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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Spurs 12/17

You are going to love these. Spurs fans are a violent bunch calling for hard fouls and injuries to the Thunder players. Now I see why they embrace that thug Jackson. And as always, there are the complaints that the refs gave the Thunder the game.  Do they honestly believe that the Thunder only win because of the refs?  Enjoy today's comments.  What are your favorites? 

Spurs win off a Jack buzzer beater and OKC decides to give the team back to Seattle.

Serge Abaka gonna find out he aint bout dys life

I hate the OKC announcer

This game probably won't matter, but it would be a really nice win to shut people up about how good OKC is. So overrated right now

That is a big relieve. I’m a little nervous about his composure in this game

Are you worried he’ll go in Serg Abaka’s mouth? I’m sure Pop and Tim have talked to him and the Thunder guys have talked with Ibaka by now. But I don’t put anything past Jack.

The refs usually allow Jackson to get away with contact but they might target him tonight.

OKC fans think Westbrook is the best PG in the league even though he shoots 40%…

Ibaka just working that jumper

F*** Ibaka. Dude is trash on offense against 25+ NBA teams

Jax needs to come in to bust Ibaka in DA mouf

OKC Sterns getting their usual treatment tbh

Why does Durant do that "I'm not cold *shivers*" thing on his FT?

Spurs still haven't figured out that they need to guard Ibaka.

Durant's passing is much improved. Biggest jump I've noticed about his game this year.

Damn serg Abaka and his midrange shot

Ok, put Jax on this Congo pos

Kareem Abaka-Jabbar might need a hard foul, tbh.


If Ibaka doesn’t miss soon I’m going to scream.

F*** Kevin Martin and his hobo shot.

I hope JAX regrets sending that twit. Ibaka is 6 for 6

If we would hav gotten these call last Playoffs ...

I'm sure by the end of this game there will be several horrible calls in their favor

Ibaka can't miss against the Spurs..outside of his last two field goals, he's taking shots that any defense would happily welcome from him, tbh..

Serge Ibaka is top 20 in the NBA in volume of shots taken from 16-23 and #2 in shooting percentage among that top 20. So basically he's not a guy you want shooting set 20 footers- at all (if you're the opposing defense).

I don't think the Spurs should try to get into a shoot-out with these guys....

I won't complain anymore when Serge hits open jumpers, but when Perk gets in on the action I turn into whiny Spur fan.

Still, no one punishes teams more with open makes than OKC. Just incredible

Martin turning into Durant.

Whenever Serge shoots against us, it's like his family will be killed by Congo child warriors if he misses. it's unreal.

Abaka has reached Jason Terry level hate for me.

Someone seriously needs to lay some wood to Abaka. I don't care if we go in his mouth, next time there's a battle for a rebound or he takes a shot in the paint, he needs to feel some physicality.

KMart with the patented flop

Why is Thabeet still in the NBA?

I hate Durant

He's tall

Thabeet is the tallest player in the NBA this year.

Tha beet is huge. And terrible.

Pop's game plan: "Let Thabeet shoot!"

Thunder 12/14 not counting Westbrick and Sefolosha.

Boy, it’s so painful to watch the thunder. Please, spurs, please win!

Damn serg Abaka

We hatesssss him…

Abaka needs to be shoved, hard, to upset his rhythm.

Too bad Jack didn't undercut Abaka, tbh.

I really dislike the Thunder. I never understood why eveyone used to like them, either.

I like Durant but I hate everybody else

No respect for Tony what so ever… hate all the ref’s doing an OKC game

I don’t know, maybe we should just let Jax fix Abaka’s mouth…

I guess I'm just being a slowpoke / captain obvious here but I'm guessing this is a result of Jack’s comments on twiter …. >___>

I miss Leonard, that will put some indecision in ibaka’s head…

What if Jax puts a fist instead of some indecision?

Also, holy shit the OKC announcers are awful. Lke ear bleeding bad.

Perkins is a thug.

They are not calling it even…

Okc at home, they’re never going to call it even.

Spurs 56 Thunder 50 Refs 14

The refs are allowing a lot of contact. A lot. And that helps the Thunder.

Time to dust off the "Tony is tired" excuses..

F*** perk and ibaka always kicks our asses from outside

Time for us to stop daring Perkins and Ibaka to beat us from mid range.

Having Neal on Martin is sewercide

Officials swallowing their whistles when OKC gets chippy. Typical.

You look at this game, and eventually when it comes down to it, we just have no answer for KD... You just gotta hope he has a bad shooting night...

Collison best player in the nBA WTF

I think my hatred for this team is worse than Laker levels.

That's because the Lakers suck this season.

This game just confirms that OKC gets even more home cooking than even the Lakers or Knicks

Not to be pessimistic but you guys do realize that the refs will never favor the Spurs when they are on the road against OKC.

I’m not asking for favourable treatment. Just sort of even. Maybe?

That assumes that most NBA refs aren’t worthless pieces of human refuse with very little to contribute to society

No calls and phantom calls killing us

Thank God for Sefolosha. He’s the only OKC guy who is not hitting. 0-5


When Ibaka plays against Spurs, those are blocks. Against Heat, fouls, lol.

Thunder are a difficult team to come back against at Oklahoma, especially when you play 5 vs 8

You cant look at them , its a foul

Refs wont let this game get out of control for okc , they’re safe

Surprised dirkbaka didn't make that one tbh

I love how all theses OKC reporters are so cocky, they've had an amazingly easy schedule, and will get their asses handed to them if they make the finals. Can't wait

Dirty Perk

F*** these no calls. No visiting team ever gets fair calls at the 'Peake

I think we should foul really hard against this team

I agree. Make it count. And make them think about it.

I don't think OKC will respond well to that, especially Westbrook, foul him hard a couple of times and you will take him out of his game

They’re starters are still on?

They are aliens, never get tired

I have no idea how anybody can like this OKC team, tbh.. \Ibaka, Westbrook and Perkins are too arrogant and cocky for players that haven't accomplished anything substantial.. Their team relies on officiating more than any team in my lifetime.. Their announcers are horrible..their fans are meth fiends and F*** their cousins.. Durant seems likable, but his game is ugly(due to officiating), as is his face.

Diaw gets offensive foul for touching Thabeets arm, Perk elbows Timmy in the face and no call?

We have no enforcer - game ova

The big elephant in the room is obviously Tony has been Sefoloshed again...

Refs trying to get okc in a rhythm

-15, that's game. OKC is the better team, like last year's playoffs.

OKC only won with home court however. They play at the At&T they lose.

OKC's bigs are a perfect fit for the team. It's impressive to watch. They all play their roles well.

Martin’s shot is an insult to basketball

Martin has the BEST mid range shot.

Nope, serg Abaka does

Pretty much, we make this assclown look like an allstar every time.

I would love to see Jax copying Bowen and kicking Abaka’s mouth… Just saying

Why are durant, westbrook and ibaka still playing?

Scott Brooks is a little bitch


Because the great coach that Brooks is, he cannot win games without his main guys.

Hey we got a call

Stern told them to call it our way to get it close and boost ratings

I hate collison.

Commentators are insanely excited about their starters beating up our scrubs in a 10 point game

And the crowd is crazy, too.

Westbrook, little wimp

It's cool, Westbrook. You don't need to sell it.

Might as well make this a Pyrrhic victory for OKC... Get Westbrook hurt please

WOOOOOO! Ibaka is dominating Bonner he must be amazing

Why did nobody hammer Ibaka down there? Make him pay for that trash!

We let this scrub piece of shit Nick Collison manhandle us on the boards.

I hope the commentators get Thunder struck, literally.

Even in garbage time no calls No respect.

With 1 min. Left Brooks puts in the bench.

Good game Ibaka

Good? I just saw his stat line, its gotta be his best game of the last two years, topped only by his playoff game against u

Jax probably gave him an extra motivation

What does he take before he plays us?

we’ll just keep daring him to shoot/rebound/block/goaltend/whateverelsehidoes to piss off Durant and Westbrook

he’ll think he is the best player in the world and ask for max contract. Then OKC will trade him to someone, preferably, to us. For James &erson and 3rd round draft pick.

I mean, it worked for Harden, didn’t it? We made him look good last season. Now it’s Ibaka’s turn.

Sorry, I think they got Ibaka locked up for quite a while. Actually they probably chose Ibaka over Harden.

Even better. Now they’ll fight with westbrook in the locker room for years to come. It will be Kobe-Shaq soap opera sequel.

OKC about to win the championship tonight.

Let those inbred methheads celebrate, they haven't won shit.

Refs are something like +30 for the Thunder

Just one hard foul from this team full of softies please.

Elbow Ibaka in the head Break Westbrook's kneecap Shatter Durant's hand

When you're outscored every quarter there's something more going than bad officiating/home cooking. They've got our number. Only hope to get past them in the PO is have someone else knock them out.

Thunder walkinig around acting like they own the league

Thunder should act like they own the league considering how Stern treats his re-establishment project.

I hope Durant, Westbrook or Martin get injured a la Derrick Rose.

The refs weren't THIS blatant with the Lakers.

Martin is the new Harden

Harden was more of a dynamic player for OKC. Martin is just a scorer.

I'd take on Martin if it meant the Spurs wouldn't be averse to him elbowing Ibaka in the throat.

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