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Friday, December 28, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Mavs 12/27

This was fun to follow on the Mavs boards as they started out with no hope.   Then they started to think they might win.   And then they got hope once again when Collison hit that miracle shot.  Then they gave up again.  Interesting that they are blaming everything on their prize free agent signing.  Mayo can't be that bad, can he?  Anyway.  I hope you enjoy these comments.  What are your favorites? 

Dirk should just sit this one out and play more minutes against Denver. The Mavs (IMO) don't have a chance against OKC but against Denver there is a chance.

Huge embarrassing loss!

The Mavs will finish in second place tonight..

Is there any minutes limit for Dirk?

The Thunder hope so.

Mavs win tonight

Loss by less than 20 points = victory

Man, something really pisses me off about Westbrook's smirk.

I really wanted to road trip to this game from Dallas But tickets were about 90 bucks for upper decks? WTF, those Okie fans try to rip it off just for a regular season game.

I guess their so new to basketball fans would pay anything..

I am just hoping we don't get destroyed. We’re battling a frustrated Thunder team. They might unleash it all on us.

FU durant for trying to copy dirk's signature move!

Hack a baka?

Someone put OJ Mayo's picture on a milk carton, dude has disappeared

Thabeet can be comedic when he f***s up

That shot by martin was pure luck, he has no elevation

What time is Hasheem Thabeet's funeral service?

Dojo just posterized the worst 2nd overall pick of NBA History

Lucky they're having lots of bad shots too..

Kevin Martin is making CDR a fool!!

It all starts with D from here on out. You just know that Durant is going to try and crawl the thunder back into this after this timeout. We've got to defend.

Martin making cdr look great

VC, we'd really appreciate it if you can continue to MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, shut down KD. He doesn't really have a lot of moves.

Martin and CDR both great offense and cannot guard a lick.. Them guarding each other is like that peanut butter toast placed on a cat's back.

Whenever Kaman comes in, teams immediately attack

Can't blame Durant. I wouldn’t be afraid of Kaman, either.

They better not get Durant started now.

KD ... Too easy for him, specially with our interior defensive.

Why does Durant grow with every game he plays? Seriously ... Is it not impressive enough that he's 6'9" scoring machine? I've heard him being called a 7' in a broadcast once and someone said he was 6'11" in the Christmas broadcast and now Kerr is saying he's 6'11"?

Thank god Westbrick is still a stupid child

This team is pitiful

So collison didn't get fouled on that drive??/ BULLSH**

Well, its Okie-homa Bound for them to try and make a run. Mavs managed to hold up something.

Well looks like OKC's taking it seriously now. We're screwed in the 2nd half.

Man, minus KMart the Thunder bench is horrible.

OJ Mayo lost his brain somewhere.

Thunder playing sloppy D but what is wrong with Mayo? Bricking every shot.

Darren is doing nothing but going for his shot tonight ...that's it .. Yeah, he is scoring right now, but it is terrible, terrible offense.

Boy what a Highlight Play from KD.

Kaman.... Foul him. Good god. Thank you for getting the crowd into it again.

Hey what's wrong with D Collison tonight?... he's actually doing good....

The Thunder seem to be sleepwalking their way through this. Its the Colliosn show while Westbrook continues his funk.

Wow someone must have put sedatives in OKC's Gatorade.

Officials letting a lot of crap go right now, it could get ugly here

Durant is now amongst the Kobe’s Lebrons in terms of getting phantom calls

Marion goes for the all-time record in blown layups...

Another call going Durant's way...

KD gets Jordan treatment these days.

WTF is OKC fans booing for that was an obvious foul!!!!

Look at Dirk's eyes when Nick Collison is on him on defense

Dirk just ate Thabeets lunch

Man Scott brooks is that coach that gets too much credit, like spoelstra

Scott brooks sux

OKC fans- most annyoing in the league

Jones traveled about 3 times on that play.

A call against Durant in OKC? Now I've seen it all...

MEANWHILE IN OKLAHOMA : Keven Durant has become the biggest bitchy whiner in the NBA.

Wtf how did you forget dwhistle

Haha, well this is the first Thunder game I've seen this year. If this holds up Durant has surpassed that idiot.

I like the way durant runs after the ball out of bounds then he's like 'it was off them!'

Quit leaving Durant at the 3, he loves to step in to that

Brooks is terrible in the huddle...always the same crap since 2011

Kevin martin has a ugly jumper but damn can he shoot

Kevin Martin is underrated. His shooting is pretty elite.

Is it really hard to not leave KD's side? Like no matter what happens.

Foulbaka as usual with a clean block

Take this Okie crowd out the game please

No heart, guys JET took it with him

I wished we could win this game to negate Durants 38 points, this is madness!!!!

How is Marion not guarding kd. I hate okc as much as the heat

This team has no heart, doesn't hustle, can't play defense, has an inconsistent offense

I hope oj Mayo dies.

Travel on westbrook he rolled bastard refs blow

What bugs me is the Mavs lost this game from stupidity but ESPN will portray this as the great Thunder comeback

OT Some new opportunities now for Mayo to ruin the game once more haha

What bugs me is I live in Oklahoma around a bunch of asshats who have been watching basketball for 3 whole years now and I have to hear about it all day tomorrow. Why couldn't we have just won this one game? A full day of being trash talked by people who don't know what a goaltend is. Dammit.

Not to be a Debbie downer but the Mavs' OT record is abysmal

NEGATIVITY! Mavs are 0-11 in OT since last season

I did not need to know that stat

Wow Collison has stolen Westbrook's basketball skills tonight like a Monstar.

They're chanting let's go thunder I hear F*** you blunder

Westprick has 5 fouls Go after him offensively.

Kevin martin is good

Collison straight owning his former teammate

Lol superstar call **** the thunder

I am so sick of not getting calls in this league **** stern

Ibaka walked 4 times there

Whenever Ibaka gets a "block" its clean. Never a foul, never a goaltend and this time travelled 100times

Refs winning it now for OKC. What a clear foul on Kaman. Joke Leauge.

How many TOs for oj now?

6. Just awful.

Grizzlies fans are saying: "told ya!"

I hate you OJ Mayo. I hate you so much. ******* die in a fire.

Who gives a **** what a call is against the thunder, it wont get called

Why the hell is Mayo still in.

Pick one 1. Rick Carlisle is stubborn/sucks 2. The other options aren’t that much better

God I wish Dirk had Kobes desire to shoot the ball sometimes.... I swear Kobe could lose both his arms and still want to shoot the ball thirty times. Dirk they needed you. And you waved them off.

I really really hate westbrook

Westbrook is least likable player in the nba except wade

Not impressed by Thunder. I don't think they win the West.

What pisses me off is that Westbrick can be so bad for most of the game. Chucking everything.  Then at the end he pulls it out.  Why can't we have a player like that?  No, our players have to suck all game.  F***


This game could've been won despite of the refs trying their hardest to let OKC win but some ******** left OJ in there way too long and didn't command the ball go to Collison

Damn Thunder.  They toy with you.  Give you hope.  Then play the last 5 minutes and beat you. 

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