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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Heat 12/25

I really have to laugh at Heat fans complaining about the refs.  They get away with so much it's not even funny.  LeBron went 6 games without having even one foul called against him.  How can a player who bulls his way to the basket and pushes players out of the way for rebounds possibly go 6 games without a foul?  They have a lot of nerve complaining about any officiating.  And even their fans recognize that LeBron flops but I'll wager that he never gets a warning for his flopping.  It makes me hate the Heat even more.  I love how they are complaining about Ray's defense.  I could have told them that right from the start.  In spite of the loss, I hope you can enjoy the comments...

How do you guard Kevin Durant, lucky Westbrook is not a passive PG, couldn't imagine Durant getting 20+ FGA, dropping 30 on the regular

If defence holds up should be an easy win

No game against OKC and all of that fire power will ever be an "easy" win no matter what defense you have. Unless Mike Miller goes 7-8 again from downtown its going to be a close game.

Gotta keep the defense up...maybe even need to play better defensively. That's how good OKC is. Can't let up even for a second, because they'll make you pay for your lapses.

Only two that worry me are Durant and K-Mart, we can easily shut down Westbrook and Ibaka

Disagree man, Westbrook looks like he's learned to pass more often than not, and what makes him more dangerous now is that it hasn't taken away from his ability to score. He can get his shot off anytime he wants to.

Keep insisting on playing Russell as a PG, Oklahoma Sh***y. You’ll never win a championship.

These refs are really making me mad…

Battier playing dirty as usual

Mwhaha tech on durant…

"I don't always play well but when I do, it's against OKC" - Mario Chalmers

Bulls*** call on Durant. Come on refs, let the players decide the game and don't give me that soft stuff.

At this rate, the Heat will shoot 0 FTs (not counting the 1 tech FT) and the Thunder will shoot 32 FTAs.

BS refs always let little guys do everything to the King on the post

KD is so smooth

Kevin Martin is making the Heat look silly

Oh how cute Durant is trying to grow a man’s goatee, he’s still a kid smh

3 fouls on durant lmao…

We're getting killed with the rebounds, if onlywe had a Nick collison type player...all their second chance points are making things so much harder for us...

Turning the game off if the refs continue with this bias...15 FTa OKC to 1 FTa Miami wtf

Think these commentators can be anymore pro-OKC?

The Thunder don't have a matchup for Lebron plain and simple

If it weren t for the refs we be up way more

How very nice of the Heat to beat OKC last year. Now they get spend Christmas in Miami

Wow these refs are just something else

These refs have been very biased towards OKC

Westbrook for reason can't finish lay ups against the heat

Chewbacca with the jumper up 4 and not a good call refs

Lol at how Kd leaned into LeBron for the call, those are the type of calls LeBron doesn't get anymore.

I hate Wade. Can't stand the guy anymore, wish our big 3 would have started in like 07/08. Tired of the guy. Injured, doesn't show up, passive, lazy ++.. Zzzz

Ray Allen's defense isn't passable at all for a championship team

I don't know how we can close games with ray if we need stops.

Not going to lie, Celts fans have been saying this to us from the beginning. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that his defense is just plain atrocious.

Martin is a flopping fish! WTF was that?

Lol at these refs They let Perkins push LBJ, and KD pushes Wade

Wade don't get calls no more...not since the Decision

I can't stand Ray's defense. Please play Shane

Refs have money on OKC

Westbrook showing his UCLA "education"

Good hard foul, RW got up yelling

Omg this team is stupid offensively

OKC won't go away

Foul on Wade? Are you ****ing serious? Get the **** out of here with this ****.

An upset westbrook is better for the Heat He doesn't play good when angry

Typical westbrook instead of feeding the hot hand he wants to fill it up

5-16 keep shooting/chucking, Westbrook

Wow Stephen Jackson was right about serge lol…

Hahaah lebron with the flop

Mario another reason why the heat won the finals, westbrook got abused by the 4th option

Ugh, Kmart Faked Allen out his shoes, sheesh

Wow durant threw wade down…

KG sent Perkins to do some work for him

Damn KD is good

Yeh a pretty decent basketball player lol

Westbrook you mad bruhh!?

Turtle is mad lmao

This one felt like those finals games--OKC is one tough team and very explosive

OKC gets so many **** free throws it's unbelievable, about half of them were completely undeserved. The funniest thing is that even after a -19 FT disparity for Miami, people are still complaining about the Heat getting calls.

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