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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Hornets 12/12

Not a whole lot of chatting going on by Hornets fans. Most of their boards don't even have game threads. Glad to see there are some Hornets fans that know it's bad to purposely tank. Bad for the young guys on the team and bad for the fans to get into that mindset. Of course, there were the ref complaints. It would seem that the Thunder win every game because of the refs. I don't get the fan that hates Collison. To me he's such a likeable, lunch bucket, blue collar player. What's not to like? Enjoy today's comments.

You know, part of me feels like maybe we sneak out with a win tonight. I am guessing the part that feels that way is not my brain....

Ill be at the game tonight rocking my Hornets gear and pissing all the Thunder fans off!

We already know what's going to happen. Durant will do his thing, Westbrook will do the gun in the holster thing at least twice, Kevin Martin will shoot threes, Ibaka will block at least 3 shots and Perkins will try to get under some Hornets player's skin.

I wonder if they learned their lesson on leaving Martin open?

When OKC makes runs, THEY MAKE RUNS....

Maynor is a REALLY nice PG

The OKC block party doesn't waste any time getting started

The bullshit uneven called game by the refs is happening Again.

When OKC aren't shooting 3's, they almost look avg I wonder if Coach Brooks told them to take it easy til the 2nd half….

Really wish we'd sit Anderson a lot more. It would be so easy to rip off a 10+ game losing streak and forge towards another #1 overall pick if he's not getting 20+ pts a game on 50% shooting.

Lol ****ing Westbrook. Hope he fouls out in the first half.

As much as I dislike Westbrook, I think I despise Collison more than anyone else in the league.

I thought the sweep through wasn't a shooting foul anymore?

You missed the fine print. It's okay if Kobe or Durant do it.

I know superstar calls exist to bring in a wider audience, but good **** do I hate that ****.

12 - 1 at the free throw line... Just guess who has 12 points... F'in refs... Austin stood still durant fades away and just yells like a ***** and gets a call...

Refs hate Austin Rivers.

I wonder if it has anything to do with them disliking his dad. I'm sure Doc has given them earfuls that they didn't like.

Rivers is a young baby face rookie with a arrogant title coming out of college with Doc as his dad.... I'm sure the refs will not favorite him.

This has got to be OKC's worst game of the year - just unbelievable how they're letting us hang in this game.

Not gonna say durant gets every call but ... He does

Announcers are saying 36 points is the lowest the Thunder have ever scored in the first half at OKC. Don't know how true that is, but yeah. Moral victory!

Vasquez couldn't beat Perkins off the dribble smh

Durant just knew he was getting a call there. And why not? He always does.

Ugh this is unreal. Okc hasn't played this badly in their history.

Tanking on purpose is bad Karma. Ask Charlotte... We played hard all last season and we got #1 pick. Play to win 100% of the time.

Bad show, my friend. Bad show. You NEVER actively root for a loss, man. Forget bad karma. It just isn't done.

Well I'm not really advocate we lose on purpose - I'm just hoping it happens haha.

Another 10 pt lead with 2:31 to go in the 3rd.... I’m gonna have a shot now….. Tired of drinking when we’re losing

Collison was moving a bit on that charge

But we’re the Hornets (Pelicans) so everybody hates us.

In the 2nd half we’ve gotten some calls…

I guess it's nice knowing you can go to the rim and you'll get the call. They're going to keep these guys at the ft line.

Durant isnt even real life

Man, Westbrook and Collison know how to run the pick and roll

Durant almost had more free throws by himself than our entire team. SMH.

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