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Friday, December 21, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Wolves 2/20

I wasn't going to do a CFTOS today because it was a loss, but there were a lot of fun comments in spite of the outcome so I decided to do one anyway.  There were the usual complaints about the refs, but a few of the fans were more realistic and saw that they got some calls going their way and it wasn't all one sided.  That was refreshing.   There was some discussion on the alternate uniforms as well.  I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

Haven't watched a Wolves game on TNT ever. Which isn't surprising considering how few we've had over the past 5 years (if we actually had one). I'm stoked. Not so much about the actual game, considering that I expect a loss.

I believe '06 was our last one

Just a loss? I think they're going to kick our asses.

-They have a big mean center who can slow down Pekovic, Perkins.-Love is already struggling, and now he has to go against Ibaka? Oh and Ibaka seems to have developed some mid range game? -Ridnour guarding Westbrook. It could get.. Very ugly..

Dangit Kmart is out, I wanted them to be full strength

We better win now. Only Westbrook and Durant to key in on. Don't think Ibaka has another strong game in him. But even then, it could be a big problem

If we win tonight, I believe the apocalypse will happen tomorrow.

Wish Adelman will make make an epic speech in the locker room like in the movies right before the game when the underdogs will face the favorites

I love so much this Thunder's jersey. So classy.

Wow those uniforms are ugly

**** Joey Crawford

Yay. Early star treatment for Oklahoma

Nice no call for Durant...

Superstar fouls.... Wade the other night. Westbrook tonight...

What's with these Thunder uniforms?

OKC Thunder will wear their state of the art uniforms today. Fabric is comprised of advanced tech that insulates the Thunder from the arctic temperatures in Minnesota.

We gotta beat OKC wun UV deze times righ?!?! I wuz bummed at hear dat BOTH Howard and Malcom Lee out of de year cuz I liked dem both

Mayans take Howard and Lee as first victims Please let Kahn be next ;0)

I see the TNT fellas are ignoring the Wolves so far And deserved, I suppose

Well, we are seventh in the Western Conference. We are relevant. We are doing well. What’s with the self flagellation?

it's just what Minnesota fans are used to

Why is Joey Crawford the ref every TNT game?

Trigger fan emotions?

He triggers emotions all right.

Westbrook wanted that call Never getting that if you’re out of control

I hate wb haters He is sooooooooo good

When he is on his game he's the best in the league minus Lebron His inconsistency is where the criticism comes from

Great 1st quarter - as usual. Can't wait for the disappointing rest of the game, though.

Durants like Kobe and Duncan $@%!$@% child

I hate Nick Collison. I feel like he has no talent whatsoever. Good for him though

Durant just makes me want to give up What the hell can you do except hope he doesn’t score 40?

Let him score 40 Hope no one else scores more than 10

We could really use Reggie Jackson

Oh, should have called that moving screen on OKC

They are just straight shoving what is that nonsense...uncessary contact someone will get hurt

Is it just my online feed Or is thatbeet really that freakish looking?

Its about time somebody calls a shoulder shove Westbrook does it every time he posts something up.

Scott Brooks was a third string PG on my local CBA team when I was a kid. Really

Did OKC just make up an old school uniform?

It has Seattle's current logo on it.

Cruel Just cruel

All hate mail can be forwarded to Clay Bennett Oklahoma City No other address needed, they’ll get it to him.

Ridnour against Collison I remember them both as Sonics

Offense looks kinda ugly but its picking up a lot of fouls.

Westbrook is everywhere.

The best in the NBA right now.

Westbrook is the biggest cry baby in the league. Get the tissues

Man the Thunder get away with a Spurs-esque amount of griping|showing the refs

Durant must shoot like 80% from 17 feet

Ibaka for the three... What the ****

God I **** hate ibaka.

Ibaka for three? When did he turn into such a shooter?

I didn't know he had that range, Jeez, can you imagine if Ibaka started consistently banging down spot up threes?'

How do the Thunder get so many good players?


Glad that we are frusturating Westbrook and it's making him miss. A frusturated Westbrook is not a good one. Durant seems frusturated too.

OKC has us right where they want us

LOL we might not win but, c'mon, they planned to be down 10? This thread needs a little positivity.

KD and Westbrook haven't even been involved, and we are only up 9? Not a good sign

Just make wastebrook make that shot

Is Luke really doing a decent job on Westbrook?

Not really Wb just missing everything, making poor decisions

Seems like I saw Luke get away with a few fouls so far

Ridnour is one of the stupidest basketball players I have ever seen in the NBA. Can't throw an entry pass to save his life, and runs around completely clueless. I don't usually hate on players, but Ridnour, the guy makes me sick.

KD is unstoppable.

If only Ridnour could slip on a patch of sweat. I wish Ridnour went down instead of Howard

Horrible refs

Durant is a cheater

Horrible lack of calls

Reggie's obsession with Durant and Westbrook Is starting to become a bit annoying.

Durant looks taller than love

Durant must be almost seven feet tall

Ricky gets a star call!

RB and KD look borderline dejected.

Russel Brook?

Kevin Martin looks 20

He looks great on the bench Glad it’s staying that way tonight

Woah RB has 6 TO and 6-16 shooting. That helps…

And yet the announcers keep talking about how much they love his "tempo"...

Maybe talking about his drumming skills?

Westbrook goes from one side of the court to another in an eyeblink

Wolves need to charge down the court when they are complaining about fouls Take advantage of that ****

Durant does get his calls

He won't stop bitching though

It must be nice to know youll get a foul call NO MATTER WHAT when you enter the lane

Must be directly proportional to the amount of bitching about it you do....?

I think that is binded to the contract If you wait in a little or medium market at least three years before running to New York or LA you’ll be treated kindly.

Damn thunder games are always stressful

$tern is already thinking Hmm, how can I screw the Timberwolves in the playoffs…

Pretty sure Crawford is working on that now

Actually he hasnt been terrible tonight

This is what happens when we shoot 50% from 3 And they shoot 28%

So you're referring to bizarro-world yes?

You can't touch Durant with out a foul being called.

I think that may have been been a foul KD doesn’t airball those, and the ball’s spin didn’t change

Love not getting the samr calls as KD

He doesn't play for OKC

Thunder strategy: Throw up ridiculous shots and pout for calls

Hey guys, how did Westbrook end up with 9 turnovers?

And 42 sad frowns

Being Westbrook with some defense in front of him

All you can do is shake your head These calls are so bogus

Durant got called for a foul? The Mayans were right!

SUCK IT DURANT He got railed in the face right there wow

Special times indeed. Tears in Durant's eyes!

I think Durant had reason to be upset there, but I’ll take it.

I get the feeling that the refs make shitty calls To make up for their shitty calls. It’s a shit cycle.

Is Durant turning into a douche? I used to think he was actually a pretty humble superstar-type

Not yet Durant still seems like a good guy

AK’s defense probably has him frustrated. That said, he’s had the some of most effortless 33 points I’ve ever seen.

How many push offs does Durant get in one possession?

....We just beat the Thunder

WE WON?!?!?!?!?!

We are no where Thunder level.. but damn we are a playoff team imo.

Great win! But, honestly it's not like we dominated, they just made too many mistakes.

I love watching Durant and Westbrook play, amazing NBA players.

I like watching Durant play, but I hate watching him play the Timberwolves. It seems like everything he throws up will go in. Even his bad shots look good. Westbrook, on the other hand, is the opposite to me. It's always fun to watch a guy as athletically gifted as him, but even his good shots look bad.

Nice win. Thunder are pretty good for an all black team.

White NBA team dominates freakishly athletic Black NBA team. If that's not a sign of the Apocalypse I don't know what is!

Barea probably got confirmation that the end of the world is coming from his Mayan friends in Mexico, he played in that 4th q like it was his last game.

Yessssssssss..... We are now 1-12 in our last 13!

So much rather beat thunder than heat The heat are just a force of nature. And the thunder have westbrook.

I'll bet after watching Durant bitch at the refs tonight those Thunder fans can’t WAIT to get rid of him.

Westbrook should be 1st on their list He did more bitching than Love and Durant combined.

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