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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Hornets 12/1

I'm not sure if I couldn't fins a secret chat with all of the Hornets fans in it or if there just aren't that many Hornets fans. Most forums didn't even had game threads. But, the ones that were talking of course were complaining about the refs. And, for the most part, the comments were talking about how terrible their own team is. It was kind of depressing, to tell you the truth.

It's gonna be ugly.

We have Dancing Joe Crawford as an official tonight.

So many turnovers Oklahoma’s aggressive defence is reaping divends.

OKC is the most frustrating team to play against. Hate 'em.

They're only frustrating because they have elite, talented players. With Davis and the other guy, things be a lot more even.

Rivers isn't playing bad D on Martin, but this dude has always lit us up.

I counted Durant taking 3 steps and he gets to the line.

He must've anticipated Perkins getting there a lot faster than he...anticipated." Wat.

I was like "Wait. Somebody anticipated Perkins doing something fast?"

The taunting by the Thunder deserve a JSmoove smack down Flagrant 2 three game suspension foul. C'mon JSmoove deliver the smack down on that ****ing turtle Westbrook.

I wish someone would shoot him in his butt with a slingshot everytime he does that gun in the holster thing. LOL

The officials have been unbearably poor this season.

I think I will change it to super abismally terribly awful quadruple to the third power bad.

Westbrook is an annoying person. If his talent was on anyone else, I'd love him as a player. But I just can't stand his ways.

When you're good, you're good.

You can be good without all that.

I don't dislike him because he's good. I dislike him because he's a prick.

When thabeet is getting and 1s, the game should just end

What in the **** did that turtle, Crawford, just call?

There he goes with those weird technicals.

So wait, Thabeet rides Ryan's back and Ryan gets the tech?

This team is really boring to watch.

Is Monty's plan to run the fans out of the stadium?

At Least We did better than the Bobcats?

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