers wont be getting calls and the thunder will. Expected.

I am once again reminded why I hate watching the thunder. They get the whistle every single possession.

Hate westbroock the most outta any player in the nba... Just as a person, cant stand him

Man OKC gets every call.

There is no team that cab beat OKC with this officiating....its just ridiculous

Thabo plays Kobe well

Westbrook u ugly ***!!! I hate that kid

Westbrook is in my top 3 HATED players list. The guy does the worst stink face and act so tough when he is really a ****** just watch the video of him vs Artest last year lol he thinks he is so gangster. He is worse then J R Smith

Durant at the free throw line again? Damn

How is it the Thunder don't lead the NBA in FT attempts cause against us they always double our attempts. We only have Howard who gets calls consistantly they have Durrant, Westbrook, and Martin (My comment:  at this point, LA has 27 free throws to 16 for the Thunder)

Really they call Dwight for a moving pick, when Perk acts like a O lineman and moves every time!

Our guys don't sell it as well

The Thunder score every time down haha. Whether it is a FG or ft's

Hahaha OKC gonna foul out before this game is over.. Whooooo

Refs allow OKC to camp out in the paint.

I (bleep) hate Westbrook.

What the heck, don't let that scrub, Collison dunk that.

Stupid a** Meth smoking hicks. I freaking hate these dumb a** hillbillies.

Man, westbrook has elite athleticism When that jumper is dropping, there ain't nothing nobody can do

Westbrook has had a really reliable jumper for like the last two years. You can't just give him the jumper anymore cause he'll kill you with it.

I won't be surprised if KD and Westbrook outscore the Lakers tonight. I could've sworn those two combined for 90 points or something in a game once...

I jus wanna punch Perkins in the face

Chuckbrook as many games as he wins by doing this he loses hit team like twice as many. In fact I call he'll chuck the lakers right back into this thing.

OKC will never win the title with this style of play, NEVER........two players playing and other just look, you cant play like that in the finals....so if they come to the finals I will cheer for Lebron to smash this idiots one more time

This OKC team are just too athletic, too fast and too explosive

Dwight must be missing Orlando right now, he had it good over there

Free lane layup by Westbrook ! Where is Dwight ? Where is the defense !

Dwight can't shake Porkins

Refs are missing or not wanting to see a lot of fouls made against us today.

Forget about beating this team, we struggle just to stay in games with them. It's always the same story.

Nick Collison getting superstar calls ! Only in Chesapeake Energy Arena.

OKC is pretty good.

I hate watching Westbrook when he plays us he always ends up taunting like some kind of dumbass, like really, us it that serious? Act like a champion....... Oh wait he hasn't won anything never mind.

They've been fouling the hell out of us and we get no calls, but okc gets tons of touch fouls.

Once Westbrook cools down KD will pick it up. That team has a thousand damn weapons

Russell westbrook will never play that well again in his life

We were in control up until around the 8 minute mark when the refs starting screwing us.

Lakers suck. Celtics suck. Anyone willing to do a Pau for Pierce and Bass deal?

At this point, I would really consider it...I just really hate Paul pierce man

Refs not even looking to call fouls against the Thunder.

Do they play count the non white people in the crowd in okc like they do in Utah ??

These referees are so biased its killing me. Sickening

Gosh I hate Westbrook

The refs really like the thunder man; they jump into more contact than any other team and the refs reward them

I cant stand Westbrook, or Ibaka.

Artest get out there and elbow somebody.

I'm praying MWP elbows Westbrook

You could put OKC's bench against our starting 5 in the 4th and they'd probably build on their lead and blow us out by 25+.

Thabeet just scored on us?! Are we the worst defensive team?

Do they really need the refs help? They're blowing us out!!

I blame Nash he and his old bones don't heal fast enough.

Just hammer westbrook right now

Kobe is Sefolosha's ***** and will continue on being his ***** until Mamba hangs em up.

Westbrook is such trash.

Westbrook gets more calls than Kobe and Durant... Its pretty ridiculous

Does Westbrook have to show off after every bucket?

Yes it's in his contract..

Bring back Mike Brown!

To be honest, this game makes me want to drink until I can't feel feelings anymore.

Average win margin for OKC during 6 game win streak is 19 points. Why are they so good? And why are we so crappy?

Refs won't let us get close in this game.

Kobe over Perkins. Airball.

No Ibaka. You can block shots but you cannot dance w/ Psycho Ron. Not gonna turn out good for you.

World Peace fighting? He needs to change his name. What an embarrassment.

Ibaka is just a piece of (bleep).

Artest legitimately thought about choking Ibaka.

I hate Ibaka

Ibaka was making a fist and holding him!!Throw that punk *** out

Is it safe to say (since we made a nice run to get it close) that refs costed us the game?

Durant got so many FT's, no wonder why he is the league top scorer

The only way I will be happy tonight is if someone slaps Westbrook or Ibaka in the mouth

The way that Westbrook played tonight, OKC is unbeatable. No team in the NBA can come close to beating them when he's playing this way.

Next time we better find Artest an altercation earlier. It wakes the team up.

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